ECAS Статус In process Канада

The Stages of an Application

Often at times applicants worry about what happens to their application when it is received. I have noticed queries similar to below from people:

  1. My application was received on 9 May but I still have not heard from CIC. Does CIC send some comfirmation.
  2. My application is at CIC now .. what next ?

Well hopefully the below detailed process is what is needed to clarify things. Go through it to know what happens your application is received. Please note that this process is obtained from experience of various people over at the Canada Visa FSW2014 Forum. Mainly I have based it on a post by user Oscar7 and Ashif_eee. Please note that this is still work under progress

Step 1: Application Recieved

Your application is received at CIC. CIC immediately puts a date stamp on your application. This is the date that will be used as the reference to check all your documents against. If for example your IELTS was valid on this date but will expire 1 month after this date. CIC will deem the IELTS as valid because it was still not expired at the time the application was received.

Step 2: Completeness Check

Once your application has finished waiting its turn The CIC officer opens your application and does a completeness check, below is what is included in the completeness check. Below is a basic idea of what may be checked.

  • All required forms have been included
  • All forms that need signatures have been duly signed and dated.
  • You have filled in all the required fields.
  • Your chosen NOC has not reached the cap (1000 per NOC or total 25,000 for FSW 2014)
  • You have included a payment method amounting to the required fee for your application.
  • You have provided all supporting documents (IELTS, ECA, Degree Copies, Work Experience, Marriage Certificate etc.) that are required for your application as per the Document Checklist.

Note: At this point your application may be returned to you for being incomplete or for not being under the cap for your NOC or the total CAP set by the Ministerial Instructions.

Step 3: Payment Charged

Woohooo!! Congratulations on submitting a valid application. At this point CIC would like to take the fees for the application. Hopefully that Credit Card you used (not recommended) is all ready to be charged. Demand Drafts / Bank Draft (recommended) take some time to be charged but have the best chance getting cleared. CIC will complete this phase before your application is put into processing.

Note: At this point your application may be returned to you, if CIC was unable to charge your Credit Card (they try multiple times) or there some other issue with processing your payment.

Note : CIC also updates your ECAS status at this point after your payment clears. They acknowledge receipt of your application on XYZ date in the ECAS system. Basically it will say “ In Process ” and when you click on the In Process it will tell you that ” We received your application for Permanent Residence on Month Date, 2014 “

Step 4: Eligibility Review

The eligibility review is the final check and the final stage of your application at the Central Intake Office (CIO) Sydney Nova Scotia. It is also the last stage where your money might be refunded to you before your application processing is started.

CIC at this basically checks what your application is worth. You have obviously made several claims such as :

  • I have xx,xxx amount of funds available
  • I have an XYZ relative in Canada
  • Here is my ECA with this Canadian Degree Equivalency
  • Here is my proof of experience for the NOC I am applying under.
  • Here are my IELTS score.
  • Verification of your Arranged Offer of Employment (if included)

All of the components of your application are assessed by CIC at this point. CIC would review each one and calculate the points you are to be awarded in addition to checking whether you have provided valid experience for the chosen NOC.

After this eligibility review, CIC would either send you a Positive Eligibility Review (PER) email (provided you have included an email address in your application) and move your application to the selected visa office (Hurray you are in !!) OR they will send your application back to you with a printed Negative Eligibility Review Letter (NER).

If your application has been successful, it will be transferred to the relevant Visa Office.

Note: CIC will update your ECAS to show that your Eligibility Review at CIO is complete. The status will be “ Centralized Intake Office Sydney (CIO-S) ELIGIBILITY REVIEW COMPLETE “

User k_b mentions that it is not the case. There is apparently no status update.

Step 5: Application Received at Visa Office

After your application has received a PER, it is transferred to the relevant visa office. Further evaluation and an additional eligibility review is done at this stage.

Note: CIC will update your ECAS once it has been received at the Visa Office . You will see this in ECAS as “ Received by visa office

Unfortunately we are not seeing evidence of this if anyone sees this please put a comment below.

Step 6: Visa Office Eligibility Check

After your application reaches the visa office an eligibility check is done. This might include background checks as well as security checks.

Note : (If some one knows any ECAS status change please leave a comment below with relevant step number)

Step 7: Medical and Police Certificate Request

After the eligibility check the Visa office will request medical check ups and police certificates as needed by the Visa Office.

Note : (If some one knows any ECAS status change please leave a comment below with relevant step number)

Step 8: Passport Request

Considering that there were no serious issues in the medical checkup and the police certificate requests, the Visa Office will request your passport.

Note : At this point your ECAS status should show as “Decision Made”

Step 9: Visa Issued

Hopefully your visa is issued and you receive your passport back with the Visa Valid for one year from the date of your medical test.

WARNING: Please do not hold me or any forum member responsible for any mistakes here. We are just trying to guess how things are happening. This post is still work under progress so expect the further stages to be included soon.

ECAS: Статус «In process» Канада

Electronic Client Application System used for tracking the status of an application with CIC.

What information does ECAS provide?

When sponsor logs into ECAS, the sponsorship application status and permanent residence application status will be visible. The status will either be in “application received”, “in process” or “decision made”. For further details, click on the status. Normally, when people are asking about the status after sponsorship approval, they are referring to the status under Permanent Residence Application.

New horizons

«Целься в солнце, хотя, вероятно, ты и не попадешь в него; но твоя стрела взлетит выше, чем в том случае, если бы твоя цель была одного роста с тобой». Джоэл Хоэс

вторник, 28 мая 2013 г.

Мой путь в Канаду. Федеральный этап.

Получив сертификат отбора Квебека, нужно собрать второй пакет документов и отправить его в Сидней, но не тот, который в Австралии, а который в Канаде, в провинции Nova Scotia (Nouvelle-Écosse во французском варианте). И теперь уже федеральные власти Канады будут рассматривать ваше дело и решать, давать ли вам статус постоянного жителя.
Этот статус дает абсолютно все те же права, которыми обладает гражданин Канады, за исключением права на голосование , ну и на работу в госструктурах. Через 3 года проживания в Канаде, можно подавать документы на получение гражданства.

Второй пакет документов собрать проще, потому что не нужно предоставлять кучу документов по работе и учебе. Но зато количество формуляров поболее и информация в них очень подробная о вас и всех ваших родных, с адресами, девичьими фамилиями и прочим.

Единственное, о чем нужно побеспокоиться заблаговременно, это справки из полиции об отсутствие судимостей. Причем такие справки нужны из каждой страны, где вы жили, начиная с 18 лет, 6 месяцев и более (непрерывно).
Я заказала справку заранее, еще до интервью, поэтому, пройдя успешно интервью, сразу взялась за заполнение всех форм и в первых числах августа отправила документы.

На федеральном этапе по крайней мере есть хоть какой-то способ отслеживать ход событий. Последовательность такова:
1. Отправляем документы в Сидней (Канада) и ждем, когда
2. с банковской карты снимут деньги за рассмотрение (период ожидания месяц и более)
3. На e-mail присылают письмо, что ваши документы и деньги получены, и вашему делу присвоен номер
4. Дело из Канады пересылаются в посольство в Москве (у каждой страны своя привязка к посольству)
5. Есть электронная система ECAS ( ) , в которой можно отслеживать статус своего дела, имея номер. На этом этапе в системе появляется запись, что дело получено (Application recieved и какого числа)
6. В ECAS появляется запись, с какого числа дело начали рассматривать (In process)
Так было раньше, но в нашем потоке этот статус появлялся уже в самом конце процесса.
7. Важнейший этап — получение медицинских форм. Ожидание их может растянуться на год!
Мы были последние, кто получил их по почте, так как с 1.01.2013 медформы высылают на электронную почту, что очень удобно в плане времени и нервов (сколько таких писем с медформами не доходило до получателей по вине почты России!).
Обычно вместе с медформами Московское Посольство запрашивает дополнительные документы, чаще всего это — диплом, трудовая и референс с работы.
Я конечно ни у кого референсы брать не стала, чтобы не светиться, а составила справку, где кроме информации в какой должности и с какого числа работаю, были перечислены должностные обязанности. Все оформлялось через отдел кадров (спасибо Оля :), хоть ты и думала, что это для получения визы в США) и было заверено подписью Генерального директора и гербовой печатью.
8. Медосмотр проходят у конкретного врача, сертифицированного посольством. Список врачей есть на сайте посольства. Можно проходить в любом городе и любой стране из этого списка. В Томске медосмотром для Канады занимается врач в Кардиоцентре. Так что мы ему позвонили, все обсудили и назначили дату прохождения.
9. Результаты медосмотра отправляют . в Лондон, UK ! Там специальный центр занимается оценкой и выносит вердикт — годен или нет. Случается, что назначают дополнительные обследования, что конечно затягивает все.
У своего врача можно взять трек-номер отправленного им пакета с результатами и следить, когда наш пакет с медициной дошел до Лондона.
10. и опять ждем, когда в ECAS появляется надпись, что результаты медицины получены (medical results have been received — ну у кого язык установлен английский)
11. начинается самый беспокойный и непредсказуемый по срокам (может 3 недели, а может и год) период ожидания письма из посольства, в котором сообщают, что «ваше дело рассмотрено и мы готовы выдать вам визы»! присылайте паспорта! 🙂 (приходит тоже на e-mail)

Очень важная для вас статья:  12 предметов, которые пригодятся вам в отпуске

Вот и все, отправив паспорта компанией PonyExpress с диким нетерпением ждем их возвращения с вклеенной визой! А получив, радуемся, плачем, танцуем и т.д. ))))

На словах все выглядит просто, а в жизни это куча нервов. Неизвестность. Ожидание, когда закончатся все проверки, позвонят ли на работу, проверяя истинность информации и ваших справок, не затребуют ли еще кучу дополнительных бумажек. Эта же неизвестность не дает возможность планировать свою жизнь — отпуск, увольнение с работы, продажу недвижимости, покупку билетов.

Скажу, что наш с дочкой федеральный этап прошел относительно быстро:
13 августа 2012 документы получены Сиднеем (и опять 13 число!)
6 сентября сняли деньги
11 сентября получен номер дела
24 декабря по почте пришли медформы, отправленные из Москвы 14 декабря
10 января 2013 мы прошли медосмотр
1 февраля увидели запись, что результаты получены
21 февраля 2013 года в 16 час 12 мин, находясь на работе, я прочитала письмо, от содержания которого у меня перехватило дыхание, гулко забилось сердце и дико задрожали руки 🙂
ПОВЛ. Я сидела и думала, как бы не закричать от радости ))))
7 марта паспорта с визами были у нас на руках

ПОВЛ (POVL) — это сокращение от «Promise of visa letter» (письмо, обещающее визу).

Был еще один момент везения. За визы нужно заплатить пошлину. Эту оплату принимает Pony Eхpress, когда отправляются паспорта в Посольство.
Получив ПОВЛ в четверг, в пятницу с утра я на крыльях счастья полетела 🙂 в почтовую компанию и. была ошарашена информацией, что наше отделение в Томске не имеет право принимать такие платежи, нужно ехать в Новосибирск и там платить! Нет слов!
НО! Со следующего понедельника, т.е буквально через 2 дня, томское отделение получает лицензию и сможет принять оплату! Ну не чудо ли? Именно сейчас произошло это событие и мне так крупно повезло! Так что я вернулась к ним в понедельник, оплатила пошлину и отправила паспорта.
А 7 марта, выпивая шампанское на работе (в честь 8 марта) в кругу коллег, получаю сообщение, что паспорта уже в Томске, могу приехать и забрать. Ну, кто там присутствовал, те помнят мое состояние счастья. 🙂 На радостях был выпит еще фужер шампанского, язык развязался и я немного проговорилась, что получила визу. Все поняли, что это не просто виза для поездки в гости. Тогда я и сказала, что увольняюсь и уезжаю за границу.

Зная о моих отпусках в США последние 3 года, все были уверены, что туда я и еду. Я пока молчала. Карты раскрыла только в предпоследний день. Насколько помню, все были удивлены.
Единственное, что меня удивило, как люди реагировали на мое известие — «замуж вышла?» спрашивали все. Видимо, никто и не предполагал иного пути, которым женщина в 40 лет может уехать на ПМЖ 🙂
А кто-то покрутил пальцем у виска, сказав, что я больная, раз в 40 лет еду в неизвестность, где нет жилья и работы, да еще и ребенка за собой тащу. Меня такая реакция даже не обидела. За весь процесс я ни разу не засомневалась, что поступаю правильно. Так что мнение посторонних людей мне было неважно.

Своим родным я рассказала все в Новый Год — преподнесла подарочек 🙂
На мое счастье, мама отреагировала спокойно, сказала, что рада за меня и ей главное, чтобы мне было хорошо. Я была ей благодарна, что она не стала меня удерживать или обижаться.
Сестра тоже сказала, что я молодец. Было смешно, как из рассказанного они обе выделили одно и тоже и, сделав круглые глаза, одинаково спросили:»Ты выучила французский. Да ну? Ну-ка скажи что-нибудь!» )))) Пришлось демонстрировать владение 🙂
Конечно, потом было много разговоров. Маминых сомнений и переживаний, как все у нас здесь сложится. Но что мне нравится, и мама, и сестра очень верят в меня и даже не сомневаются, что у меня и дочки все получится. Спасибо им за это огромное!
Отдельная благодарность моему бывшему мужу за поддержку по ходу процесса, и за то, что он приехал в Монреаль, чтобы в первые дни помочь нам с дочкой в обустройстве. Думаю, не каждый на такое способен.

Как и обещала, выкладываю раскладку по финансовым затратам на процесс.
Конечно, у всех абсолютно разные траты, которые зависят от состава семьи, места жительства и прочих условий. Я не имела большого денежного запаса, поэтому старалась все делать экономно, но где-то и вложила побольше, считая, что это необходимо. Все цены даны на момент нашего процесса, потому как сейчас многие пошлины совсем иные.
Сбор первого пакета:
переводы документов -5160 руб
пересылка в Вену — 1250 руб
оплата за рассмотрение дела — 16 487 руб (545$)

Изучение французского:
частные занятия в Томске — 24 тыс руб
групповые занятия — 3245 руб
расходы на оформление учебы в Монреале и на получение визы — 11600 руб (при отказе не возвращают)
занятия в виртуальной школе — 300 $
уроки по Скайпу (70 часов) — 1400 $

экзамен TCF — 110 euro
подготовка к экзамену — 6000 руб

Второй пакет документов и федеральный этап:
переводы, фото, пересылка — 176 $
оплата за рассмотрение — 650 СAD (728 $)
медосмотр — 11 тыс руб
доп документы в Посольство — 2 тыс руб
оплата за визы — 15700 руб
за пересылку паспортов — 3200
Итого: около 186 тыс руб, т.е. 6200$
перелет на интервью и проживание в Москве не включены сюда

Вот такие сумасшедшие (для меня) деньги. Почти машина!
Но они тратились не разово, а постепенно. А если поделить всю сумму на количество месяцев процесса, получится в месяц тратилось около 200 долларов . Уже не так страшно выглядит 🙂
Конечно, я заранее планировала и рассчитывала расходы. Мы жили в режиме жесткой экономии. А учитывая, что я еще и ипотеку выплачивала, было совсем непросто.
Перед отъездом я продала квартиру, загасила оставшуюся часть долга банку (хотя это сложно назвать оставшейся частью, за много лет сумма долга уменьшилась всего на 10% :(, так что отдать пришлось немало). Но тем не менее, в нашем распоряжении появилась сумма, достаточная для нескольких месяцев проживания здесь. Надеюсь, работу я найду раньше, чем эти деньги закончатся :).

Такая вот наша история иммиграции. А точнее ее начало. Знаю, что уехать проще, чем выжить и адаптироваться здесь. Тем не менее, я верю, что все у нас получится (пусть и не сразу).
Я готова приложить максимум усилий, чтобы все планы осуществились и Канада стала нашей страной, где нам будет хорошо!

ECAS: Статус «In process» Канада

The are really very good and precise guidelines for permanent residence application to canada

I have submitted my medicals to CHC islamabad in Feb 2010. But there is no response yrt

Last week i supervising observed that my ECAS status change to In Process from Received by Visa Office. But when click In process in the body i found that still its pending review. I am confuse about this status. I send my all doc to Singapore visa office in June 2010 and i got my 2nd AOR in July 1st 2010. Can anybody describe me?

my employer told me that my application to SINP was sent last july 30,2011 and they asking me to pay for the fees they paid.And the immigration will inform me by email about the status of my application.I want to know if this true or not because they are forcing me to pay.could anybody me.

i know about how much point in ielts going for canada working

i send my application on 8th sep 2011 at sydney nova scotia and still waiting for the reply.
how can i know about the status of my application for pr?.and is there any website so i can come to know that ryt now how much vacancies are there in my category?
reply me as soon as possible.

i have applied for work permit on 28th aug 2011 chc islamabad and still waiting for the reply.plz let me know about the process period of work permit application. how can i know about the status of my application

It can take upto 1 year. Wait for a response from CHC

What is the passport request step in Canadian immigration?

Please see the step 6

i applied Canadian immigration on July 2009 now my case transfer to UK in June 2010 , now i got latter from UK and mentioned me review has been completed and they ask original Msc degree and transcript from us .
any body lets me know what is next process.

I applied for immigration to Canada on August 31st 2006 from Iran, unfortunately I have heard that Canada is going to close all applications submitted before 2007.
I wonder if you can clarify this news.

i have applied Nov’2010 but still now i did not get any response from Canadian Immigration Visa long time need to response?

Very nice pointers. However, currently the supporting documents are also required sight the application and the name of the CIU is now changed to the CIO (Centralized Intake Office)

Good pointers. Since June 26, 2010 supporting documents including the IELTS are required to be submitted initially to the office in Nova Scotia. Also there is a quota of only 500 applications per occupations as well as an overall limit of only 10,000 applications. The office in Nova Scotia is also named as the CIO now (Centralized Intake Office)

Why the immigration office has ask for right-of-residance fee along medical, as opposed to the 7-steps?

ECAS: Статус «In process» Канада

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Process control systems and automation solutions for the process industries — brewery, dairy, beverages, food, chemistry and pharma

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Компания ILS(1993) оказывает информационную и квалифицированную юридическую помощь для желающих иммигрировать в Канаду.

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Последняя версия Скачать программу Process Lasso Pro для ОС Windows. Process Lasso Pro — бесплатная многофункциональная программа, которая позволяет автоматически или вручную манипулировать запущенными на ПК процессами. Официальный сайт Process Lasso.

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Google Тренды это диаграмма для отслеживания сезонности ключевых слов. Этот график позволяет лучше понять сезонное изменение полулярности запросов по определенной тематике.

Значения приведены относительно максимума, который принят за 100. Чтобы увидеть более подробную информацию о количестве запросов в определенный момент времени, наведите указатель на график.

Canadian citizenship requirements

Canadian citizenship application

Before you rush to submit a Canadian citizenship application it is crucial that you understand and meet all the requirements for becoming a Canadian citizen. Not knowing the full requirements is like filling out your Canadian citizenship application blind-folded.

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To be eligible to become a Canadian citizen, you must:

  • be a permanent resident
  • have lived in Canada for 3 out of the last 5 years
  • have filed your taxes, if you need to
  • show how well you know Canada
  • prove your language skills

If you’ve served in or with the Canadian Armed Forces, you may be able to apply through a faster process.

Canadian Permanent Resident status

Regardless of your age, if you’re applying for citizenship, you must have Permanent Resident (PR) status in Canada. This means you meet all conditions for a PR and must not be:

  • under review for immigration or fraud reasons
  • asked to leave Canada (removal order)

You don’t need a valid PR card to apply for citizenship. You can still apply with an expired PR card.

Time you have lived in Canada

Adults and some minors must have been physically present in Canada for at least 1095 days during the five years right before the date you sign your application.

We encourage you to apply with more than 1095 days of physical presence to have extra days in case there is a problem with the calculation.

Use a travel journal to help record your trips outside Canada. It will help you calculate your physical presence in Canada.

Using time as a temporary resident or protected person

You may be able to use some of your time spent in Canada as a temporary resident or protected person towards your physical presence calculation.

Each day spent physically in Canada as a temporary resident or protected person before becoming a permanent resident within the last 5 years will count as one half day, with a maximum of 365 days, towards your physical presence.

Temporary resident status includes lawful authorization to enter or remain in Canada as a:

  • visitor
  • student
  • worker or
  • temporary resident permit holder

A protected person is someone who:

  • was found to be in need of protection or a convention refugee by the Immigration and Refugee Board or
  • received a positive decision on a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Note: If you made a refugee claim, or were included on a family member’s refugee claim, you will not be credited time in Canada from the date of the refugee claim until you have received a positive decision confirming that you are a protected person as described above.

Using time outside Canada as a Crown servant or family member of a Crown servant

You may be eligible to apply even if you don’t meet the minimum time lived in Canada if you’re a:

  • Crown servant (certain categories of public officials)
  • family member of a Crown servant

Income tax filing

Regardless of your age, if required under the Income Tax Act, you must meet your personal income tax filing obligations in three tax years that are fully or partially within the five years right before the date you apply.

Language skills

Canada has two official languages: English and French. If you’re 18 to 54 years of age on the day you sign your application, you must show that you can speak and listen at a specific level in one of these languages.

The ways we measure your language skills in English or French include:

  • reviewing the proof you send with your application
  • noting how well you communicate when you talk to a citizenship official anytime during the process
  • assessing your language level during a hearing with a citizenship official, if necessary

To become a citizen, we need you to meet the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) Level 4 or higher. This means you can:

  • take part in short, everyday conversations about common topics
  • understand simple instructions, questions and directions
  • use basic grammar, including simple structures and tenses
  • show you know enough common words and phrases to answer questions and express yourself

We accept various certificates, diplomas and tests as proof of your language skills. Find out if we’ll accept your certificate, diploma or test results as proof

Canadian citizenship test – How well you know Canada

If you’re 18 to 54 years of age on the day you sign your application, you need to take the Canadian citizenship test. You’ll need to answer questions about the rights and responsibilities of Canadians and Canada’s:

  • in English or French
  • 30 minutes long
  • 20 questions (pass mark: 15 correct answers)
  • multiple-choice and true or false questions
  • based on the official citizenship study guide: Discover Canada
  • usually written, but may be oral

Learn more about the Canadian citizenship test.


If you have committed a crime in or outside Canada, you may not be eligible to become a Canadian citizen for a period of time. This includes if you:

  • are serving a sentence outside Canada
  • are serving a term of imprisonment, on parole or on probation in Canada
  • are charged with, on trial for, or involved in an appeal of an:
    • indictable offence in Canada
    • offence outside Canada
  • have been convicted in the four years before applying for citizenship of an:
    • indictable offence in Canada
    • offence outside Canada

Time spent serving a term of imprisonment, on parole, or on probation doesn’t count as time you have lived in Canada.

Canadian citizenship status – Check your eligibility

Answer some questions to help you find out if you’re ready to apply for citizenship. These questions are for adults (age 18 and over) who want to apply for citizenship. Minors (under age 18) have some different requirements.

Когда отправят карту qiwi visa plastik? Заказ сделал 13 декабря и до сих пор в разделе «Карты» – «QIWI Visa Plastic» — QVP в статусе написано Card in process! Мне очень нужна карта, помогите пожалуйста!

Когда отправят карту qiwi visa plastik? Заказ сделал 13 декабря и до сих пор в разделе «Карты» – «QIWI Visa Plastic» — QVP в статусе написано Card in process! Мне очень нужна карта, помогите пожалуйста! — Сергей

Сергей, стандартный срок выпуска банковской карты до 14 дней, в зависимости от технической возможности банка-эмитента. Кроме того, в зависимости от того, какой способ доставки вы выбрали, карта может идти к вам от нескольких дней (курьер) до нескольких недель (Почта России). Ускорить этот процесс мы, к сожалению, не можем. Попробуйте самостоятельно обратиться в службу поддержки Киви, возможно, они смогут как-то прояснить ситуацию дополнительно.

Вопросы по Federal Skilled Worker Program

Скажите а что известно насчет списка 29 для Federal Skilled Worker Program ? Ждут его какие-то изменения или так и останется тревобование — минимум год стажа работы по специальности из NOC 0, A, B (если я правильно понимаю условие Federal Skilled Worker Program)?

Прочитал инфу по вашим ссылкам в посл. посте, вроде не увидел инфы по этому поводу.

Ya sprashival vas na shet dobavlenija rebenka v Avguste. Ya otpravil vse doke before the deadline. I have not heard from them since then. Kak vy dumaete, does it take this much long? Zaranee blagodaren!

Убедитесь, что Канада получила ваше письмо. Могли не получить и закрыть дело.
Проверьте, какой статус дела в ecas:

It is still in process. I also have DHL confirmation that it was delivered. No clue why it is taking so long (

Уже хорошо, что не DECISION MADE (без вашей медкомиссии это бы означало отказ).
Вы кликали на слова IN PROCESS? Там должно быть описание процесса:

Можно ещё заказать копию вашего CAIPS/GCMS файла. Там ещё подробнее описан ход вашего дела.

Уже хорошо, что не DECISION MADE (без вашей медкомиссии это бы означало отказ).
Вы кликали на слова IN PROCESS? Там должно быть описание процесса:

Можно ещё заказать копию вашего CAIPS/GCMS файла. Там ещё подробнее описан ход вашего дела.

Spasibo, posmotrel niche ne izmenilos v In Process. Budem zhdat.

Здравствуйте, скажите, а есть возможность того, что отменят обязательный job offer для программы Skilled Workers (Professionals)?

Federal Skilled Worker – 2013

All about Canadian FSWP 2013!

FAQ – After Submission

Q. I applied to FSWP 2013 program. Will I get a notification from CIO after my documents are delivered?
A. First of all Congratulations and good luck with your submission. Coming back to your question, No, you will not get any notification from CIO Sydney, Nova Scotia.

Q. What’s next after submission?
A. You will have to patiently wait for a notification of Credit Card charge or PER (positive eligibility review) email. Average time for notification right now is 60 days. If you have sent Demand Draft, Pay Order, Money Order, then you will get notification about it’s encashment in PER [Add another 12 days to original average time].

Please visit FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here for updates on average timelines.

Q. My Credit Card uses a secure PIN or 3D pin while purchasing things online, will it be a problem when CIO charge my card?
A. It has been confirmed numerous of times by the banks that when CIO will be charged, they will not be prompted for the 3D pin, as CIO is not an online merchant. It is a recognized body and most of the banks DO NOT require pin when CIO charges you for the fee.

NOTE: You are still encouraged to call your bank and let them know about the expected amount that CIO will charge so that they do not automatically reject it. Keep following them until the payment is through. This applies to most of the developing countries. They tend to reject amounts that are way above your regular portfolio.

Q. CIO is not charging cards today or few days now, is cap filled or have they stopped working?
A. We don’t know how CIO works or on what priorities it works on. However, we do know that they received hundreds of applications weekly for different programs and they have to deal with them on daily basis. Our forum represents a very small number of applicants as compared to worldwide, and it is not necessary that someone will definitely gets charged daily on the forum. IF the cap is filled for any NOC, CIC will put that up on the official website. Till then, don’t worry about it!

Remember: No news is good news when you apply for FSWP!

Q. My card has not been charged even though applicants after me are charged and received PER, am I out of game?
A. Until and unless you do not hear from CIC in terms of rejection letter or NER and you are sure that you have sent all required documents and filled forms properly, you are not out of game. Each case is different and there are number of persons at CIO that are dealing cases. The delay in your case can have number of reasons, including and not limited to the documents you have sent, experience certificates, financial proof, age or your ability to get establish economically in Canada. Sooner or later, you will hear the outcome of your application.

Q. My mode of payment is Pay Order, Demand Draft etc. Will it delay my PER?
A. It may or may not delay your time for PER. DD is considered to be the safest & permanent payment as compared to Credit Cards which may not work for number of reasons and can jeopardize your application. DD takes a bit of time for clearing, usually 4

15 working days as there are various banks are involved. The overall time for DD and CC is not very huge. The average difference is about 3 days to 7 working days overall.

Q. I just received an email from WES requesting me to order a duplicate copy of my evaluation and requesting me to add CIC as the recipient. Why is this happening?
A. If you got your ECA before 18th April, 2013, then probably you have not signed up for WES FSWP package in which they allow an electronic copy of your evaluation to be available for the CIO to verify it online. Even if you have signed up after they became a designated authority, you may have accidentally subscribed to “WES Basic” instead of “WES FSWP Package”. Just follow the email and get the payment done ASAP so that CIO can verify your ECA online.

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All the existing applicants are encouraged to login to there WES accounts and see Service level they have ordered, and upgrade to FSWP package BEFORE WES asks you to do so. If you do not order in time, your PER will be delayed or may jeopardize your chance of getting one.

REMEMBER: YOU NEED TO SEND ORIGINAL EVALUATION CERTIFICATE TO CIO WITH YOUR APPLICATION PACKAGE INSTEAD OF A COPY. Do not send it in a sealed envelope, just place it along with all your other documents.

Q. Will I get in the 300 Cap?
A. No one know for sure. Stop panicking and let’s see where your luck takes you! Do not ask these questions once the package has been sent. No one of us is an expert and neither do we have any inside information of the CIO.

You have spent hundreds of dollars already on preparing the documents, what’s the use of self created panic now? Once the package is gone, hope for the best! Good luck.

Keep an eye on Official CAP Count Updates from CIC.

You are however encouraged to share your timeline in the following thread: FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here, where you’ll get an overall idea of the status of each NOC.

Q. How can I know the status of my application?
A. In reality you can’t. But if you have sent your application 8

10 weeks ago, then you can email at to get the status of your application. You will have to send them your Last name, First name, Date of Birth, Country of Birth in order to get the notification. You will receive a reply by email within 20 working days.

Always check updated time under Economic Classes here.

Q. How to contact CIC via Phone Number?
A. Following are the Call Center numbers of CIC. Please follow IVR accordingly.

NOTE: It is not necessary that you will get information about Federal Skilled Worker Program. Do not call them before time [8

10 weeks], they will NOT be able to help you!

Inside Canada: 1-888-242‑2100
Outside Canada: 1-613-944-4000

Q. Whenever I call on these numbers, a machine says “this service is not available in your area”. What to do?
A. If you are dialing a toll free number from outside Canada, you will hear this message. However, many of you will still hear this tape even if you dial “Outside Canada” number. The way around this is to get a prepaid calling card and dial using that. It’ll help you bypass this message when the call is transferred and will let you connect with Immigration Department. You can try Skype, Google Voice services as well.

Q. What is PER?
A. PER stands for Positive Eligibility Review. It means that a Visa Officer at CIO concluded that you are eligible for further processing at Local / Remote Visa Office towards getting Permanent Residence (PR).

Q. How will I get PER?
A. If you have prov >email address while filling the IMM 0008 Generic Form , then you will receive it via email from If you have not prov >Generic IMM 0008 form.

Q. What is UCI?
A. UCI stands for Universal Client Identifier. It is a unique 8 digit code that is assigned to you by the CIO/CIC/CHC. It will remain same for all the cases hereafter. It is usually written as either 1234-5678 or 12345678 when you receive your PER.

Q. What is File Number?
A. For every visa application that you submit, CIC/CIO generates a unique file number. It is different for each type of visa. For Permanent Resident Visa, it starts with E followed by digits. Unlike UCI, it will be different for each type of visa.

Q. I have missed a document / field and now my world is spinning. What should I do about it?
A. First of all, this is a serious negligence on your part . CIC have provided guide and checklist to make sure that you do not miss anything. Practically, if you send an updated document and/or form, CIO will not be able to match them with your original application, PLUS, they DO NOT provide this kind of service. They get hundreds of applications on weekly basis. If you send your documents, you MIGHT get lucky and they MIGHT find your application and attach additional document with it BEFORE document completeness check. IF the document completeness check has been done, then it’s possible that your application is already on its way back via snail mail.


Q. I just received my PER, what’s next?
A. Congratulations! You have cleared half of the procedure. At the moment, you will not have to do anything. CIO will send your application to the Local Visa Office or Remote Visa Office that you have mentioned on IMM 0008 Generic Form. It will take few weeks. You may or may not get a 2nd Acknowledgement [AOR] from your Visa Office.

Q. How can I log in ecas?
A. Please visit Client Application Status page. Select Client ID Number from drop down. Enter your UCI #, your Last Name or Family Name, date of Birth, Country of Birth and press Login.

Q. I have my UCI from phone, or from previous application, but ecas is not letting me in. What is the reason?
A. Ecas is updated once weekly at a random day [usually over the weekend or on Tuesday]. It might be possible that the system has not been updated with your information. Check your details after next possible update.

Q. I have managed to get UCI over the phone, my status on ecas says “ In Process “. Is it a good news?
Of course it is a good news [for now, we do not have any case yet of NER after this status]. Congratulations! You will soon receive a PER email [If haven’t] along with File #.

Q. I have received my PER, I want to send additional forms or information, how can I?
Once the file is transferred to your local / remote Visa Office, you can contact them via “Case Specific Inquiry” on your embassy’s respective website. Fill in the form and provide them with the additional information. You can contact them for employment change, designation change, baby born, marriage, divorce, address change, death etc. They will communicate with you further on how to go about it.

Click Here to find out your visa office website.

Q. I have a new born baby, I want to add his/her details to the PR application, how can I?
A. Congratulations on your newborn baby �� You can contact your Visa Office mentioned in above question and inform them about the newborn baby. They will send you an email / snail mail with additional documents that are required by visa office. They are usually Updated Family Information Form, Passport copy of the newborn baby, birth certificate, additional $150 for the dependent child, 6 photos etc.

Q. I will be getting married soon (or married recently) and my PR application is in process, can I add my wife?
A. Yes! You will have to inform your marital status change to the respective Visa Office. They will send you an email / snail mail for additional documents that may include Updated Family Information Form, Background Declaration of Spouse, Updated Generic Form, $550 fee for the Spouse, 6 photos, PCC etc.

Q. I am in the process of getting divorce (or been divorced), how can I remove my spouse?
A. Sorry to hear about your situation. You will have to inform about this to your respective visa office. They will send you an email / snail mail for documents, which may include divorce proof, updated forms etc.

Q. What are the steps after PER?
A. The first thing that will happen after your PER is that CIO will transfer your electronic file and paper based file to your designated Visa Office mentioned in the IMM 0008 Generic Form. The Visa Office may or may not inform you about this activity, for example, London Visa Office will not inform about this activity, while Beijing or New Delhi may send Acknowledgement. At this stage, your ecas status will remain “In Process”.

After the file has been transferred, it waits in the queue to be reviewed by Visa Officer. A Visa Officer will review your file and will determine the eligibility of your application for further processing. IF the visa officer decides that everything that you have provided is genuine and inline with what is required, he/she will put your file in actual “process”. You will see a new line added in your ecas as “We have started processing your application on mm-dd-yyyy”. Your status will remain “In Process”. The worse scenario is that Visa Officer will overrule the previous PER decision and may reject the application before starting the process, in this case, you will see “Decision Made” in your ecas. *For FSWP 2013, we are hoping that this may not happen as everything has already been screened at CIO.

From here on, everything will be verified and cross-referenced. This includes and not limited to your experience letters, salary stubs, visiting cards, employment offices, relative documents [if applicable], passport verification, IELTS verification, national identity cards verification [if applicable], your educational documents, marksheets, your background declaration, security checks and so on. They may or not may not visit, call or email your current / previous employers. It’s totally up to them.

At this stage, the visa officer MAY call for a face to face interview at your local visa office. In case of remote visa office, the RVO will inform you about the due date and time and the location. Visa officer will clearly mention in the email about the reason of the interview so that you can gather required documents to back your original case. You will not be informed about the outcome of the interview on the spot but the next step will let you know how well you performed. NOTE: Visa Officer will not judge your English Language ability in the interview.

IF everything goes well, you will receive a Medical Call. IF an interview goes well and you managed to satisfy the visa officer, you will get the same result. At this stage, your ecas will still read “In Process”.

IN CASE something goes wrong with or without interview, you will get “Decision Made” at your ECAS which means youre no more eligible for PR processing and you will get a rejection with a letter mentioning the reasons.

After you receive Medical Call, you will have to undergo Medical Examination at your local DMP [Find your local DMP HERE]. You and your dependents have to satisfy the visa officer that you are medically fit to be admissible to Canada. Once your results have been received by the Visa Office, your ecas will read, “We have received your medical results on mm-dd-yyyy” and the status will remain “In Process”.

You or one of your dependent may get a re-medical exam if there’s a doubt about something that they think need to be reverified.

The next step would be [and not limited to] Passport Request, any additional or updated documents, new Police Clearance Certificate etc and Right of Permanent Resident fee [RPRF] which is $490 for each Principal Applicant and Spouse [if applicable]. You do not have to pay RPRF for your children.

Once everything is done and your payment cashed, your status will be changed to “Decision Made” and the address will be updated with a Canadian address & you will receive your Passports & Confirmation of Permanent Residence [COPR].

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