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Canadian Poker Sites

While many consider the legality of Canada’s online poker and gambling market a ‘grey area’, the reality is that Canadian’s have access to almost every major operator. Online poker, in particular, has thrived in Canada over the years, and it came as no surprise to see many US players move to the country to pursue their poker careers after Black Friday in 2011.

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      Gambling has never been illegal in Canada. However, you won’t find many Canadian-run gambling sites, as many regulations are domestically inclusive. So although Amaya – the Canadian company who purchased PokerStars and recently converted to ‘The Stars Group’ – has their headquarters in Canada, the PokerStars headquarters is based overseas in the Isle of Man, allowing them to continue offering their services in Canada and overseas.

      Ultimately, Canadians are in no way committing a crime by playing online poker. However, as certain areas of Canada have relaxed regulations, we recommend you are selective in terms of the sites you choose to play on. You’ll find our recommendations below.

      Best poker sites for Canadians 2020

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      In terms of sign-up benefits, 888Poker is arguably the best poker site for Canadians. New registrants can receive a 100% bonus on deposits up to $400, as well as an additional $88 bonus. is the second largest poker site in the world behind PokerStars, but as it claims to be dedicated to recreational players, it may be the best launching point for online poker newcomers.

      Of course, PokerStars is the biggest online poker room in the world, and because of this, it offers the biggest fields, the biggest prize pools, and the broadest selection of game types. New registrations can receive a 100% deposit bonus of up to $600, plus entry into an exclusive $2,500 guaranteed free roll reserved strictly for first-time depositors.

      And finally, the third of the big three poker operators, PartyPoker. Currently expanding its live poker operations (and therefore offering satellites for these events online, including those held in Canada), PartyPoker also offers a 100% deposit bonus up to $500, plus $10 for free and a tournament ticket worth $10.

      Playing Online Poker in Canada

      What is the best deposit method for Canadians at online poker sites?

      While the simplest option would seem to be using your Canadian credit card, there are some complications that can arise from this. It really all comes down to which credit card company you are with; some are reluctant to process online poker deposits due to the risks involved in funds being charged back to them. As this is seen as an online gambling deposit, there is obviously a risk of this happening.

      It’s for this reason that online payment systems are the best route for depositing. Alas, Canadians are unable to use the more commonplace systems (PayPal and Neteller) for online gambling deposits, but Skrill has emerged as a reliable and safe method that also benefits users with low transaction fees.

      Alternatively, Canadians can transfer money directly to and from their bank accounts. Most poker sites will also allow you to process cashouts in both Canadian dollars and US dollars.

      Are online poker winnings taxable in Canada?

      One of the main draws for Canadian online poker is that winnings from it (and other forms of gambling) are not considered to be income. Therefore, poker and gambling winnings are tax-free. This is partly thanks to the Canadian lottery, which does not tax its winners.

      However, if you are a professional poker player or gambler, your winnings would then become a business income, so you would have to declare this to abide by the tax laws.

      Essentially though, for newcomers and recreational players, you’ll be able to keep the entirety of your winnings.

      Live poker in Canada

      The Playground Poker Club in Kahnawake (just outside Montreal) has arguably become the most popular poker room in the country, with different online poker sites choosing this location as the venue for their live events.

      PokerStars has held its Canada Cup ($3,300 Main Event, $2 million guaranteed) at Playground, while Partypoker is holding its Canadian Poker Championships throughout August and September 2020. This means that online players in Canada can satellite into live events online for a fraction of the buy-in.

      The nearby Casino Montreal might be the best choice for newcomers and amateur players, due to the lower overall skill level of the common player. However, because of this the rake fees are slightly higher than those in dedicated poker rooms.

      In Ontario, players can visit the OLG Casino Brantford which offers 14 Texas Hold’em tables. Cash games always run, but they also offer a varied tournament schedule including ladies events, bounty events, and deep stack tournaments.

      The River Rock Casino in Richmond, British Columbia, is open 24 hours a day, offering around-the-clock cash games. Other recommendations include Casino Nova Scotia, Caesars Windsor, Northlands Park in Alberta, Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, Medicine Hat Lodge Resort in Alberta, Casino de Mont-Tremblant, and Stoney Nakoda Resort & Casino (also in Alberta).

      Online Poker Canada – Top 10 Canadian Poker Websites

      Like most of the world, Canadians are huge fans of sports betting and gambling. With a market filled with so many gamblers looking for entertaining options, the range of online gambling establishments is high, and their efforts to entice potential players is extremely strong.

      This means, as a prospective Canadian player, that you will have access to one of the largest varieties of online poker sites, and these sites will offer you just about anything to try and claim your business.

      If you’ve ever come across the saying ‘When companies compete, you win’, it was clearly referring to the online gambling industry in Canada. If you’re a Canadian resident or citizen and simply want to search for a new online poker site or wish to try your hand at online poker for the first time, you’ve landed on the right page. The multitude of options are fantastic; however, it can be quite overwhelming, especially when you’re overloaded with too many options.

      Top Canadian Poker Rooms for November 2020All Poker Rooms are Licensed , Mobile Friendly Advertiser Disclosure

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      To assist you in making the right choice, we at Top10pokerwebsites have gone ahead and completed a lot of the research, vetting, and homework for you. We also compiled a list of the best online poker sites available to Canadian players. These online poker sites understand the Canadian market and the unique requirements of players like you. Not only to these online poker sites cater to your every need, but they also offer incredible bonuses and promotions to try and attract you to their site. It’s highly recommended that you take full advantage of these offers.

      Is Gambling in Canada Legal?

      The question that is always on everyone’s mind when it comes to online gambling is the legality along with if they will get in trouble when gambling online. Canadian players are no different when it comes to online gambling and also wonder if it’s allowed to play online poker for real money.

      The main reason for the confusion is that the Canadian laws aren’t very clear and are therefore open to interpretation. There is some Canadian legislation on record pertaining to online gambling. However, it doesn’t specifically state that it is legal or illegal for that matter. It’s essentially just a poorly worded grey area.

      The Canadian legislation is aimed towards the companies that provide their services to the country to ensure they conduct their business in a specific manner. This is 100% correct in our opinion and shouldn’t concern us.

      Specialized Poker Sites vs. All-In-One

      There are two types of online poker sites you will come across in Canada. The first includes an All in One site that provides sports betting, casino games, and online poker under one roof. These online sites are fantastic for recreational players and for those who love a little bit of everything. If you are someone who enjoys playing online poker, some roulette, and a sports bet here and there, these All in One sites will be the best choice for you. Most of the online poker sites listed on our site fall into this category.

      The second type of site available to players in Canada is speciality sites. These online sites only offer online poker, sports betting, or casino games. This will not be an ideal choice if you are searching for a little bit of everything but might be perfect if you are searching for something in particular. Naturally, these speciality sites will have a lot more to offer as they will be considered experts or specialists in their area of online gambling.

      Canada Legislation and Online Poker

      Real money gambling and betting are extremely popular activities when it comes to a country like Canada. Like certain areas in the world, online gambling laws often are quite complicated.There are multiple styles of legal gambling online. However, the laws pertaining to gambling with overseas companies aren’t very clear.

      We at Top10pokerwebsites have therefore provided an overview of the gambling laws in Canada, and include details of what is and isn’t allowed. We also included information on current laws surrounding online gaming and how these laws will affect you. In addition, we discuss the Kahnawake Gaming Commission which is a commission that is situated within the borders of Canada. You can also rest assured with the information provided on this site, as we will maintain this page with updated legislation changes that affect online gambling with the borders o Canada.

      Overview of Gambling Laws in Canada

      Looking back in history, the gambling laws were quite strict in Canada. There are limited styles of gambling allowed in the country. However, there were a couple of changes to the legislation during the 1970’s that managed to relax things quite a bit. The renewed Criminal Code provided each individual province, within the borders of Canada, the ability to regulate and license gambling within their own regions.

      This came about due to the introduction of several land-based casinos across the country. Most provincial governments began by operating their unique lotteries that are still available. In addition, there are currently several sports betting options that have been approved by provincial governments that are mostly operated by an organisation known as Sports Select. The betting operations are referred to by differently, depending on the province, and while they offer legal sports betting, players only have a limited range of bets they can place as oppose to other leading sports betting sites in the world.

      Online Gambling Laws

      Things became somewhat more complicated when it relates to to gambling online in Canada. There are currently two provinces operating their own casinos online and some of the betting outlets approved by the government allow players to make wagers online. It’s legal for players in Canada to gamble at these establishments and betting outlets and to buy lottery tickets over the internet.

      However, it’s illegal for online gambling operators to offer any kind of gambling services to the citizens of Canada unless it’s licensed and approved by the Canadian government. The Canadian laws on this is clear. The grey area pertains to businesses that are situated and operate overseas, that allows people from Canada to play at their sites. Initially, this may be viewed as illegal based on the interpretation of Canadian law. However, should the businesses that are situated overseas be somewhere where its legal to gamble online, then it is arguable whether those laws do not apply.

      How Gambling in Canada Affect You

      If you wish to engage in gaming activities online and are a resident of Canada, then you most likely not overly concerned about the laws that relate to gambling online. The larger concern is if playing at an overseas online gambling site is against the law. The legislation that is current, it’s very difficult to say with any exact confidence if it is or is not.

      There is not a law that is specific that makes online gambling legal. There is also not a law that defines it as illegal. There is an outdated Canadian law that states it’s illegal to be in a betting house, and although this is an outdated law, some still argue that the law can relate to online gambling, even if an argument that is weak and would most likely not stand up if challenged in court.
      However, there has yet to be a citizen in Canada charged, arrested, or punished for using the services of an overseas gaming operator. Although this doesn’t make things overtly clear, it still suggests that there is little to be concerned about should you play online, and in fact, a large number of Canadians do on a regular basis.

      The only drawback for players in Canada is that beyond any state and government approved gaming operation; there is not any regulations from within Canada that apply to online poker rooms. However, this does not need to be of any concern as there are a great number of reputable poker sites operating online, many of which are known worldwide.

      The Kahnawake Gaming Commission

      The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is situated in the province of Quebec and is situated on the Kahnawake reservation. This organization license online gambling sites, but only if they operate within the boundaries of he Kahnawake reserve and adhere to certain criteria set out by the Commission. Due to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission operating as sovereign nation, it is therefore not governed by the laws of Canada and therefore makes it legal to operate online operations.

      Canadian Gambling Legislation Changes

      There are reports that the government of Canada is considering, or at a minimum, having discussions that relate to the introduction of legislative changes pertaining to gambling online. At this point in time, there is little expected to come from this, however, should there be any updates, this page will be updated with those changes.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      If you have any questions relating to play poker online and you live anywhere in Canada then please do read on for below we have put together all of the most commonly and most frequently asked questions from such players.

      Underneath each of the following questions you will of course find the answers to each of them, and if you have any more poker site specific questions you are looking or the answers too then our poker site reviews are worth checking out!

      1. When is the Best Time to Play Poker Online?

      As many online and for that matter mobile poker sites offer their services, poker tournaments and all of their poker game sot player based in lots of different countries of the world then you are going to find that no matter at what time you do decide to play at any Canada player friendly online or mobile poker site there will be a huge number p players logged into those sites.

      So in regards to when is the best time to play online or even mobile poker games and enter poker tournaments it doesn’t matter when out choose to play as there will always be thousands of players logged into any of our featured and top rated poker sites!

      2. Can I Deposit Using any Banking Option?

      It will of course be utter pointless you singing up to any online or mobile poker site from Canada is you are not going o find a deposit and banking option that is available to you! It is with that in mind that every single one of our featured Canada player friendly pork sites both online and mobile poker sites will give you plenty of different depositing and banking options.

      3. Am I going to have to wait Long to Get Paid?

      Our handpicked and fully legal and license online poker sites that we have showcased throughout our website have all been picked for a reason and one of the main reasons we are presenting them to you is that they are all famed for being fast paying poker sites.

      So in regards to whether you are going to have to wait very long when you request a winning payout you are going to find each of them will pay you out all of your winnings in the fastest possible time frames.

      4. What Poker Side Games are Available?

      Canada based players who sign up to any of our top rated poker sites are going to discover that they are not only going to be able to play poker game variants and also enter online and mobile poker tournaments at those sites for all of them also have available a range of different poker side games too.

      If you ever fancy playing blackjack or baccarat games for example alongside your chosen poker games or poker tournaments or any other type of casino based games those games will also be available, so you can have plenty of additional gambling opportunities at each of our selected Canada player friend online and mobile poker sets too!

      5. Can I Deposit and Play in Canadian Dollars?

      As a player who is based in Canada one thing you will never want to be forced to have to do when you are funding your real money online poker site account is to be forced to have to pay excessive fees and charges, and that will be something you will be forced to do when playing at any online poker site that uses a different currency other than CAD!

      We have therefore paid careful attention to just which online poker sites that we are going to be introducing you to and showcasing you to throughout this website and all of them will allow you to find your account suing Canadian Dollars and they will also allow you to set your poker site account
      to that currency.

      As such you can then rest assured and have the peace of mind that you are never going to be hit with any additional fees and charges when you make a deposit or even when you make a withdrawal of any winnings from your online poker sit and poker room accounts, when you make the very smart decision of playing at any of our approved and fully licensed Canadian poker sites.

      6. How Many Mobile Poker Game Variants are Available?

      One thing that has changed very recently is in regards to the number and type of different poker game variants that are now accessible via a mobile poker playing platform and on some poker apps.

      There was a time when you would only find the poker game variant of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker being offered at all mobile poker sites and that was all well and good if that was the poker game variant you enjoy playing he most!

      However, as the years have ticked by and with there now being many more poker players playing poker game via mobile phones including smart phones and tablet devices, many poker sites have increased the range of number of different variants their poker platforms have on offer on them.

      So you will find that by picking out just which mobile poker site you do sign up to and play at carefully you are going to have access to plenty of different poker game variants, and it is worth also knowing you will be able to play those poker games at free play poker tables or of course play them for real money if you prefer!

      7. Can I play More than One Poker Game at a Time?

      The poker software platforms that the vast majority of our approved and highly recommended poker sites use will allow you to play more than one poker game and in more than one poker room at a time, so you can pick and choose how many live poker tables you have open and are playing at those top rated Canadian player friend online poker sites!

      8. Can I set up my Own Poker Tournaments?

      Some of our featured online poker sites will now let you start up and set up your own poker tournaments and as such if you have any friends or family members that you want to play against then make sure you set up your own private poker tournaments and poker rooms and invite your friends and family members to join in the fun and games!

      9. How Old Do I have to be to Play Poker Online?

      To be able to play poker legally online you will have to be the legal minimum age at the very least based on where you live in Canada in regards to any local gambling laws. Each poker site out come across may also have their own age limit restrictions in place too which will be prominently displayed on their respective website.

      10. How often are Poker Tournaments Held?

      All Canada based online and mobile poker players do have a huge range of different poker tournaments that they can take part in and enter, both mobile and online Canadian player friendly poker sites have plenty of tournaments up and running throughout the day and night.

      If you are living in Canada and want to find out just when any poker sites poker tournaments are up and running then visit the poker sites websites and take a good look through the poker tournament schedule as that will enlighten you on how every poker tournament has been structured and designed and when it will be going live too.

      Best online poker rooms for Canadian poker players

      With almost 10 million square kilometers and 38 million inhabitants, Canada is the second largest country in the world. It belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations and is considered as a highly developed country in terms of quality of life, and we may add that also in terms of acceptance of online poker. In this article, we study its legal background and recommend the best online poker rooms for poker players living in Canada.

      Best online poker players from Canada

      Canada ranks 3 in the HendonMob list of total money won by players of the country with almost $700MUSD and 57 WSOP gold bracelets. The most famous player is, of course, Daniel Negreanu, PokerStars ambassador and one of the most recognizable faces of the poker world and top 2-player in terms of profit with almost 40MUSD won at the tables. Jonathan Duhamel, Greg Mueller, Timothy Adams, Sam Greenwood, and Sorel Mizzi complete the Canadian live poker army. And in online poker, the profits boost to $830MUSD (in total $1530MUSD): Kristen «krissyb24» Bicknell ($2,1MUSD online and $3,2MUSD live), «Pudge174» (DeanMalenko or Str8$$$Homey) with $6,6MUSD and Connor «blanconegro» Drinan with $7,4MUSD are the best online poker players from Canada nowadays.

      Online poker legal background in Canada

      Due to its proximity to the United States, some players think that the same regulations apply to Canada, but there is nothing further from reality. The only restriction to be allowed to play online poker from Canada is that you need to be at least 19 years old, but the Canadian law doesn’t forbid online poker in any way, in fact, online gambling is not even regulated like Spain or France; in short: is 100% legal to play online poker in Canada. Some poker rooms and e-wallets like Skrill are treating Canada as a grey online poker market, but it’s a non-sense measure, and of course, other poker rooms widely promote their services to Canadian players.

      Online poker taxes in Canada

      If having an open market is not enough, perhaps knowing that all your poker incomes in Canada are tax-free is the cherry on the cake you need to know to start playing online poker. Therefore, being able to join almost any poker room in a tax-free environment is the perfect bundle for poker professionals, keeping in mind that Canada provides top quality of life.

      Deposit and withdrawals methods for Canadian poker players

      As we commented before, Skrill and Neteller (Paysafe) left Canada in a very extreme measure, but of course, other sites have come to fulfill the gap, and Canadian players should not worry because there are plenty of payment processors available in Canada:


      ecoPayz is perhaps the largest e-wallet available to Canadian poker players. It’s widely accepted among poker rooms and our agency processes deposits and withdrawals using ecoPayz. From ecoPayz, Canadian players can request withdrawals to their bank accounts.


      Cryptos like BTC and USDT remain as a safe and anonymous payment method to use in Canada. Networks like WPN (PokerKing, Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker) and Chico (TigerGaming, BetOnline, SportsBetting) process deposits and withdrawals using a wide selection of cryptos. Worldpokerdeals also works with cryptos to process payments at alternative poker rooms like the Chinese ones.

      Credit cards

      Credit cards are always a good option to make deposits to online poker rooms, in case you don’t use e-wallets. But in this case, we recommend you check with the poker room before making any deposit due to the self-imposed restriction that some sites have adopted in Canada.

      Best online poker rooms for Canadian players

      Canadian poker players have a wide offer of online poker rooms, so our selection for them consists of the best sites to play in 2020 considering:

      • High and transparent rakeback;
      • The weakness of the field;
      • Traffic during the Canadian peak time.

      We have divided the best poker rooms for Canadians into three categories:

      Games with Asian players

      With the rise and fall of PokerMaster, Worldpokedeals has prepared a unique package of Asian poker rooms which is available for Canadian players. Mobile applications like PPPoker, FirePoker, Potato Poker, and HiPoker are currently the best options to join games with Asian fishes, but if you’re not ready to jump into the Chinese mobile world, the GG Network is a legit platform to play from Canada. The peak time of the Chinese poker rooms corresponds to the early Canadian mornings.

      Games with American players

      The largest US-facing networks: Winning (PokerKing) and Chico (TigerGaming) accept players from Canada and process deposits and withdrawals using cryptos and ecoPayz. The traffic is excellent during the Canadian peak time, and our exclusive rakeback deals make of the American networks an amazing choice for Canadian players.

      Alternative poker rooms

      Worldpokerdeals grants safe access to Latin-American, Indian, Italian, and Israeli poker rooms, which are all available for poker players living in Canada. The peak time of each site depends on the country of origin, which works great for poker players playing in different lobbies.

      Poker Room Highest Stake Peak of Time
      Red Argentina de Poker NL200 Latin-America (Canadian nights)
      Spartan Poker NL80 Indian (Canadian morning)
      iPoker.IT NL1000 Italian (Canadian evening)
      GoldPokerPro NL1500 Israeli (Canadian morning)


      Canada provides a fantastic package: high quality of life, tax-free winnings, and with our exclusive deals, the opportunity to access the best online poker rooms on the market. Reach our team now to get more information about the top rakeback deals for Canadian poker players.

      Top 10 Canadian Poker Sites for 2020 – Players from Canada

      Canada has largely opened up its online gates to many sorts of gambling sites. Recent years have seen the rise of available online poker rooms suitable to Canadian conditions. Yet, regardless of the offerings, there are several key factors which need to be accounted for when choosing the most suitable sites for Canadian players.

      The number of online poker sites that allow and accept Canadian poker players are certainly not low, however when playing poker in the online environment you really do owe it to yourself to play only at the better run sites, more so if you want to ensure you are going to get paid quickly when you win!

      We have decided to present to you a definitive guide to the top 10 Canadian poker sites all of which can be found online, we have compiled our own unique checklist and have matched the following sites with it and as such you are guaranteed of a fully rounded and safe online poker playing session no matter at which site listed below you choose to play at.

      Recommended Canadian Online Poker Rooms

      My list of the best Canada poker sites which I consider to be the best rooms to play in 2020:

      100% Legal & Licensed Verified Bonus Mobile Friendly Advertiser Disclosure. Must be +18 to participate.

      Read ReviewVisit Site Deposit Options

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      Rank Poker Rooms Bonus Review.

        $88/£20 Free NO DEPOSIT BONUS, No Deposit Required (T&Cs apply) Welcome Bonus up to $1000 (T&Cs apply) Promo Code: NEW1000 First- > Rich Player Traffic

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        100% First deposit bonus Promo Code: NEWBOL Banking through cryptocurrencies Top 3 in US player traffic

      Read ReviewVisit Site Deposit Options

        Up to $1000 Sign Up Bonus Promo Code: NEWSB Highly Responsive Customer Support Easy-To-Orient Soft Competition

      Read ReviewVisit Site Deposit Options

        Get huge up to $1000 bonus Promo Code: NEWTG Bad Beat Jackpot Low minimum deposit

      Read ReviewVisit Site Deposit Options

        Cash Game missions The biggest tournament prize pools $10 in SPINS tickets for new players Over a dozen regular promotions

        Easy Wagering Requirements Fast & Reliable Payment Methods Highly Responsive Customer Service

      1-3 days


        Play with £10 Instantly Reliable Support Agents Long Tradition Best Game Selection

      Read ReviewVisit Site Deposit Options

        Special Features Long-standing Reputation Great Bonus & Promotion Selection Good Player Traffic

      Canada Poker News

      Sam Soverel Tops 2020 Poker Masters To Capture Purple Jacket

      Sam Soverel has made his 2020 Poker Masters journey truly one to remember after winning the tour’s $50,000 No-Limit Hold’em Main .

      PokerStars Says Goodbye To Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov

      Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov have cut ties with PokerStars. The poker couple announced in a tweet this week that they are leaving the brand .

      Simple Poker Releases “Simple GTO Trainer” To Help Players

      Game Theory Optimal poker or more commonly known as “GTO Poker” has become increasingly popular among the poker community nowadays .

      MicroMillions Returns to PokerStars And Offers $4.3 Million GTD

      MicroMillions is back! The hugely popular legal online poker tournament series specially designed for low-stakes players kicked off on .

      Poker sites in particular have significantly increased in their number as well as their game selection. This, however may be due to the fact that many of the world’s best poker players are in fact Canadian citizens. Nevertheless each person of that country has the right to exercise any game of fortune they may choose. All they have to do is inform themselves on the major issues which tend to arise in this area.

      Is online poker legal in Canada?

      Legal issues regarding online poker in Canada are quite distinctly managed. Namely, Canada has come to be known as the grey area of online gambling, much due to the fact that there is no actual law prohibiting this practice. However, there is one about gambling in unauthorized houses, which would not be the case if any Canadian chooses one of the best poker sites on the market. Still, due to the fact that some of the sites in the country are government-run, there is little left to worry about in terms of legitimacy.

      Furthermore, due to the fact that it is territorially divided, there are some district-specific laws which you might encounter. Nevertheless, most seem to be loosening the top button these days, as poker games are flourishing in many cities such as Toronto and Montreal. In fact, the optimistic air regarding online poker games is what brought many talented players to Canada in the first place.

      2020 Poker Legislation in Canada

      2020 is not expected to deliver any changes in relation to the legality of online poker or gambling online in general. The risk of criminal prosecution or the seizing their funds for participating in those activities is not a threat at all for Canadians as there is no laws pertaining to wagering at an offshore poker room under the Canadian criminal code, therefore making is legal in the country.

      Every province in the country with the exception of Saskatchewan has made the move towards online poker. British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec started offering online poker to their residents in 2009. While Ontario and British Columbia also offer their own online casinos that operate under their respective provincial lottery corporations and is overseen by their own regulatory boards.

      The only grey area of poker legislation in Canada is offshore betting. There is nothing in the criminal code currently prohibiting offshore poker rooms from offering their services. It won’t be long until these offshore sites have their day in Canadian court though. As provinces begin to move towards their own online poker services, they will begin to enforce laws restricting their residents from acquiring offshore poker rooms.

      Canadian Online Poker Licensing Regulations

      Understandably none of this would have been provided by most poker sites if they were expected to act upon their good will solely. Therefore there are several proven jurisdictions which test and regularly control them in order to determine their licensing status.

      Although such licensing authorities aren’t that frequently found in Canada, there is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This institution is known to have licensed many legal poker sites available to Canadian players. Due to its precise metrics and sustainable control, this jurisdiction is considered to be a reliable licensing authority. No poker site carrying its license should cause trouble to its Canadian customers.

      Other than Canadian-based, there are other international authorities. One of them is the UK Gambling Commission, a renowned institution in its field which has acquired its reputation due to their stringent assessments of the software, RNG, customer service and game selection as well as the money transfer specifications of any poker site licensed by it. The Gibraltar Gaming Authority as well as the one in Alderney are also reliable licensing institutions. The Malta Lottery and Gaming Authority is another reliable regulatory body. Signing up at a site which has been licensed by them is definitely a move in the right direction.

      Traffic & Games Offered

      Canadian online poker rooms have gained the confidence of players around the country. Operating on advanced software, playing these poker games has never been as straightforward or easy. Online poker sites like 888poker use their own proprietary software to provide easy-to-stream gameplay.

      The performance of the graphics on our listed poker sites is immersive. Tables are sized approximately to the length of your monitor’s resolution and then compressed to increase performance. Due to this method of design, it’s possible to access numerous games simultaneously. Granted, that is if you and your skills are up to the task.

      Poker Room Features & Functionality

      Poker rooms are built in two different configurations, downloadable and flash. The poker sites listed at on this page have both these configurations built into them. Chat boxes and hand histories are also built into these poker rooms as standard features. Our listed sites also provide table filters, allowing users to alter the table in the way that best suits their playing needs.

      There is an extensive list of poker sites available in Canada; it has become an over-saturated market over time. We’ve spent the better part of week filtering out the good from the bad, allowing Top10PokerSites to provide you with a respectable list of poker rooms. Most poker sites lean towards using poker software created by developers like Microgaming or Playtech. However, there are poker sites that use their own proprietary software to enhance gameplay for players.

      Finding out the best poker site for you has its own trail and errors. There are players who prefer to stick with a single brand and others who like to play at dozens of different poker rooms. Deciding which play style is best for you is required to get the most out of your experience.

      Researching Bonuses & VIP Programs

      It’s the temptation of a welcome registration bonus that will force a players hand when they are deciding on playing with a new poker room they’ve come across. There is only one guaranteed way that you can properly decide if this type of bonus is right for you and that’s by reading the terms/conditions. Terms that come across as sneaky might change your mind on accepting this promotion.

      There are multiple different promotions available at Canadian poker sites. The match deposit bonus is a promotion used often by poker rooms. One of the terms and conditions of this promotion is that for players to withdraw any cash prizes they must bet a specific amount. Promotions will remain the same regardless if you are using a mobile or desktop configuration of the poker site.

      After you’ve read through the terms and have chosen to accept promotion, the bonus credits will immediately be applied to your account. These credits may be used on any poker game or poker tournament. The Canadian poker sites we’ve listed above have the best promotions online and also provide mobile equivalents of their platform.

      Additionally, those who choose to stick with a brand will potentially have the opportunity to become a VIP player. Consequently, you will be given special benefits and unique promotions, however, this is only offered to those who meet the criteria that each poker room assigns for entry into its VIP program.

      Device Compatibility of Online Poker Sites

      Mobile phones have become the most used piece of technology in human history. It’s estimated that anywhere from 3 to 3.5 Billion people currently have a mobile phone. Due to the rapid advancement of cellular technology, mobile phones have changed dramatically and are now as powerful as computers. Graphics on mobile phones rival graphics on PC’s.

      Consequently, your favourite poker sites have been converted over to Apple and Android devices.

      Accessing the best poker sites does require one of the latest smart phones on the market. This gives you the full range of touch screen capabilities, making navigating through the poker room and playing their games considerably easier. The big separation between mobile poker apps and desktop poker rooms is that on mobile apps, you cannot play two games simultaneously.

      Deposits & Withdrawals For Canadian Poker Players

      Canadian players should not be forced to undergo additional expenses and troubles when transferring money to and fro a poker site. Therefore, you are sure to recognize the best sites, as they tend to offer Canadian dollars as the most suitable currency for these players.

      Moreover, the deposit options need to fit specific requirements, but the same selection process applies here. In this case, you have numerous trustworthy poker sites which offer multiple bank transfer options corresponding to Canadian financial institutions. The deposit time on these sites is quite short, especially from credit cards, which indicates reliability of both Canadian credit and the poker sites’ credibility.

      Withdrawals, however, tend to be the more desirable transaction, which is why most players are concerned about it. Namely, poker sites which are open to Canadian players tend to provide the same extensive options regarding withdrawals as they do with deposits. The selection includes debit and credit cards, as well as e-wallet options such as Skrill and Neteller.

      Poker Strategies & Advice

      Poker can be a hard game to master; it can ultimately take a lifetime to master. There are dozens of different styles of poker, each a little bit different then the last.

      Poker legends like Daniel Negreanu have struggled to master all the versions of this game, occasionally being given an expected hand. We are here to help you a bit in your journey of mastering poker.

      There are hundreds of different poker strategies to be found online, each one giving tips and advice on how to become a better poker player.

      We’ve spent a great deal of time sifting through these strategies to find that ultimately, the strategy best for you depends on how you prefer to play the game. However, this game is about chance and it doesn’t matter how many strategies you perfect, luck is still needed in order to win at playing poker. There is no way to guarantee that every hand you play will be a winning pot.

      Security & Support

      Getting swept away by the excitement and cash grabs of online poker rooms can sometimes be harmful over time. It can create problems that you might not notice over time. We take responsible and safe gambling serious here at Top10PokerSites.

      You gambling responsibly is important to not just yourself but also your friends and your family. The best thing you can do is set yourself out a set of rules that limits you to how many hours you play poker online. Another rule that is good to use is the strict bankroll rule, where you set a weekly limit not exceed it.

      Subsequently, what this does it allow those with potential problems to negate their chances at spending more than they intended. Almost every poker room and mobile poker app provide services for responsible gambling as it is mandated under their licensing regulations. Those can include programs that help players control their temptations. You can even refer yourself as a gambling addict to the casino, allowing them to remove you from the service if you break your own rules.

      FAQs when playing poker in Canada

      Are poker sites for Canadian players safe and secure?

      On the one hand, this is mainly due to the above mentioned reasons. The legality of the practice ensures that you are not doing anything wrong or illegitimate, while the licensing aspect provides players with insurance as to the proper functioning of each feature on the website.

      On the other hand, the sites themselves guarantee their legitimacy. This is so because most reliable sites which are open to Canadian poker players are, actually, globally renowned, with coverage on multiple continents.

      Do I have to Pay tax on my poker winnings in Canadian ?

      Could I use any poker bonuses on Canadian-friendly sites?

      Additionally, you can find promotions that are typically suited to fit Canadians and their interests. Thus, instead of cash bonuses, some of the poker sites’ promotions may include typical gifts which would appeal to them, such as tickets to hockey games, ice skating competitions etc.

      What is the best time for me to play poker on these websites from Canada?

      Be aware that as a new online Canadian poker player you will also be given access to some very generous sign up bonuses at all of the sites listed below, and as such we recommend you checkout all of the sites listed, to find out just how generous these bonuses are, we guarantee you will be suitably impressed by the value of all of them!

      В Канаде запретили покер

      После известных событий Чёрной Пятницы многие игроки из США отправились в Канаду, чтобы иметь возможность продолжать заниматься любимым делом. Но недавно стали сгущаться тучи над онлайн-покером в этой стране и стало известно, что в канадской провинции Квебек решили запретить деятельность всех игорных онлайн-операторов.

      Данный запрет относится к компаниям, которые получили лицензию на игорную деятельность за пределами Канады. С этого момента онлайн-операторы смогут продолжить работу лишь после разрешения регулирующих органов. По заявлениям экспертов борьба с «нелегалами» началась в угоду местного монополиста Loto-Quebec.

      Пока нововведения не распространились на всю территорию Канады, но министр финансов провинции Квебек всячески пытается убедить правительство, чтобы нововведение вступило в силу во всей стране. К счастью поклонников данной идеи выявилось очень мало, поэтому покеристам волноваться пока рано.

      Стоит отметить, что PokerStars новые санкции никак не коснутся, ведь сайт №1 в мире моментально совершил необходимые действия, чтобы деятельность покер-рума была в рамках закона.

      Canadian Poker Sites

      While many consider the legality of Canada’s online poker and gambling market a ‘grey area’, the reality is that Canadian’s have access to almost every major operator. Online poker, in particular, has thrived in Canada over the years, and it came as no surprise to see many US players move to the country to pursue their poker careers after Black Friday in 2011.

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