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Canada Express Entry Invitations to Apply

What is Invitation to Apply?

An invitation to apply (also known as ITA) is a document issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC) to candidates in the Express Entry pool. Express Entry is not an immigration program in itself, but rather a system used by IRCC) to select candidates for immigration to Canada using one of many economic immigration programs. See the following links:

Express Entry candidates who appear to meet the minimum entry criteria (MEC) and have registered with Job Bank, if applicable, are automatically entered into the Express Entry pool. Once in the pool, candidates are eligible to be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the program(s) whose requirements they appear to meet based on the self-declared information in their profile.

The ITA is an auto-generated correspondence issued to Express Entry candidates through their online account. The ITA is issued to candidates who rank the highest in a round of invitations, based on their score in the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Candidates with a provincial or territorial nomination certificate are awarded an additional 600 points in the CRS and are normally invited to apply at the next round of invitations to which they are eligible.

With an Invitation to Apply, a candidate may apply for Canadian permanent residence, with processing times of six months or less.

What is included in the ITA?

The candidate will receive a message from IRCC indicating which skilled immigration program they should apply under and how to apply for permanent residence.

The ITA invites the candidate to apply under a specific class (i.e., FSWC, FSTC, CEC or PNC). A candidate cannot apply under a class other than the one specified in their ITA, even when the candidate appears to be eligible for multiple classes.

The ITA includes the following chart, which outlines how the candidate’s points were calculated in the CRS at the time of the round of invitations:

Express Entry criteria Your Score
CRS – Human Capital – Age ###
CRS – Human Capital – Level of Education ###
CRS – Human Capital – First Official Language Proficiency ###
CRS – Human Capital – Second Official Language Proficiency ###
CRS – Human Capital – Canadian Work Experience ###
CRS – Spouse – Level of Education ###
CRS – Spouse – First Official Language Proficiency ###
CRS – Spouse – Canadian Work Experience ###
CRS – Skill Transferability – Education ###
CRS – Skill Transferability – Foreign Work Experience ###
CRS – Skill Transferability – Certificate of Qualification ###
CRS – Arranged Employment ###
CRS – Provincial or Territorial Nomination ###
Your overall points score ###

NOTE: Receiving an ITA does not automatically guarantee permanent residence. After receiving an ITA, an applicant must submit a fully completed application for permanent residence. The application will be accepted or rejected depending on whether or not the applicant meets relevant criteria.

Applicants who receive an ITA may be asked to prove that the information they entered into their Express Entry profile is accurate. If it is found that the applicant gave false information in his or her profile, the application will be refused and the applicant may be subject to further punishment such as:

  • Being deemed inadmissible to Canada
  • Being barred from entering Canada in any way for five years

Deadline for responding to an ITA

Upon receipt of an ITA, a candidate has 60 calendar days to do one of the following:

  • Submit a complete application for permanent residence (APR) in their online account. This includes providing all supporting documentation up front.
  • Decline the ITA in their online account, if the candidate is not ready to apply within 60 calendar days of receiving the ITA or if they believe that a change in their circumstance has made them ineligible to be invited. In this case, the candidate’s profile will become “active” in the pool for the remaining days of the profile’s validity and the candidate will be considered for future rounds of invitations, as long as they continue to meet the MEC.

If the candidate does not respond to the ITA (i.e., the candidate does not submit a complete APR within 60 calendar days of receiving the ITA and does not formally decline the ITA within this delay), the ITA will expire and the candidate will no longer be in the Express Entry pool. To re-enter the pool, the candidate must submit a new profile in their online account and be assessed for the MEC at that time.

Note: It is the candidate’s responsibility to check their online account frequently. IRCC does not grant extensions to the 60-calendar-day deadline for submitting a complete APR. Where candidates claim they did not check their online account or read their ITA letter, this is not a valid reason for an extension.

What You Can Do During 60-Day

During the 60-day period, it is recommended that applicants be sure to complete the following:

1. Check Language Test Results

Applicants should check to make sure that their language test results will still be valid on the day that they submit their permanent residence application. Language test results are valid for two years. If the test results will expire before application submission, applicants should either.

  • Be tested again, or
  • Make sure to submit their application before the results expire, or
  • Decline their invitation to apply

2. Get a police certificate

Permanent residence applicants must obtain a police certificate for themselves and all family members over 18. Further, each family member must get a police certificate from each country in which they lived for more than six months while older than 18. It may take a long time for these police certificates to be processed so applicants should begin obtaining the certificates as soon as possible.

3. Check program requirements

Once applicants have determined which skilled immigration program they will be applying under, they should confirm that they meet the requirements for that program.

For information on the Federal Skilled Worker Program requirements, click here. For information on the Federal Skilled Trade Program requirements, click here. For information on the Canada Experience Class requirements, click

4. Update Personal Information

If a candidate realizes after having been issued an ITA that their circumstance has changed or that the information in their profile, on the basis of which they were issued an ITA, is no longer accurate, the candidate is instructed to recalculate their CRS score using the Express Entry calculator on the IRCC website. Examples of changes in circumstance that can impact a CRS score are listed below.

Examples of change in circumstance that would impact a candidate’s CRS score

Changes that could increase a candidate’s CRS score:

  • Graduation from a higher level of schooling;
  • Reaching an additional year of Canadian work experience;
  • Obtaining a certificate of qualification
  • Improved language test scores.

Changes that could decrease a candidate’s CRS score:

  • New language test score sat a lower level (e.g., original scores expire and candidate retakes the test, with lower results);
  • Loss of a qualifying offer of arranged employment.

Change that could either increase or decrease a candidate’s CRS score:

  • Addition of a spouse or common-law partner, since an applicant’s CRS score may increase or decrease, depending on the spouse or partner’s own human capital.

Change for which candidates are not penalized for losing points:

  • Candidate’s birthday occurs after an ITA was issued (see the Exemption to section A11.2: candidates whose birthday occurs after they receive an ITAsection).

If an applicant applies for permanent residence and it is discovered that their score is no longer high enough, the application will be refused and the application fee will not be refunded. Changes that can lower an applicant’s score include:

  • The loss of a job offer
  • The loss of provincial nomination for permanent residence
  • Expired language test scores
  • New language test results that are lower than prior results

Note: Adding a spouse or common law partner can increase or decrease the applicant’s score based on the spouse or partner’s

  • Language skills
  • Education
  • Chances of becoming successfully established in Canada

For more information on Creating an Express Entry profile, click here.

5. Declining an Invitation to Apply

Declining an ITA does not, in and of itself, have a negative effect on an applicant’s chances of getting another ITA in the future. In some cases, applicants will be better served by declining their ITA. Applicants who decline their ITAs will be placed back in the pool of candidates as long as they are still eligible for the Express Entry system. While in the pool, applicants should be sure to keep their personal information up to date. Candidates in the pool should also seek opportunities to increase their Comprehensive Ranking Points Score score by:

  • Obtaining a job offer
  • Obtaining nomination for permanent residence by a provincial government
  • Improving their language test scores

For more information on improving your CRS score, click here. For more information on Provincial and Territorial Nominee Programs, click here.

As per the Express Entry Ministerial Instructions, candidates are encouraged to decline an ITA if their change in circumstance negatively impacts their eligibility such that they no longer meet the MEC of the federal immigration program to which they were invited to apply, or if their recalculated CRS score falls below the lowest ranked candidate in their round of invitations. Applicants who cannot provide proof of the information provided in their profile, on the basis of which they were invited to apply, will be refused on section A11.2 and assessed for misrepresentation. Cost recovery fees will not be refunded.

Приглашение на подачу документов для иммиграции в Канаду

С чего начать?


Система Express Entry: Приглашение на подачу документов для иммиграции.

Если вы, являясь кандидатом Express Entry, получили через эту систему официальное приглашение на подачу документов на иммиграцию (ITA), это означает, что канадское правительство готово рассматривать вас в качестве иммигранта. Теперь у вас и сопровождающих членов семьи появилась реальная возможность начать новую жизнь в Канаде.

Есть вам интересно посмотреть статистику по предыдущим отборам кандидатов через систему Express Entry, в частности, сколько приглашений отправлялось, какой был проходной балл, и по каким программам подавались кандидаты, получившие приглашения нажмите здесь.

Основные вопросы, связанные с приглашением на подачу документов (ITA):

Что такое Приглашение на подачу документов на постоянное место жительства в Канаде (Invitation To Apply for Canadian permanent residence)

Приглашение на подачу документов может получить любой кандидат, успешно зарегистрировавшийся в системе Express Entry, если он был отобран правительством Канады. Отбор осуществляется исходя из баллов, которые присваиваются системой Express Entry каждому кандидату. Чем выше ваш балл, тем более ценным кандидатом для Канады вы являетесь, и тем больше у вас шансов быть отобранным и получить приглашение (ITA).

Не нужно путать Приглашение на подачу документов на иммиграцию в Канаду (ITA) с регистрацией в системе Express Entry с провинциальной номинацией или с получением официального трудового договора от канадского работодателя. ITA – автоматическое письмо, которое отправляется отобранным кандидатам через их профайл в системе Express Entry.

Получить приглашение на подачу документов на иммиграцию могут только люди зарегистрированные в системе Express Entry. Чтобы успешно зарегистрироваться в этой системе, вы должны удовлетворять минимуму требований федеральной иммиграционной программы Канады, иначе ваша регистрация будет отклонена. После регистрации вы официально становитесь кандидатом на иммиграцию и попадаете в Express Entry pool, где Расширенная система оценки (Comprehensive Ranking System/CRS) присвоит вам определенное количество баллов. Система CRS оценивает кандидатов исходя из следующих критериев:

  • Ваши основные человеческие факторы (Сore human capital factors) – возраст, образование, языковые навыки
  • Основные человеческие факторы сопровождающего супруга, если имеется
  • Определенные комбинации опыта, образования и языковых навыков (Skill transferability factors)
  • Дополнительные факторы, связанные с провинциальной номинацией

Максимум баллов, который может быть присвоен системой, — 1200. Из них 600 можно получить только имея провинциальную номинацию. До 19 ноября 2020 года трудовой договор с канадским работодателем тоже давал дополнительные 600 баллов, но сейчас все изменилось.

В среднем два раза в месяц система Express Entry производит отбор кандидатов с достаточным количеством баллов и высылает им автоматическое приглашение на подачу документов (ITA). Проходной балл в данном случае гибок и варьируется из раза в раз. Достоверно можно сказать только одно – чем выше у вас балл, тем больше шансов быть отобранным и получить свое приглашение на иммиграцию буквально в ближайшие две недели.

Кандидаты, которые получили Приглашение ITA (Invitation To Apply for Canadian permanent residence), обязаны предоставить заявление, оплату за рассмотрение и следующие сопровождающие документы (все документы подаются онлайн):

  • Действующий паспорт
  • Свидетельство о рождении
  • Официальные результаты языкового теста
  • Документы, подтверждающие опыт работы
  • Справка об отсутствиисудимости
  • Подтверждение прохождения медицинского осмотра
  • Фотографии основного заявителя и сопровождающих членов семьи

В зависимости от иммиграционной программы и информации, указанной в профайле в системе Express Entry, следующие документы могут быть запрошены дополнительно:

  • Канадский диплом и оценка кредитов к нему
  • Письмо об аттестации
  • Официальный перевод диплома о послешкольном образовании/курсах
  • Аттестат средней школы
  • Письмо от канадского работодателя с подтверждением, что им было сделано официальное предложение о работе (job offer)
  • Подтверждение семейных отношений (в Канаде)
  • Доказательства выплаты денежных средств
  • Официальные документы, отражающие смену имени или даты рождения
  • Свидетельство о браке
  • Подписано официальное заявление о гражданском браке и документы, подтверждающие совместное проживание на срок не менее 12 месяцев
  • Свидетельство о разводе
  • Свидетельство о смерти супруга/супруги
  • Свидетельства о рождении детей
  • Бумаги по усыновлению/опекунству
  • Копия квалификационного сертификата, выданного канадской провинцией/территорией
  • Копии трудовых договоров и копии чеков, подтверждающие оплату
  • Документы, связанные с налоговой декларацией

Express Entry Job Offer

Express Entry Job Offer Overview

While possessing a job offer is not mandatory for those seeking to immigrate using the Express Entry system, applicants with an approved job offer in hand will have a greater chance of being invited to apply for permanent residence.

Applicants with an LMIA for employment as a senior manager (NOC 00) described under the National Occupational Code, will receive 200 points.

  • Applicants with an LMIA for employment under all other occupations described under the National Occupational Code (NOC 0, A and B), will receive 50 points.
  • Applicants working in Canada under an employer specific work permit backed by an existing LMIA, or providing significant benefit to Canada (Intra-Company Transferee); NAFTA or other international agreement, under an employer specific work permit and have accumulated at least 1-year of work experience; with a managerial skill level position (NOC OO), will receive 200 points.
  • Applicants working in Canada under an employer specific work permit backed by an existing LMIA, or providing significant benefit to Canada (Intra-Company Transferee); NAFTA or other international agreement, under an employer specific work permit and have accumulated at least 1-year of work experience; with a skill level position O, A, B under the National Occupational Code; Skilled Trade (NOC B), will receive 50 points.
  • Applicants who have received a job offer must add the following information to their Express Entry profiles:

    • Employer name and address
    • Start date of the job
    • Labour Market Impact Assessment number
    • National Occupation Classification code related to the job

    To find the National Occupation Classification code related to a given job, click here.

    Job offers under the three different skilled immigration programs are subject to different requirements.

    Job Offers under the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Canadian Experience Class

    A valid job offer under these programs must be:

    • For work that is continuous, paid and full time (at least 30 hours a week)
    • For work that is permanent and not seasonal
    • For work that falls under skill type 0 or skill level A or B of the National Occupation Classification.

    Applicants under these programs must also fulfill ONE of the following two conditions:

    1. The employer making the job offer has obtained a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment from Employment and Social Development Canada.
    2. The applicant is already working in Canada on a work permit that was issued based on a Labour Market Impact Assessment AND,
      1. The job falls under skill type 0 or skill level A or B of the National Occupation Classification.
      2. The applicant is working for the employer that is listed on his or her work permit.
      3. The applicant is authorized to work in Canada on the day he or she applies for permanent residence.
      4. The applicant will be authorized to work in Canada on the day that a potential permanent residence visa is issued.
      5. The applicant’s current employer has offered the applicant a full-time job should the applicant be accepted for permanent residence. The offer must be for at least one year and have the same three-digit National Occupation Classification Code as the applicant’s current job.

    For more information on the Federal Skilled Worker Program, click here.

    For more information on the Canada Experience Class Program, click here.

    Job Offers under the Federal Skilled Trade Program

    A valid job offer under the Federal Skilled Trade program must be:

    • Made by one employer or by two employers simultaneously
    • For continuous, full time work (at least 30 hours per week)
    • For work that will last at least one year
    • Be for work that falls under the, “Skilled Trade” section of the National Occupation Classification database. These jobs will have codes that start with the following numbers:
      • 72
      • 73
      • 82
      • 92
      • 632
      • 633

    Applicants under this program must also fulfill ONE of the following two conditions:

    1. The employer making the job offer has obtained a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment from Employment and Social Development Canada.
    2. The applicant is already working in Canada on a work permit that was issued based on a Labour Market Impact Assessment AND,
      1. The job is in a skilled trade (see section above).
      2. The applicant is working for the employer that is listed on his or her work permit.
      3. The applicant is authorized to work in Canada on the day he or she applies for permanent residence.
      4. The applicant will be authorized to work in Canada on the day that a potential permanent residence visa is issued.
      5. The applicant’s current employer has offered the applicant a full time job should the applicant be accepted for permanent residence.

    Other Requirements for All Applicants

    In order for a job offer to be valid, an applicant must be able to convince Canadian immigration officials that they are capable of performing the job that they have been offered. If the relevant job is regulated in Canada, the applicant must also be able to show that they will be able to obtain any required licenses or certifications upon arriving in Canada.

    Note: In Canada, the provincial governments are responsible for regulating trades and professions. Applicants are thus advised to contact the government of the specific province they wish to live in so that they can learn about relevant regulatory requirements.

    A job offer will be INVALID if it consists of work at:

    • An embassy in Canada
    • A high commission in Canada
    • A consulate in Canada

    Interested employers: Kindly contact us here to receive further information.

    Interested candidates: Find out whether you qualify to Canada by completing our free on-line evaluation. We will provide you with our evaluation within 1-2 business days.

    How to Immigrate to Canada Without Job Offer.

    Canada, no doubt has become a dreamland for almost everyone who wants to live and work abroad. On the other hand, Canada itself needs millions of talented expats to meet manpower shortage. Therefore, Canadian immigration have launched many immigration programs and still on the way to introduce more programs. Mostly Canada Immigration programs require a job offer whereas various program do not require any job offer. [ Read Also: Saskatchewan PNI Without Job Offer Big Update ]

    Job Offer For Canada Immigration:

    Job offer/employment offer means there is an employer or company willing to give you a job. In case of Canada, job offer is a requirement when you wan to apply for Canada’s work permit like Canada Seasonal Farm Worker or Temporary Foreign Worker work permit. [ Recommended : Read How to Get Canada Farm Worker Visa]

    Besides work permit of Canada, job offer is required to apply in many Canadian permanent residency programs. Canadian immigration offers many types of permanent residence streams which require a job offer. These are called employment offer streams.

    How to Immigrate to Canada Without Job Offer.

    Now-a-days, many people ask how they can immigrate to Canada without a job offer. As sa >Read Also : New Zealand Seasonal Work Visa]

    What are the Ways to Immigrate to Canada Without a Job Offer?

    You can apply in various immigration programs of Canada without any job offer or employment offer. You can apply in express entry as well as Canada PNP without job offer. Express entry is a program of federal government whereas PNP or provincial nominee programs are offered by provincial and territorial governments of Canada. Both federal and provincial programs have some streams or categories where you can apply without job offer. The list of some programs is as follows where you can apply as a skilled worker without job offer:

    1. Express Entry Program.
      • You can apply in Federal Skilled Worker Program as a skilled worker. You do not need any job offer to be eligible to apply. Express Entry program is being run under Federal Government of Canada.
    2. Alberta Express Entry Stream:
      • Albert provincial nominee program is very popular due to its easy eligibility criteria. Alberta immigration selects candidates from federal express entry. You cannot apply for Alberta express entry stream directly without invitation. You have to create your express entry profile first and show your permanent interest in Alberta province in your express entry profile. If you have a score minimum 300 (CRS) in express entry profile, your profile may be considered by Alberta immigration. Alberta invites limited number of express entry candidates for nomination. Once nomination is granted, express entry score of candidate jumps high due to addition 600 score of Alberta nomination. Finally, an ITA (invitation to apply) is issued to candidate and he can apply for permanent residency of Canada at IRCC.
      • Check Your Express Entry Score:
        Submit Express Entry Profile:
        Alberta Express Entry Website:
    3. Saskatchewan PNP.
      • Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Program is operated by provincial government of Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan PNP is very popular among foreigners because it has requirements which are easier to meet as compare to other immigration programs. You can apply without job offer as a skilled worker in the following two streams of Saskatchewan PNP or SINP:
      • International Skilled Worker: Occupation in Demand Stream and
      • International Skilled Worker: Express Entry Stream. [ Recommended :Read All About Saskatchewan PNP]
    4. Nova Scotia PNP.
      • Provincial Nominee Program of Nova Scotia Province where you can apply without job offer. As a skilled worker the following two streams are available for you under Nova Scotia PNP
      • Nova Scotia Demand: express entry Category B and
      • Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities Stream.
    5. Ontario PNP.
      • This is one of the immigration programs of Ontario province. As a skilled worker, you can immigrate to Canada through “Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream”.
    6. Manitoba PNP.
      • Provincial nominee program by Manitoba province of Canada, allows you to apply in “skilled workers overseas category”. You do not need any job offer to be eligible for this program.
    7. Prince Edward Islan PNP.
      • Canadian Immigration Program offered by Canada’s province Prince Edward Island. You can apply in “Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream” without any job offer.
    8. Quebec Immigration.
      • Quebec immigration also allows you to apply as a skilled worker in “Quebec Skilled Worker Program”.

    Canada Immigration Eligibility Without Job Offer:

    Now you have a list of Canadian immigration programs where you can apply without a job offer letter from Canada. These are actually points based systems. It means when you apply in federal express entry or any of PNP programs, the Canadian immigration assesses your profile or your qualifications. They give points against each of your qualifications. If you are successful in achieving required points, Canadian immigration sends an “Invitation to apply (ITAs)” to you. Then you can apply for Canadian permanent residency. This is actually a summery how these programs work. You should check official website of Canadian immigration to know the exact details like requirements, application fee, eligibility criteria and application process.

    Usually the following factors are assessed in order to award you points for Canadian Immigration:

    • Age
    • Education
    • Experience
    • Language Proficiency
    • Job Offer
    • Connection in Canada

    Do I need a job offer to get into the Express Entry pool?

    “No, in most cases you don’t need a job offer. But, you will need one if you: are eligible for either the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and do not have enough money to support yourself and your family in Canada.

    Even if you don’t need one, you may want to try and find a valid job offer. It will give you a much higher point score, and so a better chance of being invited to apply.”

    According to the new statistics released by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, 90% of ITAs (invitation to apply) were given to candidates who did not have any job offer from any Canadian employer in express entry Q1 and Q2 2020. These have also been the largest beneficiaries of the targeted changes to the rankings of candidates. It was 62% when points were not reduced due to no job offer by IRCC, 11 months earlier 1n 2020. This data released by Immigration department of Canada confirms that the reduction of points due to job offer is actually in favor of candidates who have higher scores for human capital (age, proficiency in English and French, education, and work experience). It is exactly true for Federal Skilled Worker Class candidates in Express entry according to CIC news.

    Human Capital is based on age of applicant, language proficiency in French and English, educational qualification and work experience. According to IRCC, all these factors are interlinked and important in order to provide CRS (comprehensive ranking system) scores. The maximum achievable points score is 600 points.

    Because of this change, a reduction of points between 50 to 200 from 600 points has been witnessed depending upon the position. Other changes have been made like extra points for Study in Canada. The constituents of a qualifying job were also broadened. The time period for candidates to submit a completed application after receiving ITAs has been increased.

    As a result of these changes, the number candidates invited without job offer has been increased from 62% to 90%. The number of candidates with Canadian study also increased from 30% to 40 %. More people became eligible to submit their profile into express entry. Applicants can submit express entry profile without any job offer. The purpose of reduction in job offer points is to make Candidates reliant on their human capital score for ITAs.

    Important Links :

    To Check Skill Occupation List Please Click Here.

    To Check Eligibility For Express Entry Please Click Here.

    To Create Account and Apply Express Entry Please Click Here.

    To Read About Points System Please Click Here.

    Provincial Nominee Program Please Click Her.

    How to obtain a Canadian Job Offer for Express Entry

    Interview with Emma Goerzen of Hire Standard

    O ne of the most common questions I get from foreign nationals seeking to immigrate to Canada is how to obtain a Job Offer from a Canadian company to support their Express Entry application. In this podcast I interview a good friend and colleague Emma Goerzen from Hire Standard who shares some essential tips and strategies on how foreign nationals can improve their chances of landing that elusive Job Offer.

    With Invitations to Apply through Express Entry continuing to require above 450 CRS points, many foreign nationals are realizing that if they want any chance of getting drawn out of the Express Entry pool, they are going to need an LMIA based Job Offer from a Canadian company to support their Express Entry application.

    The problem lies in exactly how a foreign national is going to be able to do this.

    As a Canadian immigration lawyer one of the most common requests I get is for assistance in helping a foreign national find a Canadian company to offer them a job. There are some immigration law firms that do provide assistance with the recruitment process. However, my firm does not. We focus exclusively on the practice of immigration law and do not try to wear two hats at the same time.

    There are many recruitment companies who have surfaced over the past decade in Alberta that made a lot of money connecting local companies with foreign sourced labour. However, with the downturn in the Canadian economy those days are gone until the economy picks back up again. So “for now,” foreign nationals are going to have to do much of the leg work themselves.

    So how do you connect with a Canadian employer? And if you are able to connect, how do you convince them to hire you?

    ….I guess that’s the million dollar question.

    Although Emma and I do not pretend to have all of the answers when it comes to landing a Job Offer (remember…this Job Offer must be supported by an LMIA) in Canada, we have put together our Top 5 List of Things Foreign Nationals Can Do to Increase their Chances of Landing a Job Offer.

    As promised in the Podcast, Emma has also provided us with a sample resume template that will help to increase your chances of getting noticed by a Canadian employer. Click this link to download the document: Hire Standard Resume Form.

    [Tweet “Tips for securing a Job Offer for Express Entry“]

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    You can read additional notes for this episode, [spoiler]

    CIP S1 E11 – Interview with Emma Goerzen of Hire Standard

    In this episode we will discuss one of the most common questions I get from people who are looking to immigrate to Canada.

    How can I obtain a job offer from a Canadian company?

    Why is this important?

    When applying to immigrate to Canada as a skilled worker, the most common process is Express Entry.

    [Explain how Express Entry works]

    1. History of EE
    2. Process for Candidates
    3. Ranking System
    4. Importance of an LMIA supported Job Offer
    5. Job Matching (eHarmony for employers/employees) terribly ineffective

    In my practice, I do not do any recruiting for companies, nor assist foreign nationals in finding jobs with companies.

    My law practice is focused exclusively on Canadian Immigration

    Because I spend a lot of time explaining to people that I can not help them with finding a job, I figured that the best thing I could do would be to bring in an expert in this field.

    In todays Podcast I have the pleasure of interviewing a good friend, Emma Goerzen. Emma is the co-owner of Hire Standard –

    Southern Alberta’s Premier Executive Staffing & Background Screening Firm, specializing in criminal record checks, reference checks, employment, education & credit/ID verification, along with temporary staffing & special project placement

    Emma and her Team at Hire Standard are extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the hiring process. In fact, I recently used them to fill an important position within our firm and we were absolutely delighted with the result.

    I have worked with Emma in the past on obtaining LMIAs for companies here in Alberta that have had to source TFWs to fill labour shortages.

    Our firm has handled the LMIA process and Emma was retained by the company to source the foreign worker and manage the nightmarish recruitment campaign which includes the strict advertising requirements of Service Canada that are mandatory to obtain an LMIA.

    In this episode of the Podcast, Emma is going to share some insight into the hiring process in Canada. She is going to offer some tips and strategies for foreign nationals who are looking to land that coveted LMIA based Job Offer with a Canadian company and a golden ticket to receiving an ITA within the Express Entry System.

    So let’s jump into the interview with Emma Right now.


    I’m here in my office today with a good friend and colleague Emma Goerzen. Emma is the Co-Owner of Hire Standard, Sothern Alberta’s premier executive staffing and background screening firm.

    Welcome Emma. Thanks for joining me today.

    Tell us a little bit about Hire Standard. What do you do ?

    Hire Standard – Permanent Staffing & Background Screening:

    Whether you’re looking for an Executive Member of your team or a Temporary employee to make sure your business doesn’t stop, our commitment to fit and quality never waivers. Benefits of working with us include:

    1. Process: We hold fast to our stringent prescreening process – it serves as a series of checkpoints from which applicants either pass through or fall off.
    1. Insight: Our staff have the insight to weed out resumes that an untrained eye may be overwhelmed or deceived by.
    1. Dedication: We will leave no stone unturned. We want to find the best employee for your company and we work diligently until we do
    1. Tempo: We pride ourselves on our ‘dog on a bone’ work style. We recognize that most quality employees, a.) don’t stay unemployed for long and b.) don’t want to work for an employer that drags their heels.
    1. Experience: We are familiar with the local market and types of applicants you are likely to receive. Based on our experience we can narrow down the candidates in a short time so you only see the best.
    1. Back Up: We offer a 3 Month Replacement Guarantee to ensure that everyone is comfortable and confident.

    Top 5 List of Things a Foreign National can do to improve their chances of getting a Job Offer.

    1. Look for Jobs in the right places
      • Friends and Family – best source
      • Online Websites:
        • Job Bank
          • Job Match Registration (eHarmony)
        • Monster
        • Workopolis
        • Indeed
        • Industry Associations – appropriate to credentials
    1. Ability to Communicate in English
      • Excellent communication skills, written, spoken etc.
      • Same Standard applies to Canadians as well
        • Talk about HT recruitment and excluded candidates due to poor English – written etc.
      • Safety Issue
    2. Good Resume – this is what grabs the attention of the company
      • Not too long – no more than 2 pages
      • Outlining Education and Experience that is relevant to the position
      • Stable work history
      • Grammatically Correct (demonstrate good English on your resume)
      • SHOW NOTES: include sample of a great Canadian resume
    3. Honesty and Integrity
      • – much fraud in order to get the job, so lack of trust can be fatal
      • be up front about any potential issues – if have necessary skills and experience, Canadian companies will work with that, but if you are dishonest, you will be rejected.
      • Talk about guy from Costa Rica
        • Prior refused visa, but not disclosed to us
        • Resulted in his rejection as a candidate – after we obtained LIA
    1. Must present well in an Interview Setting (Skype Interviews)
      • Must have good internet connectivity to support Skype interviews (reflection on person)
      • Communication Skills (speak English)
      • Know about the Canadian Company – do your research
      • Dress Appropriately
        • Don’t wear a t-shirt saying “I love cannabis”
        • For women – don’t show cleavage

    Thanks so much Emma. If people want to reach out to you for more information how do the listeners find you?

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    If you want to listen to more episodes, you will find all the episodes here.

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    I am looking for a lawyer who can help me to do complete process of A TO Z OF EXPRESS ENTRY.

    I am sure you have already found counsel to assist you. However, we would be happy to help if you still need assistance.

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    I am an x-immigration officer with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and a Canadian Immigration Lawyer for the Lethbridge, Alberta office of Stringam LLP, Alberta’s Regional Law Firm.

    I created the Canadian Immigration Podcast to help people who are searching for answers to their immigration questions. With Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) making it increasingly difficult to speak with a live officer, my goal is to create a resource of information that is both practical and useful to anyone in the process of filing an immigration application.

    If you are in the process of filing a Canadian immigration application, or are just looking for up to date information on Canadian law, policy and practice, this is the right place for you.


    Canada Express Entry Without Work Experience 2020

    Canada’s Express Entry program is now considered the best international immigration program in the world. There are many reasons which make this true. If you want to or have been thinking of applying for immigration to Canada, then this is the best time to do so. On this page, we are going to explore all the things associated with making an application for immigration to Canada through the Express Entry program. Let us first take a look at the reasons for why the Express Entry program has gained such prominence in the world of international immigration:

    We Recommend You

    Immigrate to Canada Under Express Entry Without Job Offer

    • Firstly, the Express Entry program is by far the fastest immigration program in the world. Applicants with the right credentials and the right paperwork can move to Canada with PR visas within 1 year. No other immigration program in the world can offer this to immigration applicants.
    • Secondly, the Express Entry program has been simplified to allow for smoother processing of applications and getting of working professionals in to Canada.
    • Third, there is no initial cost involved with making the application. So, you can actually try your luck in moving to Canada and getting selected for immigration to any of its provinces without spending a single paisa.
    • Fourth, the IRCC has expanded its immigration drive to allow more and more people to come into Canada and start working as professionals in its growing economy. It plans to get as many as 1 million people into the country by 2020, out of which over 565,000 will be through the Express Entry program.
    • Fifth, Canada has a very large expat community and a healthy part of its gross provincial and national revenue is generated because of the efforts of immigrants. That is why there are virtually no inc >Important: Canada Immigration New Rules 2020

    Do you want to know the best way of moving to Canada? Do you have the right qualifications and experience that will see you settled in Canada and living the dream? Let Nationwide Immigration resolve all your queries. We are among the best Canada immigration experts in India and provide complete Canada immigration solutions to our clients. Fill out our free assessment form to know more about your immigration chances and get customized consultations from our Canada immigration experts today!

    Now that we have a basic understanding of the benefits of making an immigration application to Canada, let us take a look at the process by which you can apply for immigration to Canada even without a job offer.

    Canada Immigration Application without Job Offer

    The Express Entry program has three basic streams – Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Out of these three, the Federal Skilled Worker Program or FSW is the most popular and has further been divided into 2 streams. The first is the regular Express Entry stream and the second is the Occupation in-Demand stream. The second stream was devised to allow more people to enter Canada and help the Canadian economy grow by allow those people to enter into the country who had the necessary skills and abilities to positively impact the economy.

    Also, recent changes have been made to the Express Entry program which has resulted in the Occupation in-Demand stream gaining a lot of popularity. Earlier, the IRCC awarded as many as 600 CRS points to applicants who had a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. Because of this, most of the ITAs issued within any given draw got reserved for professionals with jobs. Now, these points have been reduced to between 50 to 200 CRS points depending upon the nature of the job and the requirement in local provinces within Canada. This has resulted in more OID applicants getting the chance to move to Canada because the system has become more competitive and OID applicants now have an equal chance of moving to the country.

    Now that we have enough background on the issue, let us take a step-wise look at how you can make your Canada immigration application without a job offer, get selected and finally move to the country with you and your family:

    Canada Immigration Application without Job Offer

      Create an Express Entry Profile

    The first thing you need to do is to create an Express Entry profile. For this, you will need to go to the IRCC website and fill out the Express Entry form. You will need to provide specific details about yourself like age, language ability, education, work experience etc. Make sure all the information you provide is correct and can be verified with documents. If there is any discrepancy in the records then this might result in a disqualification. Also, you will need to specify which province in Canada you want to move to. Make sure the province you specify has many vacancies and requirements for your particular job orientation.

    The Express Entry Job Pool has been designed to help international immigration applicants find jobs in Canada. Once you make your Express Entry profile, it will automatically be included in the Express Entry job pool. Provinces which have an acute requirement for professionals from your line of work and cannot hire any persons from within Canada itself usually look for people who they can help bring into the country to fill up their vacancies. So, you might get approached by a company to work for them and they might even file paperwork from their end to bring you into the country.

    Another great way of ensuring immigration through the OiD stream is to apply for a Provincial Nomination. First, select the province that you want to go to. Second, check to see if your job is in high demand in the provinces. If it is, then go ahead and apply for immigration to the province through the OiD stream of that province. You will need to go online and create a profile with the correct info just like you did for Express Entry. After you have made the profile and verified the info, the authorities will then give you a Provincial Nomination which will virtually guarantee your immigration.

    The Express Entry draws are held every 15 days or so. After you have completed your profile and have had it verified, if the IRCC or provincial authorities find your skills worth recruiting, you will get an ITA or Invitation to Apply. If you do not get an ITA, then it would be wise to consult an immigration expert like Nationwide Immigration to find out where you are lacking and how you can ensure selection. If you already have a Provincial Nomination, then you are bound to get selected so don’t worry.

    After you get the ITA, apply for the PR visa with the IRCC. You will need to do this within 90 days of getting the ITA. After you get the PR visa, you will have another year to move to Canada. Please note that you will have to pay to get the visa issued and the usual cost for the principal applicant is around 490 CAD. If you have family members going along with you, then they are also going to need a PR visa and this would require extra expenses. We suggest you consult us to know exactly how much money you will need to get the job done. Also, since you will be moving to Canada through the Occupation in-Demand category, you will need to show that you have enough money to support yourself and your family for at least 3 months in Canada while you look for a job. This money has to be liability free and available in liquid currency. For more details, please contact us at Nationwide Immigration.

    Why Choose Us?

    So, now you know that moving to Canada without a job offer is possible, but it has many aspects involved in it. Many people fail to get the ITA after many tries and waste valuable time and money. To avoid this problem, we suggest you talk to us. We at Nationwide Immigration are among the best Canada immigration service providers in India. With over 10,000 successful immigrations under our belt and a wide network of contacts in Canada, we can help you move there with ease, find a good job and help you settle down for good in one of the best countries in the world. You can also opt for more specific services like documentation, rejection case analysis, job search etc. that will help you move to Canada as quickly as possible. Contact us today to get started on making your Canada immigration dream come true!

    Приглашение на работу в Канаде: что это, какие требования, чем полезно

    Подробно рассказываем о том, что такое Джоб оффер, какие к нему требования, чем он полезен для иммиграции в Канаду.

    Job offer – это приглашение от канадского работодателя на трудоустройство в этом государстве. Пригодится при получении рабочей визы, либо при иммиграции по одной из федеральных или некоторых провинциальных программ. Нас интересует именно вариант с иммиграцией.

    Каток в центре Торонто

    Что дает приглашение на работу в Канаде

    Если вам повезло получить рабочее приглашение (подробно о том, как найти работу в Канаде), которое соответствует требованиям (об этом ниже), то вы можете рассчитывать на:

    • дополнительные 15 баллов для участия в программе Federal Skilled Worker;
    • соответствие требованиям программы Federal Skilled Trades, если джоб оффер по конкретной специальности (подробнее по ссылке);
    • дополнительные 50 или 200 баллов системы CRS (последние 2 строчки таблицы) при нахождении в пуле кандидатов Express Entry;
    • соответствие требования некоторых провинциальных программ, которые требуют наличие рабочего приглашения.

    Что делать, когда получил Job offer

    Если вам повезло получить такое приглашение, то необходимо обновить профиль Express Entry, указав там:

    Требования к джоб офферу

    Информация актуальна для федеральных программ, которые связаны с Express Entry. В случаях с провинциальными могут быть некоторые изменения / дополнения. Например, для джоб оффера атлантической программы иммиграции не требуется LMIA. Поэтому уточняйте информацию на сайтах провинциальных программ.

    Джоб оффер должен:

    • быть в письменном виде;
    • быть предоставлен не посольством или консульством Канады;
    • содержать подробную информацию о предложенной работе:
      • заработная плата;
      • рабочие обязанности;
      • рабочие условия: время, график.

    Помимо указанный выше требований, валидный джоб оффер должен соответствовать определенным критериям программ, связанных с EE . Подробнее ниже.

    Требования Federal Skilled Workers и Canadian Experience Class к Job offer

    Действительное предложение о работе должно быть:

    • сделано одним работодателем;
    • работа должна быть непрерывной и оплачиваемой;
    • на полный рабочий день (от 30 часов в неделю);
    • действовать не менее одного года с момента выдачи вам визы постоянного жителя Канады;
    • работа должна быть не сезонной и не на контрактной основе;
    • работа должна соответствовать уровню навыка 0, A или B в NOC.

    Также должно быть выполнено хотя бы одно из следующих условий:

    • работодатель получил положительный LMIA, в котором указано ваше имя и должность;
    • на данный момент вы работаете в Канаде по профессии уровня навыка 0, A или B по разрешению на работу (work permit), выданному на основе LMIA, и при этом:
      • вам разрешено работать в Канаде в день подачи заявления на визу постоянного резидента, а также после её выдачи;
      • вы работаете на работодателя, который указан в вашем разрешении на работу;
      • ваш работодатель предоставит работу в течение как минимум одного года после того, как вас примут в качестве постоянного жителя Канады.
    • если у вас есть разрешение на работу (work permit) по специальности NOC 0, A или B, которая освобождена от LMIA, и вы:
      • в настоящий момент работаете на работодателя, указанного в разрешении на работу;
      • имеете опыт работы не менее 1 года на этого работодателя;
      • ваш работодатель предоставит работу в течение как минимум одного года после того, как вас приняли в качестве постоянного жителя Канады.

    Требования Federal Skilled Trades workers к Job offer

    Действительное предложение о работе должно быть:

    • от не более, чем двух работодателей. Это значит, что вы можете работать на двух человек одновременно (например, не полный рабочий день по 16 часов в неделю на каждой работе). При этом рабочие часы будут складываться. Это стоит учесть в пунктах ниже;
    • на постоянную оплачиваемую работу на полный рабочий день (не менее 30 часов в неделю);
    • не менее, чем на 1 год;
    • в профессиях из групп NOC 72, 73, 82, 92, 632 и 633. Подробнее про эти профессии в этом пункте.

    Также должно быть выполнено хотя бы одно из следующих условий:

    • работодатель получил положительный LMIA, в котором указано ваше имя и должность;
    • на данный момент вы работаете в Канаде по специальности, которая соответствует одному из перечисленных выше коду NOC, по разрешению на работу (work permit), выданному на основе положительного LMIA, и при этом:
      • вам разрешено работать в Канаде в день подачи заявления на визу постоянного резидента, а также после её выдачи;
      • вы работаете на работодателя, который указан в вашем разрешении на работу;
      • ваш работодатель предоставит работу в том же уровне NOC, что и сейчас, в течение как минимум одного года после того, как вас примут в качестве постоянного жителя Канады.
    • если у вас есть разрешение на работу (work permit) по одной из специальности из группы NOC 72, 73, 82, 92, 632 и 633, которая освобождена от LMIA, и вы:
      • в настоящий момент работаете на работодателя, указанного в разрешении на работу;
      • имеете фул-тайм опыт работы не менее года (или равное количество времени, если работали на двух работах неполной занятости) на работодателя или работодателей, указанных в разрешении на работу, и которые предлагают джоб оффер;
      • имеете приглашение на работу от этого работодателя не менее чем на 1 год после того, как получите визу постоянного жителя Канады.

    Когда нужен новый LMIA

    Ваш работодатель должен получить новый LMIA, если:

    • срок действия вашего разрешения на работу истек;
    • у вас есть предложение о работе от работодателя, которого нет в вашем разрешении на работу;
    • вы работаете на основе открытого разрешения на работу (open work permit).

    Иммиграция через выезд по рабочей визе в провинции Канады

    Иммиграция в Канаду для квалифицированных специалистов с высшим и средним профессиональным образованием или опытом работы рабочая виза, помощь в поиске жилья и работы. Провинции Канады активно развиваются и постоянно нуждаются в рабочих, специалистах и просто людях – иммигрантов там ждут, как нигде. Острый и постоянный спрос на бурильщиков, помбуров и рабочих на наземные нефтяные буровые вышки и морские нефтяные платформы нефтедобывающих корпораций Канады: Offshore Oil Rigs, Vessels, Platforms – работа трудная, зарплаты высокие, все, что нужно для настоящих мужчин. Требования к английскому языку для этих рабочих ниже, и часто их иммиграция начинается с рабочего контракта на год и более мягкими требованиями.

    Переехать в провинции Канады можно по специальной государственной программе профессиональной иммиграции, главное условие: у вас должны быть среднее-специальное или высшее образование.


    • ваша специальность по диплому или опыту работы есть в списке профессий FSTP Occupation List;
    • вы готовы подучить английский до базового уровня: Listening — 5, Reading — 4, Writing — 3.5, Speaking – 5 (подготовка бесплатна);
    • получить подтверждение квалификации в Канаде (организовывается Агентством);
    • вылететь в Канаду и работать.

    Через четыре года после выезда можно получить гражданство Канады. Возможен выезд с семьей, бесплатное медобслуживание и доВУЗовское образование для детей, соцпакет, пособия.

    Для участия в программе профессиональной иммиграции в Канаду через выезд по рабочей визе необходимо выбрать провинцию для переезда:

    Условия и требования для участия в программе:

    Возраст 18 – 50 лет
    Образование высшее или среднее-специальное
    Английский язык (для иммигрантов) IELTS от CLB 4*
    Английский язык (для рабочих) IELTS от CLB 4*
    Опыт работы по специальности от 1 года
    Набрать по оценке шансов минимум 60 баллов
    Стоимость программы 3480 долларов США
    Оплата при заключении договора 2088 долларов США
    Оплата IELTS, мед., гос. пошлин, авиа прибл. 2200 долларов США
    Сроки оформления в среднем 7 месяцев
    Первая виза 1 год
    Стоимость оформления семьи бесплатно
    Успех 99%

    * Уровень 4 согласно Canadian Language Benchmark.

    Для более точного определения ваших возможностей заполните форму:

    Поля отмеченные цветом — обязательны для заполнения

    Вы можете пообщаться с теми, кто уже находится в Канаде или только собирается это сделать, и почитать из отзывы на форуме об иммиграции в Канаду.

    Manitoba Invitation

    Приглашение от провинции Манитоба (Manitoba Invitation)

    MPNP на регулярной основе выдает Invitations to Apply (приглашение подать заявление на иммиграцию) кандидатам – квалифицированным работникам, которые определяются провинцией как часть Стратегической инициативы по трудоустройству (Strategic Recruitment Initiatives). Приглашение Invitation to Apply выдается исключительно на усмотрение MPNP.

    Необходимые документы

    Для того, чтобы подать документы по программе MPNP, имея приглашение от провинции Манитоба, вы должны загрузить в свой онлайн профиль MPNP письмо-приглашение (Letter of Invitation), которое вы получили от MPNP после прохождения интервью с иммиграционным офицером во время выездной сессии по трудоустройству (RecruitmentMissions) или вашего исследовательского визита в Манитобу.

    Миссии по трудоустройству (Recruitment Missions)

    Представители MPNP регулярно ездят за границу в рамках так называемых «Выездных сессий по трудоустройству», часто в сопровождении работодателей из провинции Манитоба.

    Расписания «Выездных сессий по трудоустройству» нет. Вся информация о планируемых «Выездных сессиях по трудоустройству» появляется на сайте приблизительно за месяц до «Выездной сессии». Чтобы подать заявление на участие в сессии, кандидаты на иммиграцию должны владеть английским на уровне, необходимом для работы (job-ready English), сдать IELTS и / или TEF, и предоставить свое резюме на рассмотрение MPNP на английском или французском языке.


    Знание языка на уровне, необходимом для работы

    Для иммиграции в провинцию Манитоба по программе MPNP необходимо знать английский язык на уровне, достаточном для работы.

    Чтобы показать уровень знания английского языка, все заявители (кроме тех, кто работает в провинции Манитоба по специальностям, относящимся к уровням 0, А или В в Национальном классификаторе профессий Канады — NOC O, A or B) должны предоставлять результаты языковых экзаменов, которые признаются MPNP: IELTS General и CELPIP -General по английскому языку или TEF по французскому языку. Тест должен быть сдан не ранее, чем за 2 года до подачи иммиграционного заявления.

    С помощью следующих калькуляторов можно определить соответствие результатов языковых тестов Канадской шкале уровней знания языков (CLB — Canadian Language Benchmark).

    Заявители с профессиями NOC C и D должны владеть английским языком минимально на уроне CLB 4 и предоставить результаты теста в своем иммиграционном заявлении.

    Открыта программа провинции Манитоба – EXPLORATORY VISITS 2020

    В определенные периоды времени провинция Манитоба рассматривает заявки от потенциальных иммигрантов, готовых осуществить так называемый exploratory visit (исследовательский визит) в провинцию Манитоба.

    Exploratory visit – это заранее подготовленный визит в Манитобу кандидатов по иммиграционной программе MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program). Визит осуществляется с целью знакомства с провинцией Манитоба, а также исследования возможностей трудоустройства, чтобы потенциальные иммигранты по программе MPNP смогли принять взвешенное решение о том, имеют ли они намерения и возможности найти работу и остаться со своими семьями в провинции Манитоба на постоянной основе.

    Исследовательские визиты – это один из шансов иммигрировать в провинцию Манитоба по программе MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) для тех кандидатов -квалифицированных работников, у которых нет возможности иммигрировать по другим программам, предложенных провинцией Манитоба. Установление связи с провинцией Манитоба, в том числе во время исследовательского визита, является обязательным требованиям по всем программам MPNP.

    Важно: заявки на исследовательские визиты, в которых указано, что заявитель уже организовал поездку в Манитобу, прибыл в Манитобу или будет находиться в Манитобе на протяжении определенного количества времени в течениие года, не будут рассматриваться в приоритетном порядке.

    Критерии отбора кандидатов для участия в программе Manitoba Exploratory visits могут меняться, но будут включать в себя следующее:

    Возраст заявителей – 21 – 45 лет

    Заявитель может продемонстрировать свои возможности трудоустроиться и адаптироваться в Манитобе, согласно требованиям MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program)

    Минимально 1 год высшего образования или профессионального образования и полученный диплом, степень или сертификат об окончании образования

    2 года опыта работы в полную занятость за последние пять лет, а также возможность продемонстрировать способность найти работу в Манитобе по профессии. Сюда входят также планы касательно получения лицензии / сертификации, если ваша специальность регламентируется в Манитобе (врачи, медсестры, преподаватели и т.д.)

    иметь подлинное намерение и экономически обоснованную возможность остаться в провинции Манитоба на постоянное место жительства. Именно это будет демонстрировать потенциальный кандидат на иммиграцию в своем Settlement Plan.

    предоставить MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) во время подачи заявки на участие в Exploratory visit результаты языкового теста (английского и / или французского), который был сдан в течении последних двух лет на баллы, не ниже уровня CLB 6 (Сanadian Language Benchmark) по каждому разделу теста и с общим баллом не ниже CLB 6.

    Маршрут исследовательского визита

    Программа MPNP предоставляет инструкции относительно того, что делать во время исследовательского визита, а также какие документы нужно привезти с собой (например, документы об образовании, справки с работы и т.д.). Действия, которые нужно предпринять во время визита, могут включать в себя встречи с потенциальными работодателями, консультации с органами, регламентирующими профессии, встречи с риэлторами на предмет аренды или покупки жилья, встречи в школах и других учреждениях, которые помогут вам познакомиться с жизнью в провинции Манитоба.

    Важно: получение приглашения на посещение Манитобу, а также сам визит в Манитобу и, в последующем, получение Invitation to Apply (приглашения подать документы по программе MPNP) не гарантирует, что ваше MPNP заявление будет одобрено.

    Подать документы на исследовательский визит можно:
    По электронной почте Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. .

    К письму должно быть приложено ваше резюме (на английском или французском языке), а также результаты IELTS / TEF с минимальным уровнем CLB 6.
    Если вас пригласят посетить провинцию Манитоба в рамках программы Exploratory visit, провинция Манитоба свяжется с вами. Ваши данные будут сохраняться в течении года, и провинция может связаться с вами в любой период времени в течение года, если это будет необходимо. Если в течение года вы не получите email от MPNP, вы должны будете использовать другие постоянно возникающие возможности иммигрировать в провинцию Манитоба: как по программе Exploratory Visit, так и по другим программам.

    В целях экономии времени, существуют калькуляторы, которые позволяют проверить соответствие уровней СLB и результатам полученных вами тестов. Вот ссылки:

    Оценить ваши шансы на иммиграцию в Канаду, а также посчитать баллы по Express Entry вы можете бесплатно в разделе «Оценить шансы».

    Создать свое резюме вы сможете в Manitoba Resume Builder

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