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Our Edmonton Rent-to-Own a Home Program allows you to get into one of our Edmonton Rent to Own Homes even if you have bad credit or no credit. With our Edmonton Rent-to-Own a Home Program you don’t have to meet the typical qualifications required by conventional lending institutions! Our Edmonton Rent-to-Own a Home Program is specifically designed to assist Canadians experiencing difficulty in obtaining conventional financing.

With our Edmonton Rent-to-Own a Home Program, you are considered the owner the day you move in; there are no more landlords telling you what you can and cannot do. You have the right to renovate and improve your property just as any other owner.

How do I know if the Rent-to-own a Home Program is for me?

Are you having a hard time or can’t qualify for a mortgage? Good credit, bad credit, ugly credit or no credit? Are you self employed? Filed for bankruptcy, gone through a divorce, have very little down payment, just relocated from another province or country? No Problem!

If you can afford a reasonable monthly payment, you can easily qualify for one of our Rent to Own a Home Programs. With all of our Rent-to-own a Home Programs, there is No Bank Qualifying Required!

Whether you are rebuilding your existing credit or establishing new credit, we can Help! Conventional mortgages are restrictive and are only available to those who fit traditional criteria. At ioffersolutions Real Estate Services Inc., we do things differently because we truly understand that life’s circumstances should not prevent you from realizing your dream of home ownership!

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ASP Canada Rent-to-Own allows you to live in your dream home today without having to meet the typical financing qualifications required by the big banks. Our unique program is designed to assist Canadians who experience difficulty in qualifying for conventional financing, either because of bruised credit or lack of down payment.

What is Rent to Own?

Renting to own consists of two separate contracts:

  • An Occupancy Agreement – similar to a rental contract.
  • An Option to Purchase Agreement – the contract stating your intentions to buy the property within a specific period of time.

Our Rent-to-Own Program requires a deposit of 3% which we call “Initial Option Payment Credit” (Non-refundable). To purchase the property you will need another 7%. This 7% is divided by the number of months in your Occupancy Agreement and added to the market rent of the property. This is done to make sure you have the full 10% down payment to buy the property. The higher your deposit, the lower your monthly payments will be.

Suppose you want to buy a property that by our estimation will be worth $256,000 at the end of your Occupancy Agreement in 3 years and you only have $7,680 (or 3%) to put down as the Initial Option Payment Credit. You will still need another 7% or $17,920, so we divide the $17,920 by the number of months in your Occupancy Agreement to give us the Monthly Option Payment Credit. This will be added to your current market rent and is non-refundable. Basically, we let you pay your down payment one month at a time.

Banks have strict lending policies that restrict many individuals from qualifying for a mortgage. But with ASP Canada Rent-to-Own it’s easy to qualify. The program is flexible and can be customized to your needs. If you have a reasonable Initial Option Payment Credit and good income to support the additional Monthly Option Payment Credit, you should qualify.

In addition, our credit counselor will help you rebuild, repair or establish your credit. They will review your credit report with you and provide you with a personalized plan for you to follow. Our tenant/buyers love it because it gives them time to save up for a larger down payment, time to clean up past credit problems or time to sell another home.

Why Rent-to-Own Might Be Right For You:

  • Manageable down payment
  • Poor or no credit history
  • Build towards ownership while renting

Our rent-to-own program is very flexible in the amount of down payment required and/or the monthly payments. Once we approve your application, you are treated as the owner of the property the day you move in. Our program is design to help you qualify for financing as soon as possible. Typically we can help you qualify for conventional financing within 3-5 years if you follow our program. We can extend the program longer if necessary as long as you are not in default with us. Our credit counselor will help you rebuild, repair or establish your credit rating. Our Counselor will review your credit report with you and provide you with a personalized plan for you to follow. This plan, if properly executed by you during the rental term, will improve or establish your credit rating sufficiently to be approved by conventional lenders.

Fill out our quick Rent-to-Own Questionnaire and get the ball rolling today! What do you have to lose? Stop paying rent and start owning!

How Long is the Rent-to-Own Agreement

We rent you the home for a period of 2-3 years with the Option To Purchase at the end of the rental period. Our tenant/buyers love it because it gives them time to save up for a larger down payment, time to clean up past credit problems or time to sell another home. We are obligated to sell the home to you. However, you are not obligated to buy. When you purchase the home 100% of your Initial Option Payment Credit and 100% of your Monthly Option Payment Credit is credited towards the purchase price of the home. These credits will act as your down payment. If you decide not to purchase the home you will lose your Initial Option Payment Credit and your Monthly Option Payment Credit. We commit ourselves to helping you at a great financial expense, so it’s only natural for you to lose your credits for not keeping your commitment. We do all we can to make your dream of home ownership a reality so please help us help you. Do not join our program unless you are truly committed to home ownership.

The purchase price will be established up front before signing and is based on the projected value of the home at the end of your rent-to-own occupancy agreement. If the property appreciates more, which is very possible, you benefit from that increase.

For more information, please contact us today!

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How Rent to Own Houses Work in Canada

One real estate strategy that I’m quite familiar with, but never written about, is rent to own or lease option homes. What is a rent to own home? It’s pretty much exactly as it sounds. It’s where an investor, or home owner, rents out their property to a tenant, but gives the tenant the “option” to purchase the home after a certain period of time at a predetermined price.

Home owners sometime use this strategy as an incentive to get their home sold, even if it means taking payments for a certain period of time. Home buyers with not so great credit, and low amount of savings for down payment, may find this method of financing attractive. It enables them to get into a home right away, while building their credit and down payment through rent credits.

For the investor, selling a house via rent to own or lease option is very similar to selling a covered call. The tenant has to pay the investor an upfront “premium” for the option to purchase the house, this is called the “option deposit”. At the expiry, which is negotiated between the investor and tenant, the tenant has the option of purchasing the house at a predetermined price. The option deposit, along with any rent credits, are used as part of the down payment on the house.

How does rent to own work?

  1. House is listed as a rent to own with monthly rent at the high end of rentals in the area, and a small option deposit (1-2% of property value). The option deposit goes towards the purchase of the home and is non-refundable.
  2. Tenants are screened for decent credit, employment and potential for purchasing home at end of the term.
  3. Tenant moves in, landlord collects rent and option deposit upfront. A separate lease and purchase agreement is signed.
  4. A small portion of the rent, called a rent credit, is put against the purchase price of the home. The rent credit is at the discretion of the investor.
  5. If the tenant decides not to buy, the tenant loses their option deposit and rent credits.

Investors Perspective


  • Rents are typically higher;
  • Option deposit collected upfront;
  • Tenant is responsible for maintenance and repairs;
  • Tenant typically treats the home as if it is their own; and,
  • Guaranteed sale price if tenant exercises their option.


  • Setting a ceiling on selling price of the house, especially in appreciating markets;
  • The initial due diligence required to screen tenants; and,
  • Tenants can walk away from the deal at any time, but investor is bound by terms of the purchase agreement.

Tenant Perspective


  • Tenants can “test” the house and the neighborhood and can walk away from the deal at any time.
  • Tenants with mediocre credit can build their credit over the term and build their down payment via rent credits.


  • Tenant pays premium rent for the “option” to purchase the house. If the tenant decides not to buy, the option deposit is lost.
  • Bank financing is not guaranteed at the end of the term.

Final Thoughts

From an investors perspective, this is one way to make money via real estate, however, placing a cap on the selling price is the deal breaker. Personally, I’d rather build equity over time and keep the property for the long term. However, I can see this being a viable solution for home owners who are having trouble moving their home in a buyers market.

Do you have any experience with rent to own homes in your area?

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The cap of selling price does restrict you slightly, but typical appreciation for the rent to own homes is 3-5% a year.

As an investor, this strategy is more a short term capital building one. If tenant leaves, finding another tenant and collecting another deposit is well worth the trouble sometimes.

In our program, we put them in touch with a mortgage broker within the first 3 months so they are put on a guide to build up their credit where they need to be to qualify for a mortgage.

Lease to own real estate in Canada performs much like it does in other areas around the globe. Someone who has a home leases it out to a individual who desires to stay there. They perform out the renting alternatives. The two events also perform out an contract that declares that the tenant will have the choice of buying the property at the end of the rental. Usually the price of the property will be less than if the tenant had tried to buy the property to start with. However, if the tenant chooses that he or she does not want the property, then they do not have to buy it. However the proprietor of the property can choose not to offer.

The cases I have seen show quite a mis-match in negotiating power. People that buy rent-to-own are usually people that cannot buy a home the normal way. That means they are either unable to get the down payment or qualify for a mortgage.

Since the buyers usually have little option, the houses are usually sold to them at an inflated price. This compensates the seller for the risk of the house not selling and for the time delay until the house sells.

We have had some clients thinking of buying this way, but we always managed to help them figure out how to buy conventionally. Generally, buyers should never rent-to-own, unless they have no other way to buy a home.

It sounds like it would be profitable for sellers, but the people I know that sold this way usually did it as a way to sell a rental property that they are okay with owning for a while yet.

Due to the legal issues and complexities, such as calculations of how much of the rent is applied to the purchase price, and shorter term nature, I have not seen any sellers do this with any volume.

I agree with you that it’s probably more profitable for the seller to keep a rental property long term. For the buyer, they should avoid rent-to-own unless there is no other way to buy.

I like this comment, because it is from the renter’s perspective. My husband and I did a rent to own, got an INFLATED monthly rental amount (almost $3000 a month for a $340K home). We had one year left in our rental agreement and were seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Then we come home to a note on our door from a bank. Seems our “landlord” hadn’t been paying the mortgage on our home. I contacted him and he advised that he had gone bankrupt and that we were basically screwed. The rent to own is all about protecting the landlord, not the tenant. And that is totally unfair.

We are considering a rent to own second home, because our first home is being constructed, but do not want to lose this property? Did you have a real estate attorney involved?

It’s just such a sleazy business. You’re basically dealing with people who don’t understand finances or real estate and taking complete advantage of them in the process. It’s right up there with the payday loan businesses in the ranks of “legitimized businesses which do nothing but take advantage of those who don’t know any better”.

Negitives for prospective buyer – major money invested (major to them anyways, possibly all of thier life savings was used in the option payment) but they do not control mortgage or have name on title… opens them up to the following risks which I would find unacceptable and so would most business people
1. what if the seller doesn’t actually make the mortgage payment and the property is foreclosed before the option date.
2. What if seller, who still has title, doesn’t pay his taxes and Revenue Canada puts a writ on the property. How will title be transfered when the option comes due.
3. Similarily, what if the seller is sued and a judgement is put on the title. Paying up front and not getting control is too risky.

Great post! But it seems pretty complicated, with a lot of potential down sides to it.

i would not rent to own as i had done this previously i had mad a agreement that what ever i put on the house i would recieve back that funds however i was paying 720$ a month utilities included that i was paying, that land lord decided to take all the credit building from the bills on top of my providing labour to the home for updates that what i spent would come off of the home. in the end i lost the home and all monies i had put into it along with the thousands of free labour that they scamed me of. Do not rent to own

Here’s why rent-to-own does NOT often work out (but it can)…
1) buyer has NO real idea what it will take to get a mortgage and that is his or her only real **exit strategy**
2) The house **will** be appraised at mortgage time and that will set the lending value, so for all the rent-to-own sellers/investors who giggle about setting a 3-5% annual price appreciation, you are NOT guaranteed that price – more likely in the event of a low appraisal the deal crashes on the back of the buyer as it is the buyer that must make up any shortfall between purchase price and lending value PLUS prove his down payment.
3) rent component MUST be “Fair Market Rent” and this will have to be proved at mortgage time. If rent was below market, CMHC/lenders will simply raise the rental component back to FMR and reduce the buyer’s down payment credits. To arbitrarily manipulate what is considered rent and what is down payment credits is …. yes …. mortgage fraud.
4) the ONLY reason a buyer should seriously consider this strategy is if his/her purchase price (the strike price in option-talk) is at or very close to market price today and s/he has a market view that house prices will go up in their area. Same for FMR. Otherwise MUCH BETTER to save your down payment money in the bank and NOT put it at risk.
5) More often than not, it is LACK OF DOWN PAYMENT that really keeps buyer’s out of the housing market. (Credit problems start with LACK of – and need to be FIXED with – yes MONEY). So when the buyer has an option to buy a $300K property, he is going to need to prove at least $15K (5%) plus $3-4.5K for closing costs (per GE/CMHC), so almost $20K one way or the other. That’s up to $1000/mo for 20 months in addition to FMR, if their initial DP is low. Plus they have obligations to pay for all the other stuff the cash-starved buyer spends their money on. Then the buyer has their first late payment and it spirals down from there.
6) In summary, the buyer is making a bet – they are betting that before their lease expires they will qualify for a mortgage. This could be an easy bet (complete a non-contested divorce, for example) or a high-risk bet (typically any time there is more than one mortgage approval variable to fix (employment, credit, down payment, back-taxes, etc.).

Rent-to-own can be a bona-fide program and an extremely useful strategy as a steppingstone to a mortgage when set-up correctly, with the proper safeguards, and with an extremely clear eye on the exit strategy for both sides. That means a licensed mortgage professional experienced with rent-to-own is involved from the start and is NOT a party to the transaction. (ie. check out conflicts of interest). BTW, if you think a lawyer knows how to get a mortgage, think again. This strategy is a financing play – nothing more. DIY enthusiasts can expect train-wrecks.


Please let me know what are your views on this question. Why would the bank reduce the value a potential buyer puts toward a house purchase from the ‘rental’ agreement. There is no wording i have read that states which portion of the rental can be applied to a house purchase which does not. I am trying to sell to my children and would like to apply as much of the rental agreement towards the house purchase as possible.

Hello just trying to find where I may get the paperwork necessary to use my home in rent to own?/

I also find this method of financing attractive. You are absolutely right that tenants are screened for decent credit as they should be able to pay monthly rent and then purchase the house. You know, in theory, both sides win, the seller and the buyer. This way the seller gets his cash payments and the buyer immediately moves into the property he likes and wants to live in. But there are also some pitfalls buyers should avoid like, for example, the violation of the contract. If you violate some part of the contract, for instance, you can’t pat your monthly payment when you need to do it and pay it later, the owner can consider it like the contract violation.

I’m just a single girl not very much income however I own my home in Airdrie Alberta and in May 2012 I signed a 3 year lease with an investment company whom is renting out my property for me. Theubare the lessee directly and sublet the home and have the option to purchase at the end of the term may 2015 for exactly what I owe on my heloc. I wonder if you would be able to review my contract as I would like out of this contract to either sell the home now for more than I owe due to changes in the market. How much would you charge to review and advise if I can get out of it.

@Sam, I would recommend that you contact a lawyer.

Rent to Own Homes

BC Rent To Own offers an exclusive rent to own program for home buyers throughout the Okanagan.

  • Have you tried to buy a home and been turned down because of less than perfect credit? We help build your credit through counseling and our one of a kind lease to own program.
  • We have helped people own their own homes who are self employed, gone bankrupt, who have suffered a marital breakdown, or who have simply not managed to establish their credit.
  • Have the banks turned you down because you don’t have a 5% down payment? Even if you don’t have 5% down, we can help you buy your own home while renting it in just one or two years. We will work with you to build up your 5% down payment through our monthly option credit system. In order to qualify though, you generally need at least 2% of the purchase price saved.
  • Has your landlord sold the home you are living in or have you had trouble finding a decent place to call home? Our program will work for you as well. We purchase and renovate homes from time to time and place them in our program. See «listings» for available homes. Our homes generally have suites in them or are suitable to help keep the costs of home ownership down.

Find out more about our lease to own program; our exclusive home buying program has worked for many tenants in the past. If you have the commitment and a strong desire to be a homeowner this will work for you too! We purchase homes in Lake Country, Vernon, Armstrong, Salmon Arm and Lumby. All you need to do is fill in the quick start application and we’ll get to work. Stop renting, start your home ownership journey today!

Homes for Rent

Demand for rental homes in the Okanagan continues to increase and finding a suitable home to rent can be more than challenging in our current home renters market. We offer the highest value in rental properties with a selection of rental suites in the North Okanagan; Coldstream, Lumby, Vernon and the South Okanagan; and Lake Country, British Columbia. We know that you have priorities that you cannot compromise in your home, from a central location, access to amenities, number of bedrooms, to low maintenance, outdoor living spaces, and great neighbours!

You can view our gallery of affordable rental homes and check back often as new rental vacancies become available.

Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investments remain one of the most stable choices for investing your money and securing your financial future. The gains realized from investing in real property surpass even the blue chip stocks, bonds, and the best of the balanced financial portfolios for a consistent, low risk return on investment. The real estate market in the Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada is enjoying an increase in activity and property values and is forecasted to continue to rise.

Read about our rent to own investing strategy in the real estate investing opportunities section of our website. Contact Phil to find out more about our no hassle, low risk investing program.

RENT TO OWN Выгодно или нет?

Многие слышали про программу Rent To Own, которая становится все популярнее. Я получаю много звонков с просьбой объяснить, как эта программа работает. В этой статье я попытаюсь максимально подробно рассказать об этой программе. Также вы можете воспользоваться информацией, выложенной на моём веб сайте в разделе Rent To Own, где приведены примеры конкретных сделок.

Итак, эта программа интересна как для покупателей недвижимости, так и для инвесторов. В этой статье я хочу рассмотреть выгоду покупателей, тем же, кто хочет инвестировать в такие сделки, рекомендую посетить раздел моего веб сайта под топиком Ивестиции, вы будете приятно удивлены, увидев на конкретных примерах, о каком ROI (return on investment) идёт речь.

Цены на недвижимость растут, и многие сталкиваются с ситуацией, что накопить деньги на первоначальный взнос очень тяжело, так как пока деньги накапливаются, цены убегают вверх, и скопленных денег опять не хватает для первоночального взноса. Кроме этого, у некоторых были финансовые проблемы в прошлом (Банкротство и т.д.), и хотя в данный момент у человека есть стабильный доход, в ближайшие несколько лет получить финансирование на покупку жилья эти люди не могут. Кроме этого, потенциальные покупатели по этой программе – это молодые семьи, которым необходимо собственное жилье, но пока работает один из супругов, и для получения моргеджа этого не хватает, да и с накоплениями проблема.
Что же редлагает программа Rent To Own ?

Переехать в собственное жильё уже сегодня, внеся лишь незначительную сумму депозита. Зафиксировать на определённом уровне цену дома и отложить непосредственное оформление сделки на срок от 1 до 5 лет. Не обращаться в банк за получением кредита. Многих волнует то, что до непосредственного проведения сделки купли-продажи фактическим владельцем дома является его собственник, но разве при покупке дома по обычной схеме вы являетесь полноправным владельцем? Ответ: Нет, до того момента, как вы полностью рассчитаетесь с кредитом, ваш дом находится под залогом в банке, и в случае нарушения обязательств перед банком, вы потеряете дом. Точно то же происходит и в случае оформления сделки по схеме Rent To Own. Вы точно также оформляете контракт, но в данном случае не с банком, а с непосредственным владельцем дома. У обеих сторон контракта есть обязательства: у вас – своевременно выполнять платежи, у владельца дома – переоформить дом на вас в указанное контрактом время. Таие контракты составляются в присутствии адвоката и являются полностью легитимными.
Многих также волнует, что в случае покупки по схеме Rent To Own вы в итоге платите за дом сумму большую, чем изначальная цена. Да, это так, но разве не делаете вы то же самое при обычной покупке. Ведь львиная доля вашего месячного платежа уходит в погашение процентов банку, выдавшему вам кредит. Знаете ли вы, что при покупке дома за 350 тысяч и оформляя кредит с 5% даунпейментом лишь за первые пять лет вы заплатите банку почти 47,000 только выброшенных на ветер процентов, при этом я беру идеальный кредит (фиксированная ставка 2.99% ), который предлагают лучшие банки и только людям с идеальной кредитной историей

Давайте рассмотрим, как работает программа Rent To Own в цифрах .
Допустим, вы покупаете дом который сейчас стоит 350 тысяч. Мы рассмотрим варианты выкупа через 1-2-3 года. При оформлении контракта вам будет необходимо внести залоговую сумму (которая при переоформлении войдет в ваш даунпеймент). Обычно это 3% от стоимости дома, бывает и меньше, кроме этого, как правило, есть возможность выплатить эту сумму не сразу, а, скажем, за 6 месяцев. В течение этих трёх лет вы будете платить арендную плату, как правило, чуть меньшую, чем если бы вы просто снимали такой дом, плюс каждый месяц будете добавлять 300 долларов в свой депозит. Rent To Own контракт, как правило, предусматривает возможность выкупа дома в любой год с 1-го по 3-й год, бывают и более длительные контракты. Как видно из приведённой таблицы, уже через 3 года на вашем депозите будет больше денег, чем необходимо для закрытия сделки.

Не забывайте также, что при оформлении недвижимости вам будет нужно заплатить за переоформление около 800 долларов и ленд трансфер такс, который для покупающих впервые небольшой, так как 2000 возвращает государство. Например, в выше приведённом примере, с учётом покупки через 3 года, он составит 2,500.

Со своей стороны я с удовольствием подберу вам вариант на покупку дома по программе Rent To Own, кроме того, есть возможность покупки дома или квартиры непосредственно под клиента, с учётом его пожеланий .

Finding accommodation in Canada


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Finding accommodation in Canada is one of the first things any newcomer will want to tick off their to-do list. Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to find temporary accommodation in Canada first, while you search for apartments or houses for rent in Canada. From your first night, to your first lease and beyond, this article has advice for you.

Temporary accommodation in Canada

Before you arrive in Canada, it’s crucial to at least have somewhere lined up for your first few nights. Hostels and hotels are plentiful in urban areas, though you may wish to book well in advance to ensure you have the widest choice of temporary accommodation in Canada available to you. If your budget is limited while you stay in temporary accommodation, Hostelworld have an extensive collection of short term accommodation to suit any budget.

Note that bed bugs do exist in Canada, so research your intended place to stay online before you book.

If you wish to use AirBnb for short-term houses or apartments for rent in Canada, you can use this link to get a discount of CAD $30-50 off your first booking.

The Canadian Government helps refugees find temporary accommodation in Canada as part of its Resettlement Assistance Program.

Finding houses and apartments for rent in Canada

There are several types of rental accommodation in Canada, including houses, condominiums, and apartments.

Some houses will be available to rent in their entirety, some will be divided into several units. A house divided into two units is called a ‘duplex’. Split in three, it’s known as a ‘triplex’. In other houses for rent in Canada, rental rooms are available, with shared living and bathroom facilities.

Apartments for rent in Canada range from ‘bachelor’ units, where a single room serves as both the bedroom and living area, to those with multiple bedrooms and separate living areas.

The cost of utilities, such as electricity and water, may or may not be included in your rent. Visit our internet service providers in Canada and utilities in Canada articles for information on service providers in your area.

You can find houses and apartments for rent in Canada in the classifieds section of local newspapers, libraries, and on websites such as Kijiji and Craigslist. Facebook groups for newcomers to Canada are also useful. In many cities, you can simply walk around your preferred neighbourhood, as landlords will post signs outside their property advertising available vacancies.

Landlords will usually request information about your ability to pay rent before offering you a lease. Documents that may be requested include:

  • A letter from your current, or most recent, employer that indicates your annual income.
  • Bank statement(s) that show you have enough savings to cover rent for a few months.
  • References from previous landlords.

Many landlords will prefer Canadian documentation, and this can be cumbersome or impossible for new arrivals. However, there are landlords out there who are willing to rent their houses and apartments for rent in Canada to newcomers, so if you don’t succeed at first, keep trying!

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Important things to keep in mind when looking for accommodation in Canada:

  • Rentals in Canada tend to start on the 1st of every month, with a smaller number becoming available on the 15th of every month. Plan your trip with this in mind as you want to ensure you have a good range of options. Arriving around two week’s before month’s end is advisable, as you get ample time to learn about your surroundings and find suitable houses or apartments for rent in Canada.
  • Most houses and apartments for rent in Canada require at least half a month’s rent as a security deposit.
  • Most rental accommodation in Canada does not come furnished, so always ask before a viewing. Furnishing a place can take time and money, so try Craigslist for cheap or free stuff. The best time to get really good deals on furniture is towards the end of the month as people are moving and will often sell their possessions at knock-down prices.
  • Know your rights as a tenant. Become familiar with tenancy law in the province you plan on moving to.
  • Unfortunately, there are online scams that attempt to dupe people into paying deposits on properties that don’t exist. Beware of bogus ads when searching for accommodation in Canada.

How much is rent in Canada?

In a country as large and diverse as Canada, it may seem difficult to try and answer this question. However, we are nothing if not resourceful and with that in mind, we will seek to provide you with the answer to how much rent in Canada is.

A recent report released by the CBC from November 2020 has found that the average price of rent in Canada increased by 3.5 percent from October 2020 to October 2020. This upturn now means that the average price of a bachelor apartment is now $787 a month. On top of that, an average one-bedroom goes for $946, while a two bedroom costs $1,025. Apartments with three or more bedrooms cost an average of $1,097 a month.

However, remember again that these figures may represent the place you plan on calling your new home, and it’s best to be warned before you arrive that rent in Canada’s larger cities, such as Toronto, ON and Vancouver, B.C. is far higher than in smaller cities and towns. Indeed, the National Rent Report by reveals that the top 18 most expensive cities to rent in are all in Ontario and B.C.

According to cost of living comparison site Numbeo — which we highly recommend you refer to, before and after arriving in Canada — one-bedroom downtown apartments in both Toronto and Vancouver are now topping $2,000 per month. Therefore you may need to compromise in some area; maybe there’s a more affordable neighbourhood outside the city centre with good public transit links, or maybe you might consider sharing on address with others, at least for starters.

What is the cheapest place to live in Canada?

Of the larger Canadian cities, Montreal, QC remains the most affordable big city in Canada to rent. The average price of a month’s rent in Canada’s second-largest city is $809. This compares favourably with other large Canadian cities. Other smaller cities in Quebec, such as Quebec City and Gatineau, are even more affordable when it comes to rent.

Their data also makes clear that while Ontario is home to Canada’s most expensive cities for renting, it’s also home to some of the cheapest. Canadians seeking more affordable rentals should look towards smaller cities in Ontario and Quebec.

MoneySense also has a useful study on rent prices in Canada, and their data makes clear that while Ontario is home to Canada’s most expensive cities for renting, as outlined above, it’s also home to some of the cheapest. Sault Ste. Marie, Timmins, and Cornwall have good accommodation for rent at a fraction of the cost you’d find in Toronto.

Newcomers to Canada seeking more affordable rentals may look towards smaller cities in Ontario and Quebec.

Leases and payment

Unless otherwise agreed, you will likely have signed a lease for a fixed-term, often one year. Once the fixed-term elapses, the term may renew for a further year, or switch to a ‘month-to-month’ arrangement. Discuss with your landlord before signing a lease.

Rules on rent increases vary from province to province.

In Ontario, rent increases must occur at least 12 months apart, and tenants need to receive at least 90 days of notice. The provincial government sets the maximum allowable rent increase – in 2020, this figure is 1.8%. To increase rent above this rate, landlords need to apply for special permission to do so.

Similar rules apply in British Columbia, however the maximum allowable rent increase in 2020 there is 4.0%.

Rents in Alberta may also only be increased if it’s been more than one year since the previous increase. However, there is no cap on the amount of increase like in Ontario and British Columbia.

City-specific guides to accommodation in Canada

The search for houses and apartments for rent in Canada begins with choosing the right neighbourhood. Visit these resources to help you learn more about your new surroundings.

Moving2Canada forum

Moving2Canada hosts an extensive community forum for newcomers and those planning or considering a move to Canada. There you can find or start discussions about accommodation in Canada and exchange information and ideas about rent or property in your particular destination in Canada. To join the conversation, register for free here and get posting.

Facebook Groups

Moving2Canada also has a network of city-specific groups you can join to find apartments and houses for rent in Canada. They’re a great place to go to pose questions and learn more about your new surroundings.

Video: Your first week in Canada

In addition to finding accommodation, here are some of the essential things you’ll need to do during your first week in Canada.

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