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Express Entry Canada 2020

Implemented in January 2015, the Canadian Express Entry program is Canada’s new system for managing immigration applications for several of the country’s economic immigrant programs including Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Trades. People interested in immigrating to Canada to live and work on a full-time basis, who meet the criteria for at least one of these immigration programs, can formally express their interest in becoming a permanent resident of Canada by creating an Express Entry profile. Once added to the Express Entry pool, candidates will be scored according to the program’s point-based Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), and this score will determine the candidate’s rank within the pool. People with the highest scores will then be invited to apply to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) invites the highest ranking candidates from the Express Entry pool to apply for expedited Canadian immigration on a frequent basis via official «rounds of invitations». In order to be selected in one of these Express Entry draws and issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA), an applicant must rank near the top of the pool of potential candidates according to the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System. The program’s CRS will assess the details of a candidate’s Express Entry profile and rank them according to major predictors of economic success, factoring in their education, skills, work experience, language abilities, and a variety of other elements that are known to help migrants flourish in Canada. Provinces and territories, as well as eligible employers in Canada, can also directly recruit potential immigrants from the Express Entry pool, and candidates who receive an eligible job offer or an enhanced provincial nomination are awarded a significant number of points giving their Express Entry score a major boost.

To ensure you have the best possible chance of being selected for immigration to Canada, you can retain the services of a Canadian immigration lawyer who can help you take the necessary steps before and during your application to maximize your chances of success.

How to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada

The fastest way to move to Canada as a permanent resident is via the new Express Entry system. The immigration management program is completed entirely online, and makes the Canadian immigration process extremely efficient for qualified candidates from across the world. Most Canada PR applications submitted under Express Entry will be processed in six months or less.

Express Entry Canada

In order for Canada to assess a potential immigrant’s eligibility for Express Entry, the program requires that applicants create an online profile containing all their credentials. Once an Express Entry profile has been created for the candidate and he or she has been accepted in the program, the potential immigrant’s profile will be put into a pool with other candidates and potential employers and provincial nominee programs can then compare the different applications. If an eligible employer or Canada PNP chooses a candidate from the Express Entry pool, he or she will then receive 600 CRS points for the enhanced provincial nomination or up to 200 points for the qualifying job offer. There are then official Express Entry draws where top candidates are given an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian residency.

In order to participate in the Canadian Express Entry immigration system, you must satisfy all the Express Entry criteria including the requirements of one or more of Canada’s economic immigration programs. If you do not meet the Express Entry requirements, you will not be accepted into the system’s pool of candidates.

How Do I Confirm a Provincial Nomination Within Express Entry?

If a province or territory has already nominated you under their Express Entry stream, you must add the nomination to your Express Entry account in order to receive the additional Canadian immigration points. To do so, follow these instructions.

Confirming a PNP nomination:

  1. Open your Express Entry profile
  2. Go to «application details» and then the «nomination and selection» section
  3. Where it asks if you have a Canada PNP Express Entry nomination, change your answer to «yes»
  4. Use the drop-down menu to choose the province or territory that has nominated you
  5. Submit your updated profile
  6. Contact the province directly, outside of Express Entry, and provide them with your Job Seeker Validation Code and Express Entry profile number
  7. The province will then use this information to confirm the Canada PNP nomination with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Once confirmed, you will receive a MyCIC message regarding the nomination.
  8. Click «accept» at the top, and you will be instantly awarded 600 Express Entry points on your CRS immigration score. You have 30 days to accept a PNP Canada nomination in Express Entry before it officially expires.

Once you have accepted the Canadian Province Nominee Program nomination, you will receive a confirmation letter in PDF format in your MyCIC account. A copy of your nomination certificate will also be mailed to you. Please be aware that provincial nominations obtained through the traditional paper-based process, called base nominations, cannot be processed through Express Entry.

Does a Notification of Interest (NOI) Count as a Nomination?

Receiving a notification of interest (NOI) from a province is not the same as receiving a provincial nomination. If you have received a notification of interest from a Canada PNP program, and you wish to be nominated by them, you must then apply to that province’s Express Entry stream.

Can a Person Accept Nominations From Several Provinces?

In Express Entry, a prospective immigrant can only be nominated by a single Provincial Nominee Program at one time. If you have received a Canadian PNP nomination in Express Entry, and you wish to accept a provincial nomination from a different province, you must first click «not accept» on the original nomination.

Canadian Immigration 2020

The Federal Government of Canada has announced their 2020 Canadian immigration levels plan. In 2020, the Government plans to accept 300,000 Canadian permanent residents, the majority of which will be selected from economic immigration programs. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is aiming to approve 172,500 applicants and accompanying family members under economic class immigration programs such as Canada Express Entry, Quebec Skilled Worker, and the various Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs. For additional information about immigrating to Canada through Express Entry, you can visit the official Government of Canada Express Entry immigration website here.

Will There Be a Cap on the Number of People Allowed to Apply for Express Entry?

There is no cap on the number of prospective immigrants who can submit Express Entry Canada applications. This will likely result in a diverse range of occupations, experience and qualifications for employers and provinces to choose from to fill their labor market shortages. This also means that the pool will contain all applicants with high-quality skills and experiences, rather than just the candidates who submitted their applications before the deadline or cap is met. This being said, the number of people given an Invitation to Apply for permanent residency will be subject to the Annual Immigration Levels Plan which will set out a basic range of admissions for the Express Entry Program.

In general, labor market demand will determine the successful applicants for the Express Entry program, as a job offer, nomination from a province or a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) can give an applicant extra points that may enable them to rank highly enough to qualify for a Invitation to Apply. This also means that any shortages found in the Canadian job market can be assessed and addressed in a short space of time, which could be extremely beneficial to Canada’s economy.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s commitment to processing most Express Entry PR applications within six months of being submitted means that many Express Entry applicants will be able to enter the job market and start contributing to the Canadian economy in a very short space of time.

Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency in Canada

If an Express Entry Canada immigration candidate is selected out of the pool during a «round of invitations» (Express Entry draw), he or she will then be given an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR. Once given an ITA, applicants have 90 days to submit their application for Canadian permanent residency.

Квебек объявил о запуске иммиграционной системы по принципу Express Entry

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Министерство иммиграции Квебека объявило о некоторых изменениях в ряде своих программ, включая создание новой системы Expression of Interest (EOI) (Выражение интереса), которая будет функционировать по системе Express Entry.

Иммиграционная система Квебека уникальна, и провинция обладает значительной автономией в создании своих программ. Министерство иммиграции Квебека не скрывало своего намерения создать свою собственную версию Express Entry и вот это случилось.

Теперь в новой системе Expression of Interest кандидаты для иммиграции по программе Квебека для квалифицированных специалистов Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) будут создавать свои профили.

Система Expression of Interest заменит систему, когда рассматривались профили тех кандидатов, которые зарегистрировались первыми.

Expression of Interest также заменит проблемный портал для подачи заявок “Mon Projet Quebec”. Этот портал будет продолжать получать заявки от кандидатов с предложением о работе по программе QSWP и от временных жителей Квебека до тех пор, пока не будет создана новая система Expression of Interest.

Как и в системе Express Entry, заинтересованные кандидаты, соответствующие требованиям программы Quebec Skilled Worker Program, должны будут представить “выражение интереса” в качестве первого шага.

Профили будут действительны в течение года (12 месяцев), также как и в системе Express Entry.

Ожидается, что после попадания в пул, кандидат получит баллы по разным факторам (опыт работы, образование, знание языков, возраст и т.д), подобно системе оценки Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Напоминаем, что в системе Express Entry оценка рейтинга кандидата определяется баллами, присуждаемыми за такие факторы, как опыт работы, образование, языковые навыки, возраст, а также дополнительные факторы. Ожидается, что в Квебеке будет уникальная система баллов, которая работает аналогичным образом.

Кандидаты будут отбираться из пула “Expression of Interest” через раунды приглашений, в течение которых определенное количество кандидатов, которые соответствуют или превышают проходной балл, получит приглашения подать заявку на получение сертификата отбора Квебека (Certificate of de sélection du Québec, или CSQ).

Те, кто получил приглашение на подачу заявки, будут иметь 90 дней для подачи полной заявки на CSQ. Кандидаты, которые получают сертификат отбора Квебека, могут затем обратиться в правительство Канады на постоянное жительство.

Ожидается, что более подробная информация об этой системе, включая систему оценки и точную запуска начала, будет объявлена в ближайшем будущем.

Express Entry

Express Entry is Here!

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has begun the highly anticipated expression of interest program. The new program, known as “Express Entry”, has drastically changed the way economic-class candidates are selected for immigration to Canada.

Express Entry is intended to improve the Canadian immigration application process. Some of the improvements touted are faster processing times, increased accessibility for candidates from a broader range of occupations, and a greater emphasis on application quality control. While no one knows exactly how the new Express Entry system will perform in the beginning, its implementation is expected to make the application process more competitive.

What is the expression of interest and “Express Entry” model?

The expression of interest model is a program whereby candidates submit credentials that conform to existing economic program selection criteria, for example, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, or the Canadian Experience Class Program. Canadian immigration authorities are then able to select from that pool whichever applicants they feel are the most likely to establish themselves economically and contribute to Canadian society. Candidates selected from the expression of interest pool will be slated for Express Entry. Canada’s expression of interest program (Express Entry), is modeled after similar systems implemented in Australia and New Zealand.

How Does the Program Work?

Step 1: Submitting an Express Entry profile online

Expression of interest applicants must submit their candidacy online after creating an online profile. Candidates must provide information outlining their work experience, language proficiency, education, and other personal information. If an applicant does not already have a Canadian job offer, he or she must enlist with Canada’s Job Bank, so that Canadian employers can consider their employment. Here!

Note: Providing false information on an application could disqualify a candidate from the process for a number of years.

Step 2: Apply for Canadian permanent resident status

Federal and provincial governments of Canada, as well as Canadian employers, will access the Express Entry candidate pool when selecting qualifying applicants. The most appealing candidates (i.e. those deemed likely to successfully establish themselves economically in Canada), along with applicants holding Canadian employment offers or provincial nominations, will be summoned to apply for Canadian permanent resident status.

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When an applicant is selected, he or she is provided an invitation to apply for permanent resident status in Canada. The applicant then has 60 days to respond by submitting an electronic application for permanent resident status.

CIC has stated that all expression of interest applications will be processed within 6 months from the date they were submitted. Applicants should ensure that all requisite forms and supporting documentation are submitted well within this timeframe. Upon completion of the Express Entry process, selected applicants and their dependent family members will land in Canada as permanent residents.

Applicants to the expression of interest candidate pool, who do not succeed in obtaining an invitation to apply for permanent resident status may resubmit their candidacy, provided they still meet the selection criteria of at least one Canadian economic immigration program.

How does Express Entry differ from Canada’s previous economic immigration model?

Firstly, Canada’s new Express Entry program enables candidates from any occupation to submit an application for consideration (instead of eligibility being limited to a short list of high-skilled occupations, as was done in the past). The expression of interest system has no eligibility occupation list whatsoever.

Also, Canada’s Express Entry system does not include application caps. Candidates can therefore submit an application without worrying that the expression of interest pool will fill up before their application can be processed.

To speak with a Canadian immigration lawyer about Canada’s Express Entry system, contact First Immigration Law Firm toll-free @ 1-855-360-4333

Quebec Expression of Interest

Quebec operates its own Expression of Interest immigration system under its Quebec Skilled Worker program, called Arrima. It functions in a similar way as the federal Express Entry system and replaces the former first-come, first-served process.

The system is designed to allow candidates with the best credentials to get to the front of the line for Quebec economic immigration.

According to Quebec Ministry to Immigration, diversity and Inclusion (MIDI), the Arrima portal is designed to maintain a continuous flow of new Quebec skilled workers with profiles that meet the needs of Quebec businesses.

Quebec Expression of Interest Draws

How Does Quebec Expression of Interest Work?

  1. Candidates submit an online expression of interest profile to the MIDI.
  2. Profiles enter into an Expression of Interest pool, where they are ranked against each other and are valid for 12-months.
  3. Profiles will be classified in two categories: one for candidates who are living in Quebec or have a job offer and meet specific criteria, and the another for candidates living outside Quebec and meet specific criteria.
  4. The highest-ranking candidates will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a Quebec Certificate of Selection under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.
  5. Quebec will conduct periodic draws, inviting candidates to apply for a Quebec certificate of selection (CSQ).
  6. Candidates receiving an invitation have 60 days to submit a full application.
  7. Approved candidates who receive a nomination certificate (CSQ) may then apply for Canadian permanent residence.

What Are the Requirements for Quebec Expression of Interest?

Candidates are ranked under many factors including education, work experience, age, language ability and time spent in Quebec. A valid job offer is also an important factor.

The qualifications of a candidate’s spouse or partner will also be considered.

Quebec publishes lists of High Demand Occupations and Areas of Training that could weigh considerably in the assessment.

According to the decision published on August 1 st , 2020, the first category refers to candidates who:

  • Have a validated job offer outside the Metropolitan Community of Montreal;
  • Have a validated job offer in the Metropolitan Community of Montreal;
  • Are currently living in Quebec AND:
    • They have a post-graduate work permit, obtained following the graduation from an eligible study program in Quebec (diploma attesting at least 900 hours of instruction, diploma of collegial studies attesting at least 12 months of full-time studies, undergraduate degree of at least 12 months of full-time studies, or graduate degrees such as masters, specialized graduate diplomas or PhDs); or
    • They have a work permit with a validity of at least 12 months and they have worked in Quebec full-time for at least 6 months.

These candidates will be ranked based on the following criteria:

  1. Age
  2. Level of education
  3. Diploma obtained in Quebec
  4. Proficiency in French
  5. Proficiency in other languages
  6. Work experience in Canada or in the United States
  7. Spouse/common-law partner’s qualifications: level of education and proficiency in the French language.
  8. Transferability skills:
    1. Level of education with French proficiency (either the main applicant’s or the spouse’s, depending on which score is highest)
    2. Level of education with French proficiency and work experience in Canada or US
    3. Foreign work experience with French proficiency
    4. Foreign work experience with French proficiency and work experience in Canada or US

The second category refers to candidates who are not residing in Quebec. They will be ranked on the following criteria:

  1. Age
  2. Level of education
  3. Are of training in-demand, as published by the government
  4. Diploma obtained in Quebec
  5. Proficiency in French
  6. Proficiency in other languages
  7. Work experience in Canada or in the United States
  8. Spouse/common-law partner’s qualifications: level of education and proficiency in the French language.
  9. Transferability skills:
    1. Level of education with French proficiency (either the main applicant’s or the spouse’s, depending on which score is highest)
    2. Level of education with French proficiency and work experience in Canada or US
    3. Foreign work experience with French proficiency
    4. Foreign work experience with French proficiency and work experience in Canada or US

What Points Are Available Under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

Quebec has not yet published the points structure of the selection criteria above.

However, candidates selected to apply for a CSQ under the Quebec Skilled worker program must also pass the threshold for the Selection factors, which is 50 points for a single candidate and 59 points for a married candidate.

Selection factors in the point gr >

Profile factor Max points available Education 14 Areas of training 12 Work experience 8 Age 16 Language proficiency 22 Time spent and family in Quebec 8 Spouse/common-law partner 17 Job offer 14 Accompanying children 8 Financial self-sufficiency 1

What are the new processing times?

The Quebec governments promise that under the new system the processing times will decrease from 32 months to less than 12 months.

Candidates who have received their CSQ must ask for permanent residence to the federal government, where new processing times apply.

Новая программа иммиграции в Канаду — Expression of Interest

С января 2015 года вводится новая система отбора потенциальных иммигрантов.

Процесс будет идти в два этапа.

Желающие получить статус Постоянного Жителя Канады (Permanent Resident) должны «выразить интерес» к иммиграции в Канаду. Для этого потенциальному иммигранту нужно будет предоставить о себе информацию, аналогичную профессиональному резюме, после чего ждать пока им заинтересуется канадские работодатели или власти какой-либо из Канадских провинций.

Получив предложение на работу, потенциальный иммигрант может уже подавать полное иммиграционного дело на получение статуса Постоянного Жителя Канады.

Если в течение года никто не заинтересуется, нужно будет подавать новое заявление — «Expression of Interest».

Более подробная информация будет предоставлена перед началом действия программы.

Canada Express Entry

What is Express Entry System of Canada Immigration?

Express entry is a point based online Immigration System of Canada, launched by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC (then CIC), in January 2015. Canadian government invite the skilled and talented people from overseas to submit their EOI profile in Canada Express Entry System. Subsequently, the IRSS assess the submitted profiles based on the points scored by them for six key selection factors. It manages the applications received for Permanent Residence (PR) in its below economic immigration programs, i.e.

The selected applicants get the Invitation to Apply for Canadian permanent residency from IRCC.

What are the Six Selection factors of Express Entry System?

The IRCC selects the skilled immigrants through its point based system that allocates points to the registered candidates, based on their key profile factors, i.e.

  • Age-The age of an applicant is a crucial selection factorin Express Entry Canada.You get maximum points for age factor, especially when you are in age group 18-35. However, the points start decreasing with increase in age, though, you can still apply if your point score is high enough based on other factors.
  • Education– Decent Educational qualification (minimum graduate) is essential to earn good points for Canada PR in express entry
  • Work Experience- A good work experience (minimum 3 years) can help you win decent points.
  • Language Proficiency– Language proficiency is need to be proved in English or French by providing the language test result, i.e. IELTS with good band score (minimum band 6). Higher proficiency will get you greater points for language factor.
  • Adaptability-Past experience or education in Canada, of applicant orhis/her spousecan help win valuable points.
  • Arranged Employment– Although not obligatory, however if you have a job offer from Canada, it can get you some key immigration points in Canada’s Federal Express Entry System.

What is minimum point’s requirement in Express Entry System?

If you want to confirm your points or eligibility for express entry system, click on the ‘Apply for Canada express entry’ button below.

Provinces and territories are also allowed to view and choose the candidates from the Express Entry system for their Provincial Nominee Program to meet the local labour market needs accordingly. Let’s find out about the key eligibility requirements of the express entry system.

Canada Express Entry eligibility Criteria

The key express entry eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Provide the score results of the language test. The language tests results are valid for two years and
  • Overseas applicants need to show their Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report lists parallel to the Canadian education. ECA’s are valid for five years.
  • A candidate need to apply online in Express entry and submit EOI
  • Need to score minimum 67 points based on their profile factors (i.e. age, education, language proficiency, etc.) to become eligible to apply via express entry system
  • Provide the health and character certifications once ITA (invitation to apply) for PR visa is issued.

As you are now aware about the key requirements of express entry system, now it’s time to know more about the periodic Express entry draws.

Latest Canada Express entry Draw-2020?

The Canada Express Entry Draw every fortnight to choose the top ranking candidates for issuance of invitation to apply for Permanent Residence (PR)visa. For every express entry draw, CRS Score requirement OR Express Entry Cut off is announced. The candidates, who meet or exceed the cut off marks, becomes eligible to receive ITA from IRCC.

You may visit the Latest Express Entry Draw 2020 page on Visas Avenue website to see the latest draw results of express entry system.

Latest Updates: 17 th express entry draw of the year 2020 is out to invite 3,600 candidates and CRS score requirement for the draw is 463 points

What is Canada Express entry minimum Points Requirements?

The Express entry system has two staged points’ criteria. At first, you need to score eligibility points, i.e. 67 out of 100 under Federal skilled worker Program (FSWP) of the EE System based on the mentioned keys selection factors, i.e. age, education, work experience, language skills, etc. of FSW immigration points calculator. If you are not able to score the minimum points, under FSW category, you won’t be able to apply Canada PR through express entry system.

Once you have scored the eligibility points and qualified for the EE system as applicant, you will reach Express Entry pool of Candidates, where your EOI profile will be assessed and you will get CRS Point score, based on the similar selection factors.

The Candidates submitting their EOI (Expression of Interest) in Express Entry pool are given points for their each profile detail, i.e. qualification, work experience, language proficiency, age, etc. based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The cumulative of these points forms a CRS Score of the candidate. The Candidates with top CRS score are selected by IRCC in its periodic Express Entry draws.

To calculate your points against Canada Express entry point’s requirements, you may refer to Canada CRS Point calculator. Here is how you can apply in the express entry system.

Latest Express Entry Rule Changes 2020

Find below the Express Entry Rule Changes applicable in 2020:

  • ECA Evaluation fees updated

Starting 1st January, 2020, the cost of ECA evaluation from WES has been increase to $220 CAD.However, the new fees does not include delivery fees or a 13% Harmonized Sales Tax. The ECA is an important documents required to create profile in Express Entry System.

  • IRCC updated its Multiyear Immigration Plan of Canada

The IRCC has updated Canada’s Multiyear Immigration Plan (2020-2021) to extend it till year 2021. As per the updated plan, Canada will accept more than one million immigrants by 2021 as permanent residents. Moreover, the IRCC will raise its annual immigration target to 350,000 by the year 2021.

  • Alberta -Express Entry stream launched

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) started its Express Entry aligned stream in August 2020. The first draw of the AINP- Express entry stream held on August 8, 2020. The candidates applying in new EE stream of AINP, need to have their profile registered in Federal Express Entry System.

  • Saskatchewan PNP hasIntroduced new EOI System

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) has replaced its old first come, first served system with new EOI (Expression of Interest) based system for its Express Entry and Occupation in Demand Subcategory, with effect from July 16, 2020. The first draw of EOI system occurred on 21 st August 2020.The candidates applying in the EE stream of SINP, need to have their profile registered in Federal Express Entry System.

  • OINP- Express entry stream- minimum CRS score requirement rule changed

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program has announced the change in the minimum CRS score requirement rule for its Express Entry stream. Earlier, applicants needed to have minimum 400 CRS points to apply in the Express Entry stream of OINP. However, now, the minimum CRS score requirement for every EE draw will be decided by the PNP director only. After the announcement, the OINP has accepted the applicants, even with CRS score below 400 mark with some conditions.

How to apply in express entry system of Canada?

You may follow the process below to apply in express entry system of Canada. The Express Entry system has two key steps, i.e.

Step 1) Potential candidates complete an online Express Entry profile. Qualified candidates are placed in a pool.

The prospective candidates need to complete an online express entry profile where they are asked to provide their Skills,Work experience,Language ability,Education andOther details needed by the IRCC for assessment.

Those who meet the criteria for one of the federal immigration programs subject to above get accepted into a pool of candidates.

  • Candidates will be assessed against others within the pool, and be ranked based on criteria that are known to come up with a newcomer’s economic success in Canada.
  • Only the highest-ranked candidates, and those with valid offers or provincial/territorial nominations, will be invited to apply for permanent residence.
  • Anyone who does not have the offer supported by a Labour Market Impact Assessment or a nomination from a province then they must register themselves with the Employment and Social Development Canada.
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Step 2) the highest-ranking candidates in the pool will be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Candidates will be graded against others in the pool using a point’s based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System. Points will be awarded on the basis of the information provided in their profiles, i.e. Age, qualification, work experience, language proficiency, etc. Candidates with the highest scores in the pool will be issued an Invitation to Apply.

A candidate gets additional points for:

  • A nomination by a Canadian province or territory.

If a Candidate is selected for ITA in any of the Express Entry Draws

If someone is invited to apply, they will have 60 days to submit an online application for the permanent residence. The IRCC will process the best part of complete permanent residence applications received in six months or less. Candidates can stay in the pool for up to 12 months. In case they do not get an invitation to Apply for permanent residence within the 12 months of submitting an express entry profile, they have to submit a new profile.

How Visas Avenue can help you apply for PR via Express Entry System?

If you choose to apply for Canadian PR via express entry through Visas Avenue Immigration, you are assured of getting thorough assistance and support in the following:

  • Full guidance to meet the documentation requirements for the Canada FSW programs,
  • Providing guidance on Educational Credential Assessment,
  • Inform the clients with up to date PNP details.

With the dedicated team of immigration specialists Visas Avenue provides its clients best support and assistance to secure their PR visa and move abroad. You may contact the experts at Visas Avenue on Toll Free No. 78-18-000-777, you may also fill the free assessment form to receive the call back from the Visas Avenue visa and immigration expert.

Disclaimer: Visas Avenue does not deal in any type of job or job assistance services.

New Brunswick’s Express Entry stream reopens to Expressions of Interest November 28 reopening follows Express Entry Labour Market Stream’s temporary closure in September

November 28, 2020 by CIC News

New Brunswick is now accepting Expressions of Interest to its Express Entry-linked immigration stream.

New Brunswick’s Provincial Nominee Program, the NBPNP, reopened its Express Entry Labour Market Stream November 28 to eligible Express Entry candidates after closing it temporarily in September.

The stream allows New Brunswick to nominate eligible candidates in the federal Express Entry system for Canadian permanent residence.

The federal Express Entry system manages the pool of candidates for Canada’s three Federal High Skilled economic immigration programs — the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class.

Express Entry candidates with a provincial nomination from New Brunswick receive an additional 600 points toward their Express Entry ranking score, which effectively guarantees an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

The NBPNP specified five criteria that Express Entry candidates must meet in order to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) during this latest opening.

Those criteria are:

  • The applicant has an Express Entry profile and a valid Express Entry profile number and Job Seeker validation code;
  • The applicant is currently living and working in New Brunswick, and submits a letter of employment from the employer along with their EOI;
  • The National Occupational Classification code for their current job is for an occupation rated NOC Level 0, A, or B, and this code must be included with the EOI;
  • The applicant has valid language test scores equivalent to CLB 7 in all four language competencies and submits a pdf copy of these test results with the EOI;
  • The applicant has a valid Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) that attests to a minimum equivalent of a Canadian high school diploma, and submits a pdf copy of the ECA with their EOI.

The NBPNP said only candidates who meet all five criteria should submit an EOI. Submissions that do not meet all five criteria will be rejected.

The NBPNP’s update did not mention work experience in a priority occupation, which has been a requirement in previous Express Entry openings.

An EOI is not an application but rather serves as a declaration of one’s desire to be considered by the NBPNP for a provincial nomination.

Interested candidates create a profile and complete the required information, including details on the education, work experience and proficiency in English or French, among other factors.

Profiles that score at least 67 points on the NBPNP’s points grid are then entered into the EOI pool of candidates.

The NBPNP says profiles are ranked as follows:

• Highest score;
• Evidence of training and experience in a high priority sector as determined by the province;
• Demonstrated ability to become economically established in the Province;
• The high likelihood of contributing to the provincial labour market and economy in a positive way.

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How Express Entry works?

Express Entry is a system to organize and process applications for people who wish to immigrate to Canada and acquire Canadian permanent residence . Express Entry is used to process the majority of Canadian immigration applications for skilled and qualified workers who want to come to Canada.

Getting Started with Express Entry

If you have not yet been assessed for Express Entry, start off by checking your eligibility with our free assessment:

Express Entry is an application management system for three major Canadian economic immigration programs:

If you are eligible to apply to any of these programs, you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), often referred to as a profile, to the Express Entry system. Once your profile is submitted, you are automatically assigned a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score.

Approximately every two weeks, the Canadian government conducts a draw where they issue invitations to apply (ITAs) for Canadian permanent residence to the highest-ranking profiles in the pool of Express Entry candidates.

Upon receiving an ITA, candidates can then submit a complete application for Canadian permanent residence, which will be processed within four to six months.

If you are eligible for Express Entry and you want more information about how to apply, check out our guide for Express Entry candidates. If you have already received an Invitation to Apply (ITA), please refer to our guide for completing your ITA application for permanent residence.

Express Entry FAQ

Am I eligible for Express Entry?

In order to check your eligibility for one of the three Express Entry programs, please start by consulting the Express Entry Requirements . If you meet these requirements, you can check to see if you meet the additional program requirements for Federal Skilled Worker , Federal Skilled Trades , and Canadian Experience Class . Canadim also offers an online assessment tool to check your eligibility for various Express Entry programs.

How long does Express Entry take?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) states that 80% of applications for permanent residency submitted through Express Entry are processed within 6 months of receipt. This refers to the application submitted once an applicant receives an ITA and prepares their official application for permanent residence.

This processing time does not account for the time it takes to prepare an Express Entry profile, apply for and receive a provincial nomination (if applicable), or receive an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence through an Express Entry draw .

How much does Express Entry cost?

Throughout the Express Entry process, there are several layers of cost a candidate can expect.

  • Documentation: Certain documents will be required, including language proficiency tests, educational credentials, police reports, medical exams, certified translations, etc. Obtaining these documents may incur a cost at the applicant’s expense.
  • Government Processing Fees: The Canadian government charges fees in order to process permanent resident applications and prepare permanent resident documentation. Government Processing Fees

This does not include fees which may be associated with certain Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) applications. This also does not include fees associated with the use of a law firm or certified immigration consultant’s services for support in the application process.

What are my chances of success through Express Entry?

A person’s chances of success through any of the Express Entry programs depends on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. If a candidate is close to, or above, the minimum CRS score cut-off for recent Express Entry draws , then they will likely be competitive in the Express Entry system. That said, it is impossible to predict how the CRS score will fluctuate in the future.

No lawyer or consultant can guarantee that a person will successfully receive permanent residence through the Express Entry system. The application process is lengthy, complex, and constantly changing, and approval is at the discretion of IRCC so there is always a risk that an applicant may not receive permanent residence.

How do I make my CRS score higher?

There are several options for increasing a person’s CRS score . To learn more about such options, please consult with Canadim’s CRS calculator and guidelines for improving CRS ranking !

Can my family come with me through Express Entry?

Express Entry programs allow applicants to apply individually, or accompanied by their spouse or common-law partner and dependent children. Choosing to include, or not include, family members may affect a person’s CRS score slightly.

What documents do I need for Express Entry?

The required documents vary depending on the program through which a person is applying. An applicants should be prepared to provide valid travel documents, ideally a passport, as well as results from an approved language test for English or French. For more detailed document requirements please consult the individual program requirements.

Do I need to take the IELTS for Express Entry?

All Express Entry candidates must demonstrate proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages, either English or French. To do this, they must provide results from an approved language test taken within the previous two years.

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Minimum Points for Express Entry Canada 2020

Minimum Score For Express Entry Canada 2020?

Express Entry Canada qualification is resolved utilising a one of a kind point-based framework called the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The Canada Express Entry CRS is intended to distinguish potential foreigners that are probably going to succeed monetarily once living in Canada.

To do as such successfully, the Express Entry CRS grants points for components that Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) have found to correspond emphatically with future financial accomplishment for new migrants to Canada. These Canadian Express Entry eligibility factors incorporate age, dimension of instruction, French or English language proficiency, just as past work involvement in Canada.

Any individual who meets the prerequisites of the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class or Federal Skilled Trades Program is qualified to make an Express Entry profile. There is no base score for Canada Express Entry qualification. Just planned migrants with enough Express Entry points will be welcome to apply for Canadian perpetual residency, in any case.

To help decide your Express Entry qualification score, we have given the nitty gritty Comprehensive Ranking System equation underneath. When you have determined what number of Express Entry scores you are qualified for, you can contrast this number with the base CRS required from the most recent Canada Express Entry draw. In the event that your Express Entry CRS score is close or over the base required points from the most recent draw, you are likely an exceptionally aggressive hopeful. On thechance that your Express Entry score is altogether beneath the base cutoff score from past draws, nonetheless, your odds of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for residency in Canada might be frail.

Minimum Points Required to Qualify for Express Entry

The least Comprehensive Ranking System CRS score for an Invitation to Apply for Canada Permanent Residency (PR) continues changing according to each new welcome occasion. In the last welcome which was discharged on 19 December 2020, the base score was 439 CRS.

Most of competitors in the pool have scores under 400, however no draw cut-off for the sum total of what applicants has been lower than 400, and there hasn’t been a cut-off lower than 430 out of a draw open to all hopefuls since May of 2020 (that is eighteen months prior at this point). So, Minimum score required for Express Entry is 430 out of 1200.

The draws used to top out at a limit of 3,000 competitors yet since the mid year the draws have been higher with the draws this pre-winter at 3,900 applicants, just a couple of hopefuls beneath the unequalled high.

Given what number of draws has been close to the record, it’s sensible to speculate that the draws will is this high far into 2020. So essentially, if there are no less than 3,900 hopefuls in the pool with scores higher than your own, you need a superior score. You deserve to make sense of how you get in excess of 450.

Eligibility for Express Entry Canada 2020

In the event that you are arranging moving to Canada, you are in all likelihood utilizing or going to utilize Express Entry, the manner in which skilled individuals moves to Canada.

Express Entry is an electronic application program issued by Immigration, Refugees and citizenship Canada (IRCC) for gifted workers who need Canada residency via PR visa. In this framework, a base far reaching positioning framework score (CRS) has fixed for qualifying express entry draw. On the chance that your exhaustive positioning framework score (CRS) is equivalent to or more than that fixed least thorough positioning framework score (CRS), at that point you fit the bill for further advances.

Hopefuls scoring not exactly the base far reaching Comprehensive Ranking score (CRS) are viewed as not met all requirements for express entry. So in case that you need residency in Canada, you have to qualify express entry first to continue further.

In view of the extensive CRS, each hopeful gets his position in express entry draw. In the wake of positioning, solicitations to apply or ITAs are sent to applicants who qualified the draw.

For planned skilled individuals, the express entry will result in quicker handling occasions. It will likewise make it less demanding for contender to verify an occupation before they touch base, by encouraging matches with Canadian firms.

Canada Express Entry Minimum Points:

The Express Entry program has been intended to choose the most commendable cand >These are:

  • Age
  • Language Proficiency
  • Qualification
  • Work Experience
  • Employment in Canada
  • Adaptability

These variables when taken together choose whether a candidate is qualified for getting a PR or not. You have to score at least 67 out of a limit of 100 to fit the bill for migration.

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Qualification for Canada Express Entry Program

In spite of the fact that the program is open for every outside worker, and the legislature of Canada additionally energetically welcomes every one of the foreigners so they can turn into a piece of its economy there. Nonetheless, every candidate needs to satisfy the fixed qualification criteria. As expressed above, IRCC, the overseeing assortment of Canada controls this program dependent on the CRS framework.

    There is a measure of at least 67 points out of 100, to wind up qualified for the application procedure. Just the high-scored cand >How many IELTS Points Required for express entry Canada 2020

To pick up a Canadian visa, you should show your English capacities to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

IELTS is one of the world’s most well known high-stakes English language tests, with more than 3 million tests taken in the previous year. Also, it’s the English trial of decision for instructive associations, proficient affiliations and managers crosswise over Canada.

Truth be told, all colleges and schools in Canada acknowledge IELTS, just as every expert affiliation that have set least language prerequisites for expert enrolment.

What score do you need in IELTS for Canada Immigration?

The IELTS score you need relies upon the necessities of your visa, and the association where you intend to study or work. So for Express Entry Profile you need to score 8,777 Band i.e CLB 9 and for PNP Program you have to score atleast 6 bands in each.

IELTS surveys your English capability on a scale from 1– 9 of every four aptitudes: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. You have a decision of two tests – IELTS Academic or IELTS General Training– relying upon the prerequisites set by the association where you intend to work or study.

Discover a test date

You can take an IELTS test in excess of 150 areas crosswise over India and Canada. There is a test centre in every area’s capital city and in numerous provincial urban communities.

Get ready for your test

Getting ready for your test is a vital piece of the procedure. Exploit our free assets to help improve your language and relational abilities. You can likewise arrange Official IELTS Practice Materials from us which incorporate examples of past Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking areas, complete with test answers and inspector remarks.

Are you an English speaker?

Local English speakers are likewise firmly encouraged to plan for the IELTS test. It is anything but difficult to feel pompous about the test when you have been utilizing English for your entire life. However, on the chance that you need to accomplish the most ideal score for your test, you have to acquaint yourself with the test position. IELTS is more than everyday used English language for day to day activities and communications. It actually studies how capable are you to survive in any English native country.

Summary of maximum Score per factor for Express Entry Candidates

Age (most extreme 110)

Canadian migration hopefuls entering the Express Entry pool without a mate or spouse/ accomplice are qualified for up to 110 under this paradigm of the Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System. Applicants with a companion or accomplice are qualified for up to 100.

Canada lean towards youthful outsiders, and forthcoming applicants in their twenties get the most points under this qualification factor. Potential settlers who are 45 years old or more seasoned don’t get any Express Entry CRS for their age.

Express Entry Age Points Grid

CRS – A. Core / human capital factors

  • With a spouse or common-law partner: Maximum 460 points total for all factors.
  • Without a spouse or common-law partner: Maximum 500 points total for all factors.
Age With a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 100 points)
Without a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 110 points)
17 years of age or less
18 years of age 90 99
19 years of age 95 105
20 to 29 years of age 100 110
30 years of age 95 105
31 years of age 90 99
32 years of age 85 94
33 years of age 80 88
34 years of age 75 83
35 years of age 70 77
36 years of age 65 72
37 years of age 60 66
38 years of age 55 61
39 years of age 50 55
40 years of age 45 50
41 years of age 35 39
42 years of age 25 28
43 years of age 15 17
44 years of age 5 6
45 years of age or more

Dimension of Education (greatest 150 points)

Canada is extremely keen on pulling in profoundly instructed migrants. This Canada Express Entry qualification factor rewards imminent migrants who have fantastic instructive capabilities.

Accomplished workers that don’t have a life partner or spouse/ accomplice can be granted upwards of 150 points under this segment. Express Entry hopefuls keen on moving to Canada with a mate or precedent-based law accomplice can acquire up to 140. Applicants who have not moved on from secondary school get zero Express Entry scores under this segment.

Express Entry Education Points Grid:

Express Entry Education Points Grid (without Spouse max 150)

Less than secondary school (high school) 0 points
Secondary diploma (high school graduation) 30 points
One-year degree, diploma or certificate from a university, college, trade or technical school, or other institute 90 points
2-year recognition from school, college, specialized or exchange school 98 points
Bachelor’s Degree or 3-year confirmation from school, college, specialized or exchange school 120 points
More than one degree, endorsement or confirmation (one must be for a 3-year or longer program) 128 points
Master’s degree 135 points
Proficient degree in dentistry, drug, law, optometry, drug store, veterinary medication or chiropractic prescription 135 points
Doctorate (PhD) 150 points

Language Proficiency (greatest 160)

While deciding Express Entry qualification, the capacity to impart in one of Canada’s legitimate dialects is imperative. English capability and French capability are resolved by four capacities: speaking, writing, listening and reading.

Every one of these capacities is similarly weighted under the Canada Express Entry qualification equation. Express Entry candidates without a companion or spouse/ accomplice are granted up to 34 points for every first language capacity, for an aggregate of 136 points.

Candidates with a companion can get up to 32 for every first language capacity, for a sum of 128. For the two kinds of candidates, every one of these language capacities is worth up to 6 points as a second language for an aggregate of 24 points. This implies it is conceivable to be granted up to 160 (136 + 24) under this Express Entry qualification factor as a forthcoming outsider without a life partner, while applicants with an accomplice are qualified for up to 150.

Express Entry First Language Proficiency Points Grid:

Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level per ability With a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 128 points)
Without a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 136 points)
Less than CLB 4
CLB 4 or 5 6 6
CLB 6 8 9
CLB 7 16 17
CLB 8 22 23
CLB 9 29 31
CLB 10 or more 32 34

Express Entry Second Language Proficiency Points Grid:

Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level per ability With a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 22 points)
Without a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 24 points)
CLB 4 or less
CLB 5 or 6 1 1
CLB 7 or 8 3 3
CLB 9 or more 6 6

Canadian Work Experience (most extreme 80 points)

Past work involvement in Canada can expand the likelihood of another migrant prevailing in their vocation, and is thusly a vital factor while computing Canada Express Entry qualification. Candidates with a mate or spouse/ accomplice are qualified for up to 70 points for this Comprehensive Ranking System segment, while those with no companion or accomplice are qualified for upwards of 80 points.

Express Entry Canada Work Experience Points Grid:

Canadian work experience With a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 70 points)
Without a spouse or common-law partner
(Maximum 80 points)
None or less than a year
1 year 35 40
2 years 46 53
3 years 56 64
4 years 63 72
5 years or more 70 80

Skills Transferability (greatest 100 points)

The Canada Express Entry eligibility score of candidates with abilities that move well into Canadian culture can pick up to 100 points under this classification. There are an assortment of alternatives accessible under this Express Entry CRS part, every value as much as 50 points, yet the Express Entry ability transfer-ability factor is immovably topped at 100 eligibility points.

Extra Points (most extreme 600)

Contender for migration to Canada who are entering the Express Entry pool can pick up a critical increment to their all out CRS score by being assigned by a Canada Provincial Nominee Program, getting a passing masterminded activity offer or having moved on from a post-optional instructive foundation in Canada. This Express Entry Canada qualification segment grants contender for Canadian migration a limit of 600, so a nomination and a certified occupation offer or Canadian certificate can never be consolidated for a CRS increment of in excess of 600 points.

Different Factors Additional Points Grid:

Additional points Maximum 600 points
Brother or sister living in Canada who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada 15
Scored NCLC 7 or higher on all four French language skills and scored CLB 4 or lower in English (or didn’t take an English test) 15
Scored NCLC 7 or higher on all four French language skills and scored CLB 5 or higher on all four English skills 30
Post-secondary education in Canada – credential of one or two years 15
Post-secondary education in Canada – credential three years or longer 30
Arranged employment – NOC 00 200
Arranged employment – any other NOC 0, A or B 50
Provincial or territorial nomination 600

Subtotal: D. Additional points – Maximum 600 points

So as to acquire an Express Entry Canada qualification score over 600, applicants need a nomination from a province, a fitting occupation offer or a Canadian training.

Changes made to the Express Entry positioning framework in November 2020 diminished the quantity of scores granted for employment offers with a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Beforehand, LMIA bolstered work offers could grant a competitor with an extra 600, and practically a large portion of the Express Entry applicants who get an ITA for PR in 2015 had a LMIA-based qualified business course of action.

Lacking at your score?

When you have your score, you will almost certainly decide whether it is over the base bar set by the Canadian movement office (IRCC) or not. On the chance that your scores are underneath the required number, at that point you may need to enhance certain elements to acquire focuses. Here are some speedy and successful methods for upgrading your feasibility as a worker to Canada:

Increment your Language Proficiency: While you just need a CLB7 score in the IELTS test to fit the bill for migration, you can really inspire an a lot higher score to get extra points. The most extreme number of scores you can get is 24 which can be accomplished with a CLB10 score or more. So you should look over your English semantic abilities so as to score the most extreme and get a lift in your point weightage. Also, you can get extra point from your companion in the event that she/he gets a score above CLB4. Your application can get an extra 4 from this.

Improve your Educational Qualifications: While the greatest numbers of scores are accessible for PhDs, you can in any case get extra points by having a Master’s certificate in your field. In case that you don’t have a graduate degree while applying for migration to Canada, you can generally get one and improve your migration shots.

Improve your Work Experience: You can get the most extreme measure of scores by having a work involvement of more than 6 years however this isn’t feasible for some individuals. So the perfect points you can have is by having more than 3 years of working knowledge.

List of records, required for Canada Express Entry program:

When a candidate qualifies the qualification criteria, he/she needs to present some fundamental records for Express Entry program including:

    International >Advantages for Canada Express Entry Program:

The applications which are sent to the government for assessment through Express Entry program can be straightforwardly welcomed for PR visa after determination. Being a Federal visa framework, it offers a few advantages including:

Complete opportunity for settlement:

When the candidate gets fit the bill for PR visa through Entry Express program, at that point he/she is qualified to live or settle anyplace in Canada.

The quickest method to get Canada PR visa:

Among other significant projects, specialists trust this is an ideal method to achieve your lala land. The screening method for these applications happens inside a half year as it were.

Point-based progression:

In view of the complete positioning framework called the CRS system, the Express Entry program assesses and positions the applications. With no predisposition, each application is handled and positioned by age, instructive foundation, working background, flexibility, and then some.

Handling time for Canada express section program:

All things considered, the base time frame for assessment and choice of utilizations through Canada Express Entry program is 5-6 months. Being a Federal visa program, it is snappier than different PNPs.

All the qualified applications are put in the Express Entry pool and looked at without fail, the draw led. Finally, the high-scoring application gets chose and get a invitation to apply (ITA) from the Canada overseeing body, IRCC.

Evaluated expenses for Canada Express Entry program:

Notwithstanding preparing time and documentation, the budgetary structure likewise considers as a part of key components. A hopeful should be monetarily steady, not exclusively to meet qualification prerequisite yet in addition to help him and his family till the time he doesn’t accomplish another work opportunity in Canada.

A general system of the charges is recorded underneath. Be that as it may, it might shift as per program or candidature’s points of view.

IELTS Fee Rs. 12,650 Approx
ECA Fee 285$ CAD Approx
Medical Fee 50 $ CAD
Primary Candidate Fee 550$CAD
Secondary Candidate Fee 550 $CAD
Dependent Fee 150 $CAD
Travelling Fee 400 $CAD
RPR Fee 490$CAD

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