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О нас Pace Law Firm’s personal injury lawyers have been providing expert advice since 1980. Need help? Call toll-free at 1-877-236-3060. Описание Pace Law is a law firm, based in Toronto, offering a full range of services in cases related to Personal Injury, Immigration Services, Estate Litigation, Plaintiff Class Action, and Commercial Litigation. Since its establishment in 1987, the firm has been unwavering in its goal to improve the lives of clients and represent them with their best interests in mind. With an expert team of professionals from various fields working towards a common goal, Pace Law helps clients navigate through various legal processes and guides them in every stage of their case, be it a settlement or a trial proceeding. Call 416-236-3060 for a consultation. Основана 1980 Продукты personal injury lawyer, personal injury lawyers, law firm toronto, law firms toronto, toronto law firm, toronto law firms, personal injury lawyer toronto, personal injury lawyers toronto


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Compounding Series — Knowledge and Metcalfe’s Law

I’ve always been a keen consumer of information, regardless of medium. I lean more towards text but the amount I learn from videos and audio has increased as it’s become more popular recently. I pride myself on having good general knowledge as well as some deep understanding of certain subjects. This was not by design, originally, if I thought something was interesting I would consume as much information as possible on the subject, really go down the rabbit hole until I either lost interest, or found something which was more exciting to learn about.

As you grow older, you notice connections in many aspects of your life. As you know, applying certain information from one area to another is very helpful. Connection of information is knowledge It can help you grasp concepts really quickly, despite having very limited comprehension. Effectively this is one piece of information interacting with another. The more information you hold in your head, the more interactions that information can have and as soon as your brain receives a new piece of information, it’ll connect the dots, consciously or subconsciously. This is an extremely powerful mechanism, the more you put in, the more you receive back.

If you’re having a hard time visualising this idea, don’t worry, Metcalfe’s Law can be applied to this concept and really help to show examples of what I mean. Firstly, what is Metcalfe’s Law?

“Metcalfe’s law states the effect of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system ( n2). First formulated in this form by George Gilder in 1993, and attributed to Robert Metcalfe in regard to Ethernet, Metcalfe’s law was originally presented, c. 1980, not in terms of users, but rather of “compatible communicating devices” (for example, telephones). Only later with the globalization of the Internet did this law carry over to users and networks as its original intent was to describe Ethernet purchases and connections. [1]

As you can see from the image, the network increases dramatically with each new user. So with two users, there’s one connection. 5 Users, 10 connections. 12 users, 66 connections, ect ect. I visualise information in our brains almost identical to Metcalfe networks. Instead of telephones or computers, imagine each user as a piece of information, fact or figure ect. This should start to conceptualise this theory in your head.

Of course, with Metcalfe networks, each user is identical and is treated as such (telephones, for example) however, our knowledge is not identical. Certain pieces of knowledge are going to connect more frequently within the network compared to others. For instance, understanding of a basic principle in Economics can be applied to 100’s of situations and scenarios, or other “Users” within the network. Whereas the history of the colour red will only be able to interact with a few other “Users” of the network. Therefore, within this model, systems are far more important to know than individual facts as they network better.

Lastly, this model has one more alternative attribute compared to Metcalfe’s Law. In Metcalfe’s Law, the two users (Telephones) are connected and share information. Whereas in this knowledge model, sometimes, a connection between two “Users” in the network will occur but will also create a new piece of information or “User”. For instance, for years, people were opening up loafs of bread and cutting them everytime they wanted a slice, until in 1928, Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented a machine that pre-sliced bread before it was packaged. Everyone knew about bread and knew how to cut it, but Otto’s invention was conceived after two “Users” came together. I know this is a trivial example but I think it does the trick.

Hopefully by now you’re able to see that information isn’t all equal and that accumulation of information can be extremely powerful. However, it is limited based on A) how good your memory is and B) how well you read patterns and can relate information. This might be something you need to work on to reach the full potential of this model, but once that happens, you’ll see information in a new light.

First Moores Law, then Metcalfes Law, now McGuires Law

Daniel Briere

Russ McGuire is a really smart guy, the type of guy who does not think outside the box but rather about what the box should look like to begin with. He was chief strategy officer for TeleChoice back when the industry could support a smart guy sitting around thinking about where the telecom market was going to go next. Some of our best thinking has come from discussions with Russ, who is now deep in Sprint/Nextel’s strategy organization.

In the course of a strategy project we were working on recently at Sprint/Nextel, we heard people talking about McGuire’s Law and how it will impact the company’s future direction. McGuire’s Law is rather simple. When you speak to Russ, he’ll talk humbly about the Law of Mobility (it’s his compatriots that speak of it as McGuire’s Law). The period from 1985-1995 was very much dominated by the massive impact of the PC on business — driven by Moore’s Law, which states that computer processing power doubles every 18 months at the same price point. The period from 1995-2005 has been dominated by the impact of the Internet on business — driven by Metcalfe’s Law, which states that the value of any network increases exponentially with the number of users.

Recent events have coalesced to bring us to a third period, the Age of Mobility. The integration of the Centrino chip into laptops has cemented the move to Wi-Fi everywhere. Cell phones have been taking off on their own accord, spawning products such as ringtones and fashion accessories. Until recently, McGuire notes that the cost of taking an object and having it talk to the network from wherever it was has been relatively expensive. Recent technological changes have pushed us over a new threshold, however, and now the value of adding mobility to any product outweighs that increased cost. That’s the tipping point.

So we’re now in the Age of Mobility, governed by the Law of Mobility. Thanks to cost reductions of Moore’s Law, scalability resulting from Metcalfe’s Law, convergence and miniaturization of devices and increasing ubiquity of 3G wireless networks, the cost of making any product (especially one involving information) available all the time is plummeting. Therefore, McGuire concludes, just as computing power and the Internet have been built into virtually every product, mobility is beginning to be built into every product.

The Law of Mobility states that the value of any product or service increases exponentially with mobility. McGuire points to the TV set. If one were to graph price vs. display size, with the US$3,500 42-inch plasmas at one end, all the way down to the 5-inch, black-and-white handheld AM/FM units that you can get for about $30, then you’d think that a 2-inch screen on your cell phone would be worth about $20. Yet users will pay far in excess of this — including monthly and even per-show fees — to be able to squeeze in their favorite sitcom while riding home on the subway.

The key to the measure of mobility is the increase in the per cent of time the product is available for use. A smartphone with Windows Mobile has a premium that approaches the cost of a desktop computer even though it has far less screen real estate, far less memory, virtually no disk space and poor excuses for Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but it’s with you 100 per cent of the time.

Очень важная для вас статья:  Провинция Манитоба

The challenge for IT is to figure out how to help your firm build mobility into products to add exponential value. You deployed the PCs during the Age of the PC; you networked everything you could during the Age of the Internet. Now, during the Age of Mobility, the strategic thinkers are asking, “What are you doing to mobilize your products on behalf of your company?” It’s an IT manager’s dream world.

More than anything else, what I like about the thinking around McGuire’s Law is that it puts today’s IT challenges into a framework that a board of directors can understand. They know Moore. They know Metcalfe. It’s time for them to meet McGuire.

Robert James Metcalfe , Attorney

Robert James Metcalfe

Immigration, Civil Rights, Family Law, Wills, General Practice , Merger & Acquisition, Corporate, Public Finance, Commercial Leasing, Commercial Real Estate

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Когда вся информация вводится в правильном направлении, шансы на получение новых клиентов и что предыдущие клиенты находят вас в каталоге и оставить увеличение оценки. Те, кто ищет адвоката не хотел бы иметь, чтобы исследовать и тратить время на изучение плохо написанный адрес или записи некорректных сообщений электронной почты.

Жизнь с вами голова привязана к проблеме, не найдя лекарство или решение не живет, но расширяете недуг. Почему это? Граф на помощь Pace Law Firm, и вы увидите , что то , что казалось одиссею, управляемый кем — то , кто знает все шаги , чтобы следовать, превратится в ничто.

Christian Metcalfe

Christian was editor of Lawyer 2B between January 2012 and March 2013.

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The Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) is a compulsory course that all aspiring barristers must complete successfully prior to starting pupillage.

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Tax Bristol & West plc v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [2013] UKFTT 216 (TC). Judge Howard M Nowlan; Susan Lousada. 8 April 2013 For corporation tax purposes the effective rollover rule of the Finance Act 2002 Sch.26 pt.6 para.28 did not apply to a company’s novation of an interest rate swap to another company in […]

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As the property market has crashed so real estate litigation cases have ramped up, with landlords looking for any avenue to bump up their earnings With UK commercial property suffering its deepest downturn since the 1970s, the call on real estate litigators has been typically countercyclical. The time for filing claims is beginning to run […]

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PwC, the Accounting Giant, Will Open a Law Firm in the U.S.

Law firms already elbowing one another for multinational clients will soon have a new competitor: The Big Four accounting firm PwC, formerly known as PricewaterhouseCoopers, plans to open a law firm in Washington, D.C., next week.

The law firm, ILC Legal, will advise clients on international matters such as corporate restructuring. Its lawyers will act as special legal consultants, rather than fully licensed United States lawyers, allowing them to provide counsel on foreign law but not United States law.

ILC Legal, nonetheless, aims to vie with big law firms as a one-stop shop offering multinational companies access to other PwC services, including tax consulting and its network of 3,200 lawyers spread across 90 countries. The firms in that network operate separately but follow the same standards and practices under the PwC brand name.

“We won’t be a traditional law firm, where legal services are offered in isolation, but one part of a broader offering,” said Richard J. Edmundson, a British solicitor based in London who is PwC’s leader of international business reorganizations.

Mr. Edmundson will lead the new firm. “There will be five international lawyers and myself, from London,” he said in a phone interview on Friday. “They are Spanish, Canadian, Polish and German attorneys who have been practicing at PwC network member firms outside of the U.S.”

Another advantage of opening ILC Legal in Washington is its proximity to clients based in the United States, Mr. Edmundson said. “We can talk to them in real time and put them in contact with others more easily,” he said.

ILC Legal hopes to attract multinational companies seeking counsel in areas like digital security and data protection, dispute resolution, international corporate structuring, and mergers and acquisitions, Mr. Edmundson said. It will operate like a traditional law firm, soliciting clients and billing them directly for services.

Although overall client demand for legal services is flat and corporations are increasingly handling routine business internally, Mr. Edmundson said he hoped ILC Legal would eventually add more international lawyers. “We hope it will grow,” he said.

PwC is not the only accounting giant offering legal services. Deloitte, KPMG and Ernst & Young, now known as EY, also have more than 2,000 lawyers each.

“The difference is that PwC is the first to create a separate legal entity,” said Jeffrey Lowe, the law firm practice group leader at Major, Lindsey & Africa, a legal recruiting firm in New York.

Traditional law firms can take some solace in the restrictions that ILC Legal must follow in the United States. Current law generally does not allow accounting firms to provide nonauditing services, including legal services, to companies they audit. That means ILC Legal can provide services only to companies that are not PwC auditing clients.

PwC’s decision to open a law firm in the United States, which was first disclosed this week in The American Lawyer, faced another restriction: Most American jurisdictions prohibit nonlawyers from owning or operating law firms or sharing fees with nonlawyers. Washington, however, does not ban firms owned by nonlawyers.

The pros & cons of practising.

Practising personal injury law, in the B.C. Interior, IT law, in Halifax

Practising personal injury law

Nancy Young, Pace Law Firm, Toronto

• Constant opportunity to advocate and negotiate — in court, in arbitration, with insurance defence lawyers, with insurance adjustors, even with own clients. There are endless opportunities to “play lawyer.”
• Getting to meet many different people from all walks of life — clients range all ages and all career paths.
• Given that no two clients are the same, no two strategies are the same on a file. Keeps things fresh and interesting all the time. There is always something to learn.
• The satisfaction of seeing a file from beginning to end. There is immense fulfillment of bringing a client’s case through the litigation process to resolution.

• Many times, the clients have been in life-altering incidents. As a result, they are often emotionally raw and very emotionally driven. Knowing how to deal with emotions is a big part of the job.
• The job feels limiting at times. All the lawyer can do is obtain a fair settlement/decision for the client. The lawyer cannot treat the client’s physical condition the way a medical professional can.
• The litigation process is not the most efficient process in the world. Figuring out how to manoeuver around it in order to get your client a fast and fair settlement can be frustrating.
• In litigation, there are legal deadlines such as limitation periods that must be followed. Failure to adhere to those time limits may lead to a professional negligence claim from the client against the lawyer.

James Cuming, Cuming & Gillespie, Calgary

• Our personal injury practice involves acting only for plaintiffs. As such, we have the privilege of acting for individuals and their families and making a very direct and significant impact on their current situation, as well as their future.
• As a firm we have chosen to limit our personal injury practice to serious injury claims. By doing so we can expend whatever time and resources each claim requires.
• The benefit of being proactive and the independence in the scheduling of our practice allows us the ability to prioritize and schedule time for our families (and ourselves) to pursue rounded lives away from the office.
• Having a smaller practice allows us to create a non-bureaucratic setting where we can think “outside the box” and assist our clients in non-traditional ways. We go so far as to retain private health-care providers for our clients. Assisting in our clients’ recoveries can be as rewarding as resolving their claims.
• Practising at a high level in an area of national interest has given us the opportunity to create excellent referral networks. We literally have friends across the country to whom we refer clients and work together on claims. This symbiosis assists our clients at the highest level, and fosters friendships and camaraderie as opposed to
segmentation and competition.

• The most difficult days are those where we are contacted to consult on a catastrophic claim and we are unable to assist the injured party because their claim doesn’t have the requisite components to pursue a tort action.
• We typically enter our client’s lives at a time of grief, turmoil, and despair. We warn our staff that usually “no one calls us when they’ve had a good day.”
• As a contingent fee-based personal injury practice, our efforts and investments in time do not always result in revenue and other tangible benefits.
• Given the nature of our practice, and our internal financing of disbursements, we face significant pressures that those in a large partnership aren’t confronted with. We need to ensure we have trials and/or mediations set year-round to foster continuous cash flow, balancing to avoid potential overscheduling or significant cash flow gaps.

Practising in the B.C. Interior

Andrew Powell, Nixon Wenger LLP, Vernon, B.C.

• The Okanagan Valley is renowned for its beauty and its climate. Everything they say about the lakes, golf courses, ski hills, and wineries is true. The lifestyle opportunities are second to none.
• Also, one of the perks of living in a tourist area is you can enjoy a little cosmopolitan flair without the stress of actually being in a city.
• The relatively small size of the communities is terrific for raising a family and commuting is easy.
• Similarly, the small size of the local bar makes for a collegial feel and a comfortable familiarity with the local lawyers, judges, and other members of the legal community.

• I’m not sure this is a “con” so much as something to think about, but practising in a small community is a much less private affair than it might be in a larger city. Lawyers are very much known and recognized, which is great for developing business contacts, and leads to all kinds of opportunities for community service and involvement, but you do have to be prepared to be more of a public personality.
• Also, you have to have realistic ideas about the scope of work available: A small town may not feed a highly specialized practice. Although there is plenty of work available, it will pay if you try to stay a little more generalized.

David Brown, Doak Shirreff LLP, Kelowna, B.C.

• The Okanagan is a year-round playground. Our summers are perfect for the beach and the golf course, with hot, dry, and sunny weather. Our winters are mild with plenty of snow in the mountains for skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.
• There is a definite focus on work-life balance. Compensation may be less than the big cities, but nobody is billing 1,800 hours a year.
• Kelowna has a very entrepreneurial spirit, and is definitely a “who-you-know” type of town. Networking, business lunches, and afternoons on the golf course are an important part of business.
• The local riesling and pinot noir are outstanding, not to mention the abundance of fresh summer cherries, peaches, and apricots.
• Prominent local industries provide for unique opportunities in diverse practice areas such as construction litigation, real estate, and wine law.

• With so many people wanting the Okanagan lifestyle, there is a lot of competition among all professional groups, including lawyers.
• Being so close to the coast means a number of large clients make their way to Vancouver rather than hire locally.
• Due to the size of the community and the degree of competition, it can be difficult to establish a specialized practice in some areas of law.

Practising IT/Tech law
Lisa R. Lifshitz, Torkin Manes LLP, Toronto

• Working in an incredibly fast-paced and changing environment. Both the legal issues and the technology are constantly changing so you had better be the kind of person who thrives in that kind of pressure and is willing to keep up. Tech law issues are complex and the learning never stops.
• Having to constantly create new forms of innovative legal agreements that are responsive to changes in technology. You can’t rely on five-year-old precedents and clients are always looking to you to make agreements shorter and more understandable yet give them the same level of protection.
• You don’t have to hide your inner geek; it’s OK to be excited about your client’s technology/inventions.
• Our clients are smart and interesting people who expect us to provide them with both excellent and cutting-edge technology and strategic business advice, which is great.
• Tech law is global and complex so you have to stay abreast of legal trends in other jurisdictions (especially the U.S. and Europe) as well as Canada (which I really enjoy doing). In addition to Canadian tech law organizations such as the Canadian IT Law Association, joining non-Canadian legal organizations such as the American Bar Association or Itch Law and/or subscribing to foreign publications is very helpful.
• Since the technology bar is small in Canada, it is generally collegial/respectful and most technology lawyers avoid acting too badly to one another.

• Tech clients can be demanding. If I don’t respond to my e-mail/texts immediately I will definitely hear about it. Response time has shrunk to nanoseconds.
• Just because tech lawyers have the technology to react quickly doesn’t mean that we don’t need to take the time to carefully craft our agreements or think about issues. Unfortunately some technology clients think we can just push a button and provide them our standard “boilerplate” agreement(s) without understanding the importance/necessity of creating customized documentation.
• Some technology clients undervalue the importance of lawyers to their organizations and think we just push paper. We are seen as deal-killers rather than business advocates. It is important to dispel this myth and show how we can add strategic value to enable clients to get what they want while protecting their intellectual property, core assets, etc.
• Certain tech clients are fee adverse and do not want to spend much money on their legal services. They think that they can pull any necessary “precedents” from the Internet (often from other jurisdictions) and use them in Canada without any problem — not so much.

Eloïse Gratton, McMillan LLP, Montreal

• Incitatif pour l’avocat à s’assurer de bien comprendre les nouveautés technologiques,
ce qui est un avantage pour tout individu curieux, créatif et early adopter (dans le jargon de la consommation).
• Domaine en expansion, qui inclut souvent le fait de devoir se pencher sur des questions de droit nouvelles et intéressantes, et de représenter des géants du web dans des questions touchant à leurs nouveaux produits, services ou modèles d’affaires.
• Permet de toucher à un large éventail des secteurs de droit appliqués à de nouveaux médias tels que l’Internet : questions touchant les contrats en ligne, les contrats spéciaux, le droit de la consommation, les questions de responsabilité des divers intervenants sur le web, la propriété intellectuelle, la réglementation en matière publicitaire, ainsi qu’aux aspects touchant à la protection de la vie privée et à la protection des renseignement personnels des clients et employés.
• Les mandats ont souvent une portée internationale, étant donné le fait que les technologies sont souvent déployées dans plusieurs juridictions à la fois.

• Les technologies et l’industrie des TI ainsi que le cadre légal applicable étant en constante évolution, un avocat pratiquant dans ce domaine doit prendre le temps et s’assurer d’être constamment à jour, tant sur le plan des nouvelles technologies disponibles et des nouveaux joueurs de l’industrie que sur les nouvelles lois, réglementations, lignes directrices de l’industrie, standards et jurisprudence pertinente.
• Les lois sont souvent mal adaptées aux réalités, ce qui fait en sorte qu’un avocat pratiquant dans ce domaine doit souvent émettre des opinions et donner des conseils sur de nouvelles questions juridiques pour lesquelles il n’y a aucun précédent.
• Il y a de plus en plus de compétition des cabinets internationaux et des bureaux de comptable pour les mandats en TI d’envergure.

Practising in Halifax

George Ash, Boyne Clarke LLP

• It’s a collegial bar and easy to maintain close connections with other counsel in the Halifax Regional Municipality.
• CFB Halifax is Canada’s east coast navy base and the largest forces base in relation to the number of posted personnel. Due to the military’s relocation policies, the HRM area enjoys a constant influx of new military personnel on a regular basis and this is a bonus for any law practice. In addition, this transition of residents assists in strengthening the diversity and multiculturalism within the area.
• Lawyers in the Halifax area can have the best of both worlds and choose to run either a general practice or to concentrate on a more focused practice of law.
• Traffic is pretty bearable much of the time. With two bridges spanning the Halifax Harbour and a reliable Metro Transit Ferry system, travelling to and from Halifax/Dartmouth for court or client meetings is usually pretty effortless.
• The Schulich School of Law is at Dalhousie University in Halifax — having a law school nearby is a plus. Its location permits lawyers and law firms to maintain close relationships with the students, professors, and administration, which is a bonus during annual recruitment efforts.
• The area is blessed with easy and nearby waterfronts, including lakefront and ocean. Dartmouth boasts 23 lakes that offer wonderful recreation opportunities so we can unwind with family and friends. Swimming, boating, paddling, skating are all steps away.

• The weather in the Halifax area, and in fact, Nova Scotia generally, can be unpredictable. If you don’t like our current weather — wait five minutes; it’ll change.
Andrea Shakespeare, Stewart McKelvey

• Collegial bar. Nova Scotia has a small but very friendly bar, centered mainly in Halifax. Local events and conferences are always lively!
• Varied corporate matters. The size and scale of corporate matters in Halifax can range from very small to very large, allowing a corporate lawyer to specialize in certain areas while maintaining a general corporate practice.
• Nova Scotia’s companies’ legislation allows for the use of unlimited liability companies, which creates a number of opportunities to assist in dynamic cross-border transactions and other tax planning matters.
• Halifax’s smaller legal market allows for more client contact early on in your career.
• Community involvement. Local businesses are heavily involved with the community in Nova Scotia, as are the local law firms. Practising corporate law in Halifax gives rise to a number of opportunities to get involved with
the community, whether through boards, societies, pro bono, or fundraising efforts.
• If you can work a pair of rain boots into your wardrobe, Halifax is a small city offering all the perks of big city life — fine dining, a bustling nightlife, historical landmarks, a vibrant waterfront, strong school system, and beautiful parks.

• A corporate lawyer in Halifax must be prepared to allocate a part of their practice to general corporate matters: It is very difficult to develop a corporate practice solely focused on transactions as in larger markets.
• Being in a smaller region of Canada, it is also much more challenging to develop and maintain a highly specialized practice.
• Compared to larger urban centres in Canada, there are fewer opportunities in Halifax for lateral movement within corporate-focused law firms.

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