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Research: 2020 Trends in Global Employee Engagement

Aon’s latest report examines how forces such as improving economics and greater stability are likely causing an all-time high with employee engagement.

  • 65 per cent of employees fall into the “Highly” or “Moderately” engaged categories in the survey, which is a two-point increase from the previous year across each of the three engagement measures which have been indexed.
  • The leading determining factor for engagement was Rewards & Recognition, closely followed by Senior Leadership, Career & Development, Employee Value Proposition and Enabling Infrastructure.
  • In the UK, engagement fell three points, representing the largest decrease among the 29 biggest global economies. The murky path of Brexit is likely a contributing factor to this decline.

Aon Hewitt’s study measured employee engagement by analysing data from more than 1,000 organisations across the globe from more than 60 industries. Companies ranged in size from 100 employees to the most complex international organisations.

5 Employee Engagement Predictions for 2020

Laura Beerman

February 8, 2020 August 28, 2020

Employee engagement is critical to retention. Don’t believe us? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median period people stay in their jobs is just over four years. And for those age 25 to 34 it’s even less (2.8 years). Broaden this to all millennials, and you’ve got a group that’s even more on the move — a scary prospect given they make up roughly a third of today’s U.S. workforce. So what’s a company to do? Read on for 5 employee engagement predictions — and they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

1. Employee Engagement Deniers, Seek Help Now

The biggest prediction for employee engagement in 2020? Adoption is not an option; it’s a necessity. If you don’t have already have an employee engagement strategy, get one. Even Fortune 500s compete with the gig economy, which trades the traditional work perks of a guaranteed salary and benefits for freedom, flexibility and creativity. Make sure your engagement strategy reflects those desires.

Not only must you have a strategy, you have to be ready to deploy it in as many ways as possible and as early as possible. Passing the drug test shouldn’t be the top onboard “win” for your new hire. Look into attractive benefits plans, flexible work hours or locations, gamification software, or learning opportunities that you can present during the interview process. And remember: today’s employee knows far more about you than you know about them when they walk in the door.

2. Your Employee is Your Customer

Forbes writer Denise Lee Yohn has dubbed 2020 The Year of Employee Experience (EX). This concept transcends traditional employee engagement (better HR, perks and swag, employee as customer, integrated communications) and encompasses “everything the employee experiences throughout his or her connection to the organization.” Consider who your employee is outside your building. Yohn cites compelling research that EX grows corporate stature and profits. We’re not saying to ignore the basics, but nobody buys the house for the foundation. And don’t be surprised if you start seeing “CEXO” — Chief Employee Experience Officer — creep into the C-suite.

3. Make Work Less Work

Before we get to the sexy stuff (integrated platforms!), let’s talk about some employee engagement basics: how people get their daily work done. In a 2020 Oracle Global Engagement study, only 44% of employees felt their companies used the latest technology to support their work. Are you making things easier or harder for your employees? And are you looking beyond the ubiquitous Microsoft Office suite (please)?

Today’s tools (e.g., Slack, Basecamp, Quickbase) feel more collaborative because they are. It’s not about a single person getting their work done, anymore. It’s about teams getting better work done together. But don’t forget to plan for change management. The best tech tools are worthless if they’re not adopted. It’s critical for you to answer “What’s in it for me?” for each employee. Desire is a powerful CPU.

4. Integrate, Analyze, Improve, Repeat

Whether you’re just now designing your employee engagement platform or fine-tuning it, you’ve got to think holistically and create an experience that supports your employees’ entire career path — unless you want it to be with another company.

From platforms that manage basic employee reward and retention programs to more sophisticated offerings that integrate social media, gamification, and even budget targets, technology-based employee engagement is on the rise. For example, Achievers offers a robust employee recognition and engagement platform with a full suite of tools to keep HR continuously informed and employees engaged. The more components included in your solution, the richer the data. It’s like having your own personal dashboard of what motivates your workforce.

Stephen Hunt with SAP Human Capital Management Research writes: “We will see exponential growth in the use of artificial intelligence, chatbots, intelligent services, machine learning, mobile solutions, and social platforms to make work more enjoyable, simple, and engaging.” Critical to these platforms is user-friendliness, mobility, and real-time feedback (think Pulse surveys, not the antiquated annual breed). And speaking of employee engagement, you might want to involve your employees and company brand in your platform’s design if you want it to succeed.

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5. Wellness Tech Will Rival Work Tech

Collaboration tools: check. Integrated platforms: check. Health tech? Absolutely.

Even in wellness, tech is playing a bigger role in employee engagement. FastCompany reports that BP, Bank of America, IBM, Target, and other big names are putting wearables in their employees’ hands (and on their wrists). In 2020, FitBit launched Group Health, putting its product at the forefront of corporate wellness programs that are increasingly integrating downloadable fitness data into their health incentive tracking dashboards. In 2020, more and more companies will be helping employees get their 10,000 steps — understanding that an active body outside the cube promotes a more active mind inside it.

These are just a few of the ways great companies are thinking about employee engagement in 2020. Remember: you don’t have to be Google and your office park doesn’t have to be a self-sufficient compound to offer an awesome employee engagement experience.

To learn more about where employee engagement is heading, check out this infographic highlighting results from Achievers’ “New Year, New Job?” 2020 survey.

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Employer Engagement Session in Berlin,Germany, May 7-11,2020 Канада

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Employee Engagement & Motivation 2013 — конференция по повышению эффективности работников

About the conference Employee Engagement & Motivation 2013

Conference Employee Engagement & Motivation 2013 is held from 13 to March 14, 2013 in city Berlin, Germany. Check the path to the conference venue location on the website of congress venue. Business agenda Employee Engagement & Motivation 2013 is split into sections by days and posted on the website events with full of conference speakers list. The speakers Employee Engagement & Motivation 2013 are usually confirmed 1-2 months before the conference.

Your business contacts Employee Engagement & Motivation 2013

Add a conference Employee Engagement & Motivation 2013 to schedule, so you don’t lose an important event, where you can meet experts from the industry you need. Create your events schedule.

Are you planning your own trip to Employee Engagement & Motivation 2013 ?

If you are in need of accommodation, we rocommend you to check hotels and their prices for the conference periodhere. Don’t forget to check the conference venue and dates on the official website and inthe organizer’s schedule. The event can be rescheduled, canceled, merged with a similar project. Expomap is not responsible for discrepancies of provided information.

Have a question about Employee Engagement & Motivation 2013 participation? We can answer them by phone +7 (499) 999-12-07

7 Intriguing Employee Engagement Trends For 2020

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

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A rooster! (I actually said this.)

As children, we were asked this question over and over again. Even now as adults we ask the same question to the kids in our lives. It could just be a way to humor ourselves with the adorable answers we get, but truly, even from a young age we understand that the career path we pursue becomes a strong part of our identity. We don’t ask, “what do you want to do?” We ask, “what do you want to be?

How many people actually feel a deep sense of belonging at their current job? Who among us said, “when I grow up I want to do something with borderline competency that I don’t really care about just to make enough money to survive”?

Unfortunately, about one-third of U.S. employees are not engaged in their work for a variety of reasons. Many don’t feel a strong connection with their company or the mission—if there even is one. You don’t need a study to tell you how many problems disengagement creates for a business, but for those who need more convincing, employees who are checked-out cost the U.S. economy up to $605 billion through loss of productivity.

If disengagement is so damaging and expensive, we should first understand what employee engagement is. I like to define employee engagement as a person who shows up to work each day as their best self by passionately adding value, and proactively seeking to achieve their company’s mission. Engaged employees demonstrate this through their interactions with coworkers, their attitude, and of course, their work.

Creating this sense of belonging with each employee requires more than free lunches or interesting work perks, it’s a commitment from the leadership team to focus on the specific and individual needs of every employee. Here are 7 workplace engagement trends and advice to create a more engaged workforce in 2020:

1. Workforce engagement is on the rise

In recent years, the percentage of engaged employees within U.S. and Canada has stayed stagnant, hovering in the lower 30s with no jump in either direction. Fortunately, the most recent Gallup poll shows the needle is finally moving in the right direction with 34 percent of workers committed to their company and enthusiastic about their work.

Inversely, the percentage of actively disengaged workers is at an all time low. Only 13 percent of U.S. workers claim to be miserable in their role, and the remaining 53 percent are simply not engaged. This means an overwhelming majority of people don’t feel an innate connection to their role or company, putting most companies at risk of high employee turnover rates.

2. Millennials are here to stay

Within the last few years, we’ve seen that the millennials’ share of the workforce has increased dramatically. This generation of modern workers has now taken the spot as the largest living adult generation, and many have already worked their way up into leadership roles. With more Boomers retiring each year, millennials are on track to make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2030 and continue to heavily influence employee engagement trends.

Businesses seeking to motivate employees in their work will now have to tailor their employee engagement strategies to this group. Research suggests that they are driven by open communication, a great work culture, involvement with causes, and achieving purpose and fulfillment. Despite the flack they receive from older generations, millennials are enthusiastic to learn, and thrive in collaborative work environments that value psychological safety.

3. More compassionate leadership

It’s a common saying that “people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses.” It turns out that the opposite is also true too. An inspiring manager creates more team engagement. According to research by leadership development experts Dr. Brad Shuck and Maryanne Honeycutt-Elliott, “higher levels of engagement comes from employees who work for a compassionate leader—one who is authentic, present, has a sense of dignity, holds others accountable, leads with integrity and shows empathy.”

Business review platform, G2Crowd, has published a post entitled, What is Employee Engagement? (+20 Best Tools for Pulse Surveys and Feedback). In this great resource, they seek to define Employee Engagement, and explore the benefits of engagement surveys, strategies, and activities. This piece also provides an in-depth comparison of the top 20 employee engagement software platforms on the market.

4. Feedback is no longer a nice-to-have

15Five’s research on employee engagement found that the vast majority of employees who received little or no feedback were actively disengaged. Workforce engagement went up dramatically when employees received examples of constructive feedback about their weaknesses, and even more so when they received feedback about strengths. In 2020, a study by The Predictive Index found similar data further proving that employees actually enjoy feedback, yet most (44%) managers are ignoring this engagement trend and give very little feedback, if any.

Data can be a valuable metric, but the feedback/engagement connection is also intuitive. How much more engaged are you in any relationship when you are having open and honest conversation about what matters most?

5. Work/Life balance is now Work/Life blend

The Society for Human Resource Management found that the best companies are embracing flexibility. For many job-functions there is no longer definitive reasons to require people to come into the office every day, or for work to be done between the hours of 9am and 5pm. (I am writing this from my kitchen table at 7:30 at night). More companies will continue on this path as long as the numbers continue to show that it’s a successful employee engagement trend.

6. People Analytics will join the engagement trends

Looking at employee behaviors and their impact on performance is how leaders can make informed decisions. These metrics allow companies to gather actionable insights for their workforce, but progress to gain these solutions are moving slow. A recent study by Deloitte shows that 71 percent of companies see people analytics as a high priority in their organizations, but only a small fraction of companies are investing in it.

For the companies that are making use of people analytics, they’re gaining a much deeper understanding into areas such as recruitment, performance, and employee mobility. This hard data could provide awareness into what aspects are missing from your employee experience or help you find the right solutions to lower your employee turnover rate. Because of this, businesses now have the capabilities to pre-empt disaster before it happens.

7. Technology will focus on the employee

Expert analyst Josh Bersin shares in this piece that over the last two decades, businesses have begun inching away from the classic “competitive evaluation” model that harshly ranked people, and adapting the “coaching and development” model that embraces a growth mindset. Because of this shift, the way we set goals, track progress, and manage people have changed almost entirely.

Through the use of performance management software, managers now have regular visibility into what drives their employees, understand the challenges they face, and create opportunities for employee feedback. This feedback is vital for companies to stay agile and adapt to new industry trends in real time, or they could risk falling behind their competitors.

Overall, business can be viewed as a living, breathing entity. It undergoes change, it grows, and it also recedes. A business can break, but it can also heal. The people are the individual cells that work together to ensure that the entity is healthy, productive, and thriving. In 2020, the brain (leadership) has more performance management tools at its disposal to predict and improve employee engagement trends. Maybe this year’s Gallup survey will report a positive radical shift in how people show up to work.

Keshila Shannon is the VP of Marketing at 15Five, continuous performance management software that includes weekly check-ins, objectives (OKR) tracking, peer recognition, 1-on-1s, and 360 reviews. Keshila is hyper-focused on identifying strategies, research, and creating meaningful content to support people in the workforce to become better peers, managers, and leaders.

Employee Engagement and Talent Management

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«Understand how to optimise talent and generate new leaders at a time marked by uncertainty»
Employee engagement has never seen as much importance in for businesses as it is now. This marcus evans conference will look at the strategic elements in applying employee engagement and talent management at a time where the HR function is being forced into action. This is especially the case where external factors as such geopolitics and scandals of discrimination are having a heavy influence. Mental health is becoming an increasingly important factor as sickness in the workplace is becoming more prevalent. Companies that are scaling are looking at more alternatives in keeping their employees constantly engaged without taking them all to the pub at once. This event aims to bring together the foremost minds in the field for an enriching experience.

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Employee Engagement Tag

17 Sep Improve Employee Engagement by Engaging Cand > Posted at 17:26h in V >

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Employee engagement defines the level of relationship the employee has with a company. A poor relationship may result in an unhappy employee, and an unhappy employee will most definitely impact.

08 Sep Talent Takeaways 002: Darren Virassammy – The State of Employee Engagement

In this episode, you will hear from Darren Virassammy, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 34 Strong, Inc., a leading expert in sustainable Strengthsfinder Organizational Training and Development. Darren.

08 Sep Employee Engagement Defined

Understanding employee engagement plays an important role in crafting effective employee engagement strategies. Understanding how you can begin reducing turnover, allows you to prioritize and tackle the issues that are.

02 Sep Employee Engagement Statistics

Employee engagement is very important in almost every organization. To maintain a productive and efficient workforce, your employees have to be engaged in a positive way. An unengaged talent pool.

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17 Aug Stay Interview Objectives

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Companies usually conduct exit interviews for employees who are going to leave the firm. The purpose behind these interviews is so that the managers can gain a better insight into.

7 events not to be missed across Germany in May 2020

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1. Green Sauce Festival, Frankfurt (May 12th — May 19th)

For over ten years, dozens of Hessian restaurateurs have been coming together for this annual festival, each of them vying for first place in the green sauce competition.

Green sauce is a culinary creation that hails from Frankfurt. It contains seven herbs: parsley, cress, chives, sorrel, borage, pimpinella and chervil. The herbs are then mixed with quark and traditionally served with potatoes and boiled eggs.

A traditional serving of green sauce with potatoes and boiled eggs in Frankfurt. Photo: DPA

During the week the festival is on, visitors can sample the chefs’ green sauces and vote on their favourite. The chefs battle it out to the final round and visitor votes determine who wins the competition.

In addition to live music, cabaret performers and musicians, a daily market will also be running throughout the event serving up dishes which incorporate green sauce in some way. Everything from Argentinean steaks to Sicilians rice balls will be on offer.

2. Dresden Music Festival, Dresden (May 10th — June 10th)

Bidding to be named European “Capital of Culture” in 2025, the capital city of Saxony is keen to attract visitors to its 41st annual Music Festival, which runs for a month starting on May 10th.

The opening concert of the 2020 Dresden Music Festival. Photo: DPA

At 22 venues in the city’s historic centre, 1,500 artists from across the world — including renowned orchestras, soloists and ensembles — will showcase their talent. “Mirrors” is the theme of the 2020 Dresden Music Festival, which according to the mayor of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert, alludes to the dimension of human culture.

The theme of reflections also points to the historical references which transport works of the great composers of the past into our world today, says Hilbert.

3. Rhine in Flames, Rhine River banks from Bonn to Linz (May 4th — May 6th)

In a tradition which dates back to 1756, the banks of the Rhine River from Bonn to the municipality of Linz will once again be lit up by fireworks during the first weekend in May in a spectacular show of colour and lights.

Spectators have the choice to either gather in the Rheinaue leisure park in Bonn or enjoy the view while floating down the river towards the former capital in an illuminated boat.

Rhine in Flames in 2020. Photo: DPA

From 9:35pm, six large firework displays will be set off on May 5th. Though you’ll have to stay up if you really want to be impressed; the final firework show due to kick off at 11:15pm is meant to be a highlight in that it will be synchronized to music from five continents.

The event is the first in a series along the Rhine between May and September.

4. re:publica, Berlin (May 2nd — May 4th)

Concerned about digitalization and how it will affect society in Europe? Head to re:publica in the nation’s capital in the first week of of May, where you can ponder ideas having to do with digital civil rights, digital policy and the fight for a free, open internet.

What originally started as a meeting of bloggers in 2007 has grown to become a conference of activists, scientists, hackers, journalists, and entrepreneurs among others.

The event has also expanded beyond just being a conference providing discussions and workshops. This year for the first time a “Netzfest” — an outdoor event that’s free of charge where visitors can engage with others in talks about all things digital — will be held at Park am Gleisdreick.

A statue of the fairy tale in Bremen. Photo: DPA

A lesser-known fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm is The Bremen Town Musicians, which follows the antics of a rooster, cat, dog and donkey. You can experience the tale for free through a live performance taking place over the next few months in Bremen.

The event starts in May and ends in September, with performances every Sunday at midday on the Cathedral Square.

Attention, movie buffs! The 33rd Documentary Film Festival takes place in the Bavarian capital in May, featuring films from all over the globe.

Claiming to be one of Europe’s largest documentary film festivals, the festival states on its website that it aims to “support directors from so-called ‘low produc­tion countries’, work on impacting artistic documentary films and initiate sustainable relationships between established filmmakers and newcomers.”

At theatres in the centre of Munich during the week-and-a-half-long festival you will have your choice of German films and African films with everything else in between.

Starting from the last weekend of May and stretching into early June, this festival is based in a south German city where wine has been grown for over 1,000 years. You’ll be able to try over 100 different wines at the Weindorf (wine village) in the heart of Würzburg’s market square.

Employee Engagement and Talent Management

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«Understand how to optimise talent and generate new leaders at a time marked by uncertainty»
Employee engagement has never seen as much importance in for businesses as it is now. This marcus evans conference will look at the strategic elements in applying employee engagement and talent management at a time where the HR function is being forced into action. This is especially the case where external factors as such geopolitics and scandals of discrimination are having a heavy influence. Mental health is becoming an increasingly important factor as sickness in the workplace is becoming more prevalent. Companies that are scaling are looking at more alternatives in keeping their employees constantly engaged without taking them all to the pub at once. This event aims to bring together the foremost minds in the field for an enriching experience.

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