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Medical Council of Canada


Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination

The last MCCEE session was November 2020

The last MCCEE took place on November 11, 2020.

International medical graduates and students can now apply directly to the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I.

MCCEE – The last session held November 2020

The Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE) was offered by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) from January 17, 1979 to November 11, 2020. Until 2020, the MCCEE was offered as a prerequisite for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and International Medical Students to challenge the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I, and it was the minimum requirement for an IMG’s entry into postgraduate medical education in Canada.

The MCCEE was a screening examination that assessed the basic medical knowledge and problem solving of candidates at a level comparable to students completing their medical education in Canada and about to enter supervised practice. It provided candidates with an estimate of the probability of succeeding in the Canadian system. The exam was delivered through a service provider at 500 sites in over 80 countries.

As of 2020, all candidates, including IMGs, can apply directly to the MCCQE Part I without first having to take the MCCEE. Candidates whose application has been accepted are able to schedule their exam appointment online.

There are more opportunities for candidates to take the MCCQE Part I, with the exam being offered four times in 2020 and up to five times annually as of 2020. The exam is delivered in Canada and internationally in over 80 countries through our vendor, Prometric. Prometric is an internationally recognized firm with more than 20 years’ experience in exam development and administration for professional sectors. The change to Prometric ensures broad access for candidates to take the MCCQE Part I.

All these changes are the result of the MCC’s ongoing efforts to improve candidates’ experience with its exams. For more information, and to familiarize yourself with the information about the MCCQE Part I being offered in Canada and internationally through Prometric, please consult our MCCQE Part I web pages.

Striving for the highest level of medical care for Canadians through excellence in assessment of physicians.

Veiller à offrir aux Canadiens les meilleurs soins médicaux qui soient grâce à l’excellence de l’évaluation des médecins.

Upfront medical exam Канада

When you are scheduling a medical examination to submit with your application package it is called an upfront medical examination. Subsequent examinations are called re-med requests. To schedule an appointment, send an email to canmedpk@iom.int with the following information:

· Valid Passport No (starts with two alphabets and seven digits

· Contact Number in Pakistan (two valid contact numbers)

· Location/City for Screening (KHI, LHR and ISB)

If the applicant is pregnant, also inform via email and when visiting the office. The applicant will have the option to defer the X-ray exam after birth or use a lead shield on the abdomen for protection. Keep in mind most people have to do a re-medical request again almost one year later so it’s best to defer X-ray examination for an upfront medical examination.

Sample Response from Canadian Medical Appointment

Your appointments scheduled for Canadian Medical assessment against date 21 October 10:00AM for sub office (ISB, KHI or LHR) per your request

Required documents to bring:

1. Original passports (VALID) of all family members with 3 photocopies of first two pages.

2. Four (4) recent passport size photographs (white background with light clothing colors).

3. Medical Request Letter/ Acknowledgement Letter from Canadian High Commission. (not required for upfront medical)

4. Medical form from Canadian High Commission. (not required for upfront medical)

5. In sponsorship case provide address of visa processing office.

6. Spectacles or medical history (if have any).

7. Total Fee for the above mentioned family is Rs 6720/- should be in cash.

You are requested to please bring your valid Polio vaccination certificate at time of your appointment

Medical procedure comprises of

  • Laboratory Sampling (Blood test, Urine Test and X-rays)
  • Physical examination.

For Children 5 to 11 years

They have to bring the result sheet of the last annual examination.

Applicants have to mention about the Mobility need.

As part of physical examination all body skin would be examined except genitalia so be prepared and wear appropriate undergarments.

It is mandatory that you inform us about menstrual cycle, as in case of your periods we will be unable to conduct your medical assessment.

Note: Do not bring any kind of luggage and unnecessary attendant with you.. There is no parking facility in IOM premises..

Where is the medical exam reports evaluated?

Medical examination reports are evaluated by CHC New Delhi. You may receive a re-medical request from them. You should add the domain “international.gc.ca” and «cic.gc.ca» to your email safe list. As there have been cases where email requests have been delivered to the recipient’s junk mail folder. Hotmail is particularly notorious.

Where to get Polio Certificate

Visit any government hospital with a photocopy of applicant’s passport. Contact to reception and ask for polio vaccination and polio certificate , within 30 minutes applicant will be done.

From Center for Disease Control (USA):

Although no adverse effects of IPV have been documented among pregnant women or their fetuses, vaccination of pregnant women should be avoided on theoretical grounds. However, if a pregnant woman is at increased risk for infection and requires immediate protection against polio, IPV can be administered in accordance with the recommended schedules for adults.

Sample Re-medical Request

This is in reference to your application for permanent residence in Canada.

The results of initial medical examinations for you have expired. In order to provide your application with an updated validity we require following additional medical examination(s) for you only:

  • Chest Xray (in DICOM / JPEG format) with report (in PDF)
  • Completed MEDICAL REPORT CHEST X-RAY REQUISITION AND REPORT form (Page 5 and 6 of IMM5419) (in PDF)
  • Duly completed Re-assessment Form (in PDF/word)

P lease visit this website: http://www.cic.gc.ca/dmp-md/medical.aspx for identifying Panel Physician (PP) in your vicinity and ta ke this email to the Panel Physician (PP) for the re-assessment(s) to be arranged. For clients outside India, p lease remember to advise the PP that the results will need to be sent to India.

You have 7 days from the date of this email to contact PP and comply with this request. Failure to do so may result in the closing of your Immigration medical file, which may result in the refusal of your application.

Migration Health Division

  1. Home
  2. Appointment

Please read the information below carefully. To get an online appointment, please click the link to MyMedical at the bottom of this page when you are ready.

How to get an appointment:

  • You can get an appointment through one of the following options:
    1. by applying directly through MyMedical, IOM’s online appointment system
    2. by a phone call to IOM Pakistan Call Center, or
    3. by completing and submitting email application forms.
  • We strongly encourage applicants to take appointment themselves directly by applying online by calling or emailing IOM Call Centre. Applicants do not have to pay anyone for an appointment. We don’t have an association with any mediator such as consultants, agents, or immigration solicitors.
  • You need to have a prior appointment for the all Immigration Medical Examination at all of IOM Pakistan’s Health Assessment Centers located in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Mirpur. All our centers prov >

You should provide following mandatory information for the appointment

  • Your full name as printed on the passport/approved photo ID document:
  • Valid passport number:
  • Your Date of Birth as printed on the passport/approved photo ID doucment:
  • Visa type, you are applying for:
  • Your local Contact number:
  • Your contact email address:
  • Location of your preferred IOM Health Assessment Center:
  • The destination country you wish to have your health assessment for:
  • The following specific information related to your destination country’s medical exam:
    • Pre-departure TB screening for UK Visa Applicants: UK address, UK post code and Telephone number.
    • Immigration Medical Examination for Australian Visa Applicant: HAP ID and Polio vaccination card.
    • Immigration Medical Examination for Canadian Visa Applicant : IME or UCInumber. (Except for the upfront medical examination). For refugees: Polio vaccination card.
  • “Please note: it will take approximately 03 to 04 hours to complete your health assessment.”
How to Schedule Your Pre-departure Health Assessment Using MyMedical

Tips for the successful appointment:

  • Keep all above mandatory information for the appointment ready before going to our online appointment system, before calling our call center or submitting through email.
  • 051 111 466 472 is an UAN for the call center to get an appointment. Do not forget to dial Pakistan’s country code (0092), if you are calling from outside Pakistan.
  • If you are calling from Islamabad through your landline, you just need to dial 111 466 472 without including the local code.

  • Your call will be queued by our telephone exchange and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) message will be played for your information.
  • If you do not wish to wait for your turn in IVR queue, please hear the recorded IVR message carefully for the email address so you can send an appointment request with all perquisites for respective countries. You can also apply through MyMedical which is our online appointment system.
  • For an urgent appointment you may send justification of your urgency to mhdislamabad@iom.int . Please note that you may be asked to satisfactorily justify your urgency to secure early appointment.
  • Your request through emails will be replied within 2 working days.

Contact time:

Regular office Timing:

Our office can be contacted between 8:00 am to 5:15 pm Monday to Thursday and 8:00 am to 1:00 pm Fridays (except official holidays observed by IOM)

Address of our centers:

Immigration Health Assessment will be carried out at one of our four centers of your preference. The addresses of the clinics are as follows,

IOM, Migration Health Assessment center
2nd Floor, Maroof International Hospital,
F-10 Markaz, Islamabad.
IOM, Migration Health Assessment center
House No. 70, H- Block, Gulberg III,
Near D-Ground, Lahore.
IOM, Migration Health Assessment center
Plot F-14, PECHS Block-6, Sharah-e-Faisal
Near KFC Karachi.
IOM, Migration Health Assessment center
Plot No, 6 . Block D-4,
F2 Road, AJK, Mirpur.

On the day of appointment

Your appointment time indicates the time you are expected to visit the Center. Please expect 15-30 minutes delay in starting the process depending on the number of applicants on your day of appointment.

Your appointment and documents will be verified at the IOM reception. After the security check, you will be allowed to go inside the clinic area where you will be guided by our applicant facilitation officer.

All our centers strictly adhere to Queue management system. However, priority will be given to minors and frail elderly. All applicants are requested to cooperate with the clinic staff in this regard.

Please bring in your glasses on the day of appointment.

NOTE: To avoid delays at the entrance, you are advised to follow, what to do and what not to do.

Do Dont’s
Please bring all necessary documents. You should not bring the any luggage or concealed carry bags.
If you need any assistance such as wheelchair, an interpreter (if you have language barrier) or for any other special requirement, kindly do inform us in advance at the time of booking an appointment. Your visitors are not allowed inside the clinic.
You need to request in advance if someone will accompany you during the health examination. A chaperone will only be allowed on prior permission by the clinic incharge, if judged necessary Mobile phones, camera, laptops, tablets are not allowed inside the premises.
Unauthorized personnel will not be allowed to enter the premises.

Parking Facility is not available at IOM four clinics

Medical Exam Requirements for Temporary Res >

Appendix B – The Medical Exam Requirements for Temporary Residents i.e. Visitors, Students and Workers

In case these individuals plan to visit for six months or less, they would not need to undergo a medical exam. This is applicable unless they plan to work in certain occupations – readers would need to go through the list that follows.

However, if these individuals plan to visit for more than six months, they would need to undergo a medical exam if they:

Have lived temporarily for six or more consecutive months:

In one or more of the countries specified in Appendix A

In the one year immediately prior to the date on which you want to enter Canada – this applies even if the individual is a citizen of a country that does not need a visa for entering Canada or,

Will come to Canada to work in occupations in which they would need to protect public health – the complete list of such occupations follows later in this document (working in such occupations will require the individual to undergo a medical exam)

Apply for a Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

In case the visa office determines that these individuals need to go through a medical exam, they will notify these individuals about the manner in which they should proceed.

The Jobs for Which Applicants Would Need to Undergo a Medical Exam

Applicants would need to go through a medical exam because of the job type that they want to do in Canada. Examples of such jobs include:

Agricultural workers who have visited or lived in certain countries for more than six of the past 12 months (for the list of these countries please refer to Appendix A)

Workers in the field of health sciences

Workers in clinical laboratories

Patient attendants in nursing or geriatric homes

Medical students admitted to Canada for attending the university

Medical electives and physicians on short-term locums

Teachers (for small children or of the primary or secondary level)

Workers providing in-home care to children, the elderly or the disabled

Employees in day nurseries and,

Other jobs that bring them into close contact with people

The Medical Exam Instructions

It is worth highlighting that the personal doctors of applicants cannot perform the medical exam. As such, the applicants would need to see a doctor given on the list of panel physicians. The complete list of panel physicians appears on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

The panel physicians will perform complete medical examinations. Thereafter, they might refer the applicants for chest x-rays and various laboratory tests. Once the medical examination is complete, the physicians will send the results to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

It is worth mentioning that the panel physician is not responsible for making the final decision about the applicant’s medical exam. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will make that decision. In case there is a problem with an individual’s medical exam, the visa office would contact that individual in writing.

When an individual goes for the medical exam appointment, the individual would need to carry:

This would include at least one document that bears the individual’s photograph and signature

Such documents could typically include passports, driver’s licences or national identity cards

Eye glasses or contact lenses (in case the individual wears them)

Any medical reports or test results that the individual has concerning previous or existing medical conditions and,

The Medical Report form i.e. IMM 1017E

This is necessary if the individual does not undergo an upfront medical exam

The visa office would typically send this form to the individual

Besides these, the individual appearing for the medical exam might also need to bring four recent photographs. However, the individual would only need to provide these in case the doctor selected from the list of panel physicians does not work with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) via the eMedical electronic system. Therefore, the authorities advise applicants to check with the doctor’s office at the time they book their appointments.

The authorities recommend applicants to notify the doctor about any previous or existing medical conditions

If the applicants do not do this, it is possible that processing the medical exam could take much longer

There are two ways by which individuals can undergo their medical exams. These comprise:

Waiting for instructions from the visa office after they have submitted their applications

In this situation, the individual would need to go for the medical exam within 30 days of receiving the medical instructions from the visa office

If the individual does not go for the medical exam within 30 days of receiving the medical instructions from the visa office, the authorities could likely refuse the application

Undergoing the medical exam prior to submitting their applications

This scenario calls for an up front medical exam

As such, the individual would need to contact a panel physician directly for getting the medical exam in case they apply under one of the following categories:

Visitors (including Parent and Grandparent Super Visa)

Once the medical exam is complete, the doctor will give the individuals a document confirming that they have gone through the medical exam

Applicants would need to include a copy of this document along with their applications

In case the doctor works with the eMedical electronic system, the doctor will give the individuals the information sheet printout

In case the doctor works with a paper system, the doctor will give the individuals a copy of the IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form

Applicants would need to attach this form to their application prior to submitting the application at the visa office

In case applicants decide to apply online, they would need to upload this form prior to submitting their applications

The Fees

Applicants would need to pay any fees related to the medical exam at the time they undergo the medical exam. In some cases, the authorities might refuse the application after the medical exam. In this scenario, the authorities would not refund the fees paid for the medical exam.

The Validity

The medical exam results are valid for a span of 12 months only. As such, if the individuals do not come to Canada as visitors, workers or students within that timeframe, they might need to undergo another medical exam.

How to Get a Copy of the Medical Exam

In some cases, the individuals might want copies of their medical exams. For this, they would need to ask the doctors at the time they give the medical exam. It is worth highlighting that medical reports and x-rays for the medical exam become the property of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). As such, the authorities would not return them to the applicants thereafter.

How to Find a Doctor

To find a doctor, the individuals would need to go through the list of panel physicians. The complete list of panel physicians appears on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Upfront medical exam Канада

I am gonna apply for Canada Immigration. I am Pakistan National. Now a days I am in USA from last more then 6 months. My question is that Can I give my medical in USA? Can I give police report from USA? Bcz its very difficult to go back to my country.

Hi, the answer of your first question is yes, you can give your medical examination in USA if you are applying from USA,As far as the second question is concerned, you will be required to submit the police certificate if you are living in a place more than 6 months, so, obviously you will submit the police certificates of Pakistan & USA both..

i got a total of 66 points, am i qualified for canadian immigration

no must get 67 points to qualify.

Hi, I’m an Asian accountant/auditor who want to work and live in Canada. However, my medical test showed I’m having a dormant Hepatitis B, meaning «not infective». Both my wife and child are negative. Will I and my family qualify for migration to Canada?

What type of medical test needed for canada immigration?

Hi, I believe ur doctor can advice u if this kind of Hep.B is curable with medicines n then the test can b repeated.u know what the best sum people do is that when they r expecting their medical,,they go for medical tests on their own from their doctor to see if anything needs done n if anything needs treatment,they go for it to make sure it is cured,,not a bad idea.

as for spouse sponsorship application should i take a medical exam prior of submitting my application form.

hi, i m Pakistan National , i calculate my points for the Canadian Immiration i have got 71 points with out adding the points of ielts.
in this position is there any requirement for ielts examination for me.

dear anonymous,
Its better to take ielts before applying for immigration to canada

i am a medical student in pakistan,,i want to migrate to canada.can i get admission in medical university there because i am already student of medicine in pakistan??if i can migrate to a medical university there then whats the procedure please?

hi i’m a registered pharmacists in delhi,INDIA.i’m running a retail venture from last 2years .how should i go with the immigration process for canada.all suggestion are welcomed

iam from nepal we had apply in professonal skilled worker and now we have send second stage documents also but we have some correction betwen first stage documents and now.so we have send cover letter also for kind information . in this case can we get visa .

Hi, I am from Asia. I am applying for Canada. I have type 1 diabetes & hyperthyroidism. Am I eligible to apply/migrate?

is academic training ielts exam acceptable for a canada immigration..i am applying for permanent resietcy visa..my scores were listening of 8.5,reading of 7 ,speaking of 7, writing of 6.5..is the academic exam good for application?or need to take the general training?

I applied for Canada Immigration skilled worker class in 2006. The date mentioned in the accpetance letter, which i got from immigration office was May 29, 2006 case started.
Now, it has been almost 54 months and i did not receieve any call yet. i checked my application status online and there is mentioned that my case has been transfered to UK office and UK office may call me soon.
Now, i wana know that how much approxiamtely time is remaining. Can i get any help from any immigration consultant or jutst wait. Kindly ask me some solution. i am little worried about it.

Dear Mr. Qasim,
Dont worry and wait for any response from CHC London Side. Their processing time for old applicants is 44 months and hopefully you will get your immigration soon

Academic IELTS is not acceptable for canadian immigration purpose

i am married already and my husband apply for a spousal sponsorships for me.we are wondering what do you mean by the «designated medical practitioner»?i cant find the name and address of the doctors.can i go for a walk in clinic to have medical exam?

Hi, my family and I are already for medical examination as requirement for immigrating to Canada. I am the principal applicant. If my husband fails the exam, will my children and I be allowed entry to Canada without my husband? Thank you.

sir if person suffering from aids in medical test then can he go canada

before you can go to Canada, first you have to be fluent with English, can write,& understand english language. passing the Medical exam would be your least priority unless you have a serious, transmissible disease that would more likely place canadian health authorities suffer financial, social, health problems when your accepted as immigrant. If you have a dormant Hepa B, meaning you have anti Hbe with no total immunity, you can still apply to canada, your hepa B infection is not infectious/transmissible. some doctors recommend giving INterferon, an antiviral drug proven to eradicate HEPA B virus. jopal

HIV positive person needs to be admitted at San Lazaro Hospital.. jopal

hi. i just want to ask, are people with lung scars due to old ptb still issued residence / employment visa in canada? thank u..

hi want to know about the time line catagory of parents and grant parents 1 year and 5 months ago just recive aknowledgment letter but did not recive any letter yet 🙁 🙁 🙁

Hello ,,
does having a hemorrhoids will make u failed inmedical exam for applying working visa in canada?

Hi, my name is Raouf i applied for immegration to Canada since 2007. I did the medical check last August but till now i didnt get the visa? is this normal?

hi, my name is zubair. i applied for immigration of canada and my first file number alloted me on 27 feb 2010. and then second file no. alloted me on 17 August 2010. now i check on CIC web status. it shows «IN PROCESS» . can u please let me guide, when I will get response. my case is in fast track.

what is the cost of medical test from pakistan?


I’m in the Philippines, I am being petitioned by my wife to canada, How will I schedule myself for a medical and where should I obtain my medical here in the philippines?

im a filipino ang my aunti want sponsor me. i have hep b. im asking if i have a chance to go there even i have hep b.

Respected Sir/Madam,
i applied for Canadian immigration on DEC 2009 and got approval om Feb 2010 and submitted my all original documents to London embassy. send some my update documents on Mar 2011. in June 2011 i got my status «in process» on www.cic.gc.ca. no more updates yet can you let me know how long more i need to wait for my medical request?
please reply anxiously waiting
thanks in advance..

hi i will be applying as a live in caregiver in canada. will an old tb scar compromise my visa approval?thanks.

It may effect your case

hi I will work as skilled worker, and I have hemorrhoid, Can I be approved?

hi, does person with psoriasis pass the medical exam for canada? i am applying for work visa.

I am Indian citizen I am in Canada since 2006 and have applied for my Immigration, but I am shortly planning to visit India, can I give my medical in India? If I work, reside in Canada ? as I might receive medical soon?

Thanks in Advance

Hi,Im in the philippines i am being petitioned by my wife to canada,but i have a mormoring heart,in the other side i pass a medical exam thru cardiovascular evaluation and is fit to work with medication.can i be approved?

If your problem will not create an excessive burden on Canadian healthcare system, than its OK

Hi Comrade, I already have my LMO and waiting for the schedule of my medical exam. The only problem is I have minor psoriasis, will I pass the medical exam?tnx. I am applying for work visa.

Hi Comrade,
I am from the Philippines. I already have my LMO for a 1 year work contract in Canada. I have already submitted all my papers to the embassy together with my visa application. The only thing that worries me is my medical. I have history of psoriasis but they are under treatment and well controlled. In fact, they are only scars now. Will this affect my medical exam? Should I declare that I have psoriasis? tnx

Hi Comrade
I am from the Philippines. I’m plannig to apply for a skilled worker, but my greatest worry is my wife. Does her previous medical history can affect her medical? Year 2010 She underwent chemotherapy for soft tissue sarcoma and she got well successfully and now she is back to normal life strong & healthy all her laboratories seen normal and completely healed.

Hi there ! I am an Asian, recently got an offer to work as an Engineer in a Manufacturing Plant in Canada. Can I be elligible to get a work permit knowing that I am a HEPA B positive with low immunity and taking up TENOFOVIR regularly..Please clarify..thanks a lot
God bless

Only visa officer can determine your eligibility. If you will not create an excessive burden on Canadian Health System, you may get a visa

hi!i am an asian i was being petitioned by my to canada,and i was already taken my medical exam but i have a heart problem.can i be aproved to get my visa?please clarify..thanks a lot

hi! i am from the philippines i was being petitioned by my wife,i was worried because i have a mormoring heart,in this case can i be aproved to get canadian visa?thanks a lot and God bless.

I wonder if you can answer my question.

my wife and I have received the Medical Exam form in Sweden where we are student from London Canadian immigration office.

since the lead time in Sweden is longer and it is also more costly to do the exam in sweden, I was thinking to do the medical exam in Iran , my home country.

is there any requirement to undergo the exam in where we are living ( or initiating our application) or we can do the exam when ever it is possible!?

many thank in advance

hi, i have history of hyperthyroidism for almost 2 years,does this case might be a reason of failing to medical tests for canada visa?

hi! I am a nurse who has an old scar in my lungs from tuberculosis. I am planning to migrate to Canada. Am I still eligible knowing my inactive TB and old scar? Please do help me with my confusion.

A friend of mine had a scar in his lungs. Same case like you. He got refusal first time, he got treatment after that and cleared in second attempt. Now he is in Canada

Dear Comrade,
Can you give detail about Medical Exam for Pakistani Student?
I had jaundice in 2010 but now i am absolutely fine.
Is there any problem?

If your disease will not burden the Canadian public health system than its fine

Hi. does external hemorrhoid can affects medical examination in applying canada visa?

hi, does person with psoriasis pass the medical exam for canada?

Respected sir/ mam My mother has a breast cancer and its 4 yrs old and according to present test for cancer she is all rite.. Will its create any problem in our medical exam ?

Hi, My sister has a SLE (Systemic lupus erythematosus)for 15 years. Will its create any problem in her medical exam? Thanks

hi i want to try for canadian immegration. i have been suffered from pulmonary T.B. but cured after taking medicine. shall i eligible for apply

Hi. I’m a Nurse and I really wanted to apply in Canada but my problem is I am HBsag positive meaning I am Hepatitis B carrier.I would just like to know if I have a chance working in Canada as a Nurse.I am willing also work in Canada even if it’s not related to my profession as long as I can work in Canada.Thank You very much.

is hepa A grounds for inadmission to canada?pls reply.ill be having medicals this week.thanks!

Hi comrade, my friend is currently applying for Canada. But she got a genital herpes , she wanted to know if it will affect her application? Thank you

My name is Anwar. I want to apply for Canadian immigration. What is the process to apply and I got the master degree from UK University, Is it ILETS necessary for me to apply skilled worker category

Hepatitis A is a treatable illness and as long as it is no longer active, I don’t think that you will be refused a visa. It is however different with Hepatitis B or C carrier state. In these two condition, your body still carries the virus in an inactive state that could eventually reactivate later and cause complications. It is also a transmissible illness thus having hepatitis B or C would probably cause a denial due to medical inadmissibility. With Genital Herpes, have it treated first before having a medical exam.

My name is yankee. Is heart test a must for canada immigration? My blood presuure was 148/90. Can I be denied entry due to this?

Dear ANWAR, IELTS is a must for Canada iguess unless if you come from a country where your mother language is english or french

if I suffer from chronic kidney failure but I am not yet on dialysis, Can I be accepted in canada?

hi! my husband is going to apply to Canada as a skilled worker . we currently live in US and we don’t have legal status. (We are both from Bulgaria). is it possible for us to get approved and immigrate to Canada directly from US?

If you are illegal in US than you have to go back to your country and apply immigration from there

i am going to apply on spouse immigrant visa but sufferin from hepatits C may i pass medical test?

hi i got my medical call for cananda and am 2 months pregnant, i m confused wat to do for the xrays ?? shall i go for it?? wat will be my process if i dont get the xray done for canada

hi..we( me, my mother & father) are under family case parents and grandparents.. we got our medical done in oct 2011 then we got a letter in nov requiring heart and liver function test of my father only. he got it done in nov after that again in jan 2012 we received another letter to repeat liver test only after three months now in april 2012 he got it done. the only problem my father dealing is fatty liver and he has got treatment done for it in last three monthe and the result is the liver function test called A.L.T & A.S.T. are now controlled which were not ok earlier.we are worried that can we get our pr visa and how many times maximum the medical tests can get repeated by embassy??/please reply early.

hi my mother inlaw is in pakistan and has applied to come to canada do u think she well get accepted if she has hepatitis c for the past 15 years
thanks sana

I have applied for super visa from India .My medical was also sent . Now again I have been asked to undergo a some medical tests ie. Sputum smears and cultures for mycobacterium tuberculosis,Repeat chest xray, Please advise whether I will get a visa or not

Hi i am from Pakistan and i have hapatitis c+ can you tell me am i qualified for apply visit visa for canada

hi, i am a pakistani and on student visa in uk for about one year.can i apply for immigration 2012-2013.but as every one knows that immigration process takes longer so can i go on student visa to canada in the mean time

I am in south africa i did my m.test last november. My wife lost job, can she apply me still?

Hi. I need help. I did medical exam on nov last year, my wife lost job since then till now she is looking job in canada. And she is citizen, can she apply my visa with out income? I need ur highly help plz

Hi, i had hepatitis c ,after successful treatment now my Qualitative test show «target not detected» but still anti-hcv test shows positive, I am planning to go Canada for study, Can I am eligible for visa, please suggest me what to do

Dear Sir
I have received the following email from the CHC after submission of the repeat medical tests ( medical furtherance ):My Medical was done on 24 APR2012

(Consult chest specialist:Report must include history of TB treatment and drug schedule used
Hilar lymphadenopathy.)
Please noted:alsoThey have not asked for any tests.
I haven’t any TB history. But when I consult Chest specialist (according to specialist it could be a Inactive TB or it could be a be sercodisis) After CT scan he sent the reports to CHC that it is not infectious and non communicable disease. Sent the reports by him on 6JUNE 2012. But my Ecas is showing only (We started processing on your appl. Is 10 Apr 12..). I am worried.On this stage my case could be rejected?I am MI3 applicant. Please reply .VO:ND

hello I sent my medical exam in March 2012 but my status shows «In Process» Does this mean that the Embassy has not received my medical report or is it a delay in process.


hi i m sikdar from bangladesh just undergo medical exam & found blood pressure 160/100. can i get any problem to pass medical exam.

my hcv test is reactive
can i apply for visa in canada

Hi i am hina i am a nurse and i have old TB scar in my lungs but now i am completely fine and completed my treatment am i eligible for Canada visa?

i am applying for a study permit in canada.i have completed my medical test but the results are on stand by as the hospital staff said that the college i’m applying to is not enlisted in the group of colleges which requires the student to get an «upfront» medical exam. how will i be able to send the reports to the CHC? and whom do i address this problem to at the CHC prior application?

dear sir\mdm
i applied for candaian student visa
i got a call to collect passport without medical call
is it refusal ?

Hi.im a filipino working here in canada.my wife just pass her application for spousal work permit.my question is hemmoriods going to be an issue for her when she take her medical test? That is my only worries because aside from that she is completely healthy..any response would be deeply appreciated.god bless and thanks in advance..

i am having hbsag + can i do job in canada

I am Jabran from Pakistan . I m suffering from Hepatitis B . I am eligible to apply study visa for Canada

hi i am a treated HCV case. will it impact canada imigartion

Hi I have weak eye sight and use glasses. Will I get visa to canada or denied. Please help me I am very worried . Please answer my question.

Hi. Me and my husband applied for canadian visa. We have already undergone medical exams. But. My husband is from India and he applied for Canada over there through agency. Im from Europe where i did my medical exam. My doc said that she would send the report to London and not to New Delhi. Is that ok. Will Delhi High commision obtain that report or not? Would that be a problem. Thanks for the reply..

Hi, i had hepatitis c ,after successful treatment now my Qualitative test show «target not detected» but still anti-hcv test shows positive, I am planning to go Canada for study, Can I am eligible for visa, please suggest me what to do

any tattoos on body can pass on physical examinations?

Hi m an Indian Chem Engg professional with MBA from UK in 2010 and professional work exp > 22 years in senior business positions. However, I have a dormant HCV. Would need advise if I can pass Medical or is it better for my wife to apply as primary applicant, while I apply as a dependant ?

How much it takes for medical test after getting the submission of file in visa office

will diabetes effect canada student visa. please reply.

Me and my husband complted the medical test on the same day and the medical reports were couriered to medical office together. It was couriered under my husband’s name.
But when I sent a case status enquiry, the embassy informed that they have received my medical reports, but not my husband’s.
What can be the reasons for this delay?
Pl let me know.

i have hsv 1 & 2 g is positive any problem for i put the canada medical test

i need help ,1 am 32 year old man i had TB 15 YEAR back ,after successful treatment now my Qualitative test show «target not detected» but still chest xray showing old TB Pouches, I am planning to go Canada for work, Can I am eligible for visa, please suggest me what to do

hello! my brother lives in canada. He sponsored on permanent residency immigration basis. Now we went for our medical examination the other day and the physician there wrote for additional tests of kidney for my father. my father is a kidney patient, he had kidney stone in one of his kidneys. the doctors did not operate properly even when the operation was minor now one of his kidney’s failed and the other one does not work properly as docs tried to experiment something on that one. he is on dialysis now! is there a chance that he will clear the medical examination even then and our application wont be denied if the blood tests showed the problem?

hi im from philippines! I have hep B but is it possible to apply for canada even if i have that kind of sickness? my doctor gave e medical certifate that is to prove that i can still work even if i have that.

IMM 1017b: Upfront Medical Report Download | Canadapt Consulting

IMM 1017b is an upfront medical exam report form candidates are required to cover in their application package when they make an application for Canadian permanent residency. Generally, anyone who is submitting an application to get a permanent residency in Canada must have an immigration medical exam. In addition, your family members must also have a medical exam, regardless if they are coming to Canada with you or not.

Depending on whether if a candidate had his or her medical exam before or after sending his or her application, s/he will need to have a copy of the IMM 1017b form within the package. Please note that, in some cases, physicians may work with eMedical and candidates will be given an information sheet to print out and include with the documentation.

Also, individuals who had their medical exam following the submission of their application will not need anything to send.

How long my medical exam report is valid?

Generally, the validity time of a medical exam is one year. You may not need to take another exam if you come to Canada as a permanent resident within a 12 months period of time.

Can I get a copy of my medical exam?

You need to ask your physician to give you a copy of your medical exam when you’re there since IRCC will not return them to you. When you finish the exam, your doctor will pass the results to IRCC. Also, you will get a report from the doctor verifying that you have obtained a medical exam.

How long is takes for passport request after the medical exam for immigration?

Please note that, since the processing time can greatly differ depending on your conditions it might take some time before concluding.

However, applicants applying as temporary residents such as visitors, students or as well as a worker will wait about 4 weeks before their medical exam results are prepared. Also, permanent residents candidates need to wait about 3 months for their applications to get processed.

How to download IMM 1017b form?

When you have a medical exam prior to submitting the immigration application, you will be presented with relevant instructions and documentation by IRCC on how to IMM 1017b pdf download and use it.

Medical Reports | Canada Immigration Documents

One of the final requirements for any Canadian immigration application is a medical report. Every applicant for permanent residence has to undergo a medical exam before their application can be approved by IRCC. Find out everything you need to know about this important document for Canadian immigration.

Poor health can be a barrier to being granted permanent residence, a work permit, or any other permit for entering and residing in Canada. There are two health-based reasons for which your application may be disqualified:

  1. You, or any of your dependent family members, pose a danger to health or safety of the general public;
  2. You, or any of your dependent family members, have a condition which would cause excessive strain or demand on Canadian health or social services.

*Excessive demand is defined as a condition where the expected cost of treatment would exceed five times the annual average health and social services costs for an individual in Canada.

Whether an immigrant fulfills the health requirements is evidenced by a Medical Certificate or Medical Report based on a medical exam conducted by an authorized medical practitioner. Therefore, the medical report is an important immigration document that can have a significant impact on your chances of successfully immigrating to Canada.

Who should undergo the Medical Exam and Obtain the Medical Report?

Along with the principal applicant, all dependants, including those who are not accompanying the principal applicant to Canada, should undergo the medical exam and obtain the medical report. An applicant’s eligibility depends on all his or her dependants fulfilling the health requirement.

To become eligible for permanent residence in Canada, the applicant and all his or her dependants must not suffer from a condition that puts public health at risk or places excessive strain on the Canadian health system. This requirement comes into effect from the time the applicant files the application for Canadian permanent residence.

When to Obtain the Medical Report?

Depending on the immigration program they are applying to, applicants have two options for undergoing the medical exam. They can contact a qualified physician and get the exam done before filing the immigration application. In this instance, a copy of the upfront medication notification (IMM 1017B) must be attached with the application as proof of completion of the medical exam.

Otherwise, the applicant can initiate the process without getting the exam done upfront. Once the application is processed, they will receive instructions for getting the medical exam done by an eligible physician. The exam must be completed and the report must be obtained within 30 days of receipt of such instructions.

Until 15th December, 2020, spouse or partner and dependent children were required to undergo an upfront medical exam. This rule has been amended and these persons are now permitted to undergo the exam and obtain the medical report after the application has been processed and instructions for the medical test have been issued.

Who is an Eligible Physician?

The exam must be done by an IRCC approved panel physician. In exceptional cases, IRCC may grant a dispensation and temporarily permit a non-panel physician to conduct the exam. However, the dispensation is very rarely granted to physicians outside Canada. This option is available primarily to immigration applicants who are physically present in Canada.

Contents of the Medical Report

Your medical report will contain the following details:

  • Summary of personal details
  • Your consent to the medical exam
  • Medical history questions
  • Physical exam report
  • Lab test report
  • Chest X Ray report and findings
  • Reports covering urinalysis, HIV test, Syphilis test, and other medical reports
  • Other relevant information

In most cases, this report will be electronically submitted by the panel physician directly to IRCC. Paper-based reports are accepted only when the physician does not have access to the electronic submission facility known as eMedical.

It is important to note that the medical report is the property of IRCC and that you must specifically make a request if you wish to retain a copy for your records. This request must be made directly to the panel physician.

Validity of Report and Certificate

If you clear the medical exam and are not disqualified on health grounds, then this positive report will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date of the medical assessment. This validity period is the same irrespective of whether the examination was done inside Canada or in a foreign country.

If the validity period has expired — more than 12 months have passed since you underwent the medical exam — then you and your dependents will have to undergo the examination again in order to continue to remain eligible. This is one reason why getting the exam done after the file has been processed by IRCC may be beneficial. An upfront test may lapse if the processing period exceeds 12 months.

Are you interested in immigrating to Canada? Discover your options with our free online assessment!


Prior to the medical exam appointment provide your doctor the following information as early as possible.

  • Family name and given name as it appears on passport/application
  • Gender M/F
  • Date of birth (please indicate month by spelling the first 3 letters)
  • Address -your preferred contact address
  • Phone number (indicate home# or mobile#) and email address
  • Country of birth
  • Identification, preferably passport, number (please note the type, code and number of passport), country of issue,date of issue ,and expiry date. The country code is usually the first 3 letters of the country of issue of passport.
    Id number e.g. UCI NUMBER ,IME NUMBER.HAP id#,INZ#
  • Reason for the exam, visitor, worker, student, sponsorship/family class. Refugees fall under family class.

This helps to speed up the process as they can input this into the website and set up the file prior to arrival.

If you have already applied to CIC and have received a form called Medical report client biodata, it will have a bar code and an IME# on it. Please check the papers/ email you have received from CIC to see if there is a bar code and IME number. I need that number to look up your file in the system.
If you do not have an IME #you may have a UCI#. This is the client number on a visa form or refugee claimant form. Doctors need to search the electronic system to find your file using these numbers.

If there is no number ( UPFRONT EXAM) the doctor can create a file and give you a number.

Chest x ray- required for all age 11 and over.

You need to take the following 3 items:

1. I.D. – best is passport.
2. A paper which doctor will give you prior to leaving their office. This page has a bar code and health case number on it. The xray facility will use this information to look up your case in the system.
3. XRAY REQUISITION which your doctor will give you

Please note that if you are female and are pregnant or could be pregnant, you need to discuss the risks/ benefits of xray with doctor prior to having the chest xray.
Even if you have had a chest xray recently you will still have to have another one as doctor have to follow the designated protocol.

You need to bring
1. Identification preferably Passport
2. FEE, usually CASH ONLY no debit/credit cards .The fee depends on age and detail involved.
Usually it covers the cost of the physical exam, a sight test, a urine test, 2 blood tests, the photo and electronic transmission of the medical file to CIC.
Doctors do not deal with insurance companies however you can submit the payment receipt if you have insurance cover for the exam. It is up to you to check if the exam is covered by your insurance.
Not necessary to bring photos as usually they take your photo and upload it to you file.
If you wear glasses please bring them with you- doctor check your vision AND DOCTOR NEED TO RECORD THE BEST VISION YOU HAVE.
If you are taking any medication on a regular basis doctor will need to know the name of the medication, the dose and the frequency, BEST TO BRING THE MEDICATIONS.
Drink lots of water in the half hour prior to the exam as doctor do a urine test on all who are 5 years of age and older. (So it is especially important for children to drink water.)
You do not need to fast in fact, eat and drink normally.
Any past medical history regarding medical conditions or operations (in your whole life)will need to be noted, and if you have any reports , bring them with you.
Urine test- doctor check for blood, protein and glucose (sugar) .Females please take note and try and schedule the appointment in consideration of your monthly cycle.
Bring an interpreter if your English is poor.

BLOOD TESTS- doctor take one sample of blood and have 2 blood tests done on the one sample. This is mandatory for all clients who are 15 years of age and older- (included in the fee of $160.00)
The 2 tests are 1 FOR SYPHILIS 2.for HIV. You will be asked to sign a consent form.
Both of these conditions are sexually transmitted diseases. Please note that if the test is positive, it does not necessarily mean that you will fail the medical exam. These conditions are notifiable conditions, meaning that if positive, doctor have to notify the Public Health Dept. and refer you to a special clinic for further assessment and treatment if necessary. There, you will be instructed regarding safe sex and methods of limiting spread of the disease.
Please note that in some circumstances additional tests are required. If you have high blood pressure ( A history of high blood pressure and/or found to have high blood pressure during the medical exam ),diabetes kidney or bladder problems, you will have to have an additional blood test done. This test is a creatinine test and has to be done at another lab. This requires an extra fee, $10.00 extra for us, as well as an additional fee charged by the lab when you attend it. The lab fee is $15.00 approx. The reason for this additional test is because the kidneys, if not functioning properly, can cause high blood pressure, and vice versa, if there is high blood pressure it can cause kidney damage. One of the criteria assessed is the EXCESSIVE DEMAND FACTOR. Does the client have a condition that would cause excessive demand on the health care system? Renal Failure requiring dialysis is a huge expense, so doctor screen frequently for renal failure using the Creatinine test. If you have to go to an outside lab you need to bring identification with you so the technician can verify that the person in the photo ID is the SAME person giving the sample. Theoretically you can use any lab, however not all labs are familiar with id confirmation .Doctors prefer you to use the Life Lab in the basement of the same building as the xray, if possible. (It is not open on a Saturday).They are familiar with the immigration id process. If this is not practical for you, you can use any lab as long as you ensure that the id is confirmed.

The immigration officials have become very strict with regards to confirmation of identity, and every step doctors take in processing the file, on the website, asks if the identity is confirmed. Doctors have to answer that question. When you come to see us, and go for the xray and/or lab work you are required to produce an identity document that has a photo and signature, the best is your passport.


Doctors are limited by CIC , in what they can accept as an identity document. Doctors prefer valid passport or certified copy of passport. Drivers license is also acceptable Refugee protection form is ok for refugees. No other forms are acceptable..
Should there be a problem with the medical exam the doctors in Ottawa will contact you (using the contact information on the application form).This is called a “furtherance” You will need to call or preferably email me to schedule an appointment for a furtherance.
As of Feb 25, 2013 doctors are using the internet and are electronically transferring the medical file to CIC. The Australian and Canadian immigration officials have pooled their resources and are working together. The files will be stored in huge databases in Australia and when you come for the medical exam you will be asked to read and sign a consent form which will outline and explain the process.

Upon leaving our office you will be given the following:

  • a receipt for payment( not refugees).
  • the xray requisition , for all over 11 years of age
  • any requisition for extra lab work , if required,
  • a page with a bar code and FILE / health case number on it.

Please check all the data on the page and ensure all the information is correct prior to leaving the office. Also please ensure that you get your passport back.
Keep this page safe. You may make copies of it. You may use this page as proof of having done the exam.
Take it with you to the xray dept. and they will look up your file in the system using the number, however get the page back before you leave. The radiologist will later upload the xray film and report to your file. The girls who upload the xrays ,usually work on a Tuesday and a Thursday.
You can give a copy of the paper to your lawyer if you are using one. You can send a copy to your immigration office if they request verification of the exam.

Time frame…. Doctors need to wait for the results of the blood tests and the xray report before they can grade the exam, complete it and submit it to CIC. This will take approximately 1 week. Sometimes I can complete the file in 3 days however it generally is 1 week. It may take longer if they have to wait for additional lab tests or specialist consultation reports. I will not be emailing you with the date of submission of the file. Please log onto the CIC website at MYCIC . Create a record at that site and you can follow your immigration process. Note there is a time interval of approx. 4 weeks before you will see confirmation by CIC ,on the website.

I will not be emailing you with results. If doctors uncover a medical issue during the exam they will inform you and recommend follow up. If there is an abnormal urine or blood test they will inform you. If there is an abnormal chest xray you will be informed.
Doctors grade and submit the medical information. The grades are either A( nothing wrong) or B ( something wrong). The file is submitted electronically using the CIC website and reaches the head medical office in Ottawa where the doctors make the final decision of pass or fail. They are advised not to comment on pass/fail in case they state something contrary to the doctors in Ottawa who have other criteria and information to consider and assess. Doctors are not informed of the results by Ottawa head office. You have to find out the pass/fail result yourself. Check the MYCIC SITE.

Follow up
Further assessment and monitoring of any medical issues needs to be undertaken by your family physician. Doctors usually will not be your family doctor as they do not have the time to commit to this. You will need to find a family doctor or use a walk in clinic.

New refugees entering Canada do not have to pay as long as they have valid refugee forms. The form required is the REFUGEE PROTECTION CLAIMANT FORM. This doctors will use as the id document.
Doctors need the UCI number ( client number) on this form( top right)
Doctors need the issue date and expiry date.
In addition there is a new form called Interim Federal Health Certificate of eligibility.
The Interim Federal Health is the government department responsible for the health of new refugees. This department will pay for the medical exam expenses using Blue Cross they will bill Blue Cross for the expense.
You should be aware that IFH will pay for the first immigration medical exam upon entering Canada. When you are coming for a second exam (e.g. for permanent residency) the IFH PROGRAM WILL NOT PAY. You will have to pay cash.
After the exam in our office refugees need to call the xray facility to book an appointment for the xray. They have to inform the xray people of the refugee status and the client number.

Pregnant clients
may defer the chest xray until after delivery of the baby ,however be aware that this will slow the process as the FILE CANNOT BE SUBMITTED WITHOUT THE XRAY.
The file will therefore sit in the website, on hold, and the exam will not be finalized until the xray has been uploaded and submitted
If you choose to have the xray while pregnant you can have a lead apron to cover the abdomen and this will give some protection. No one however, can give a guarantee that radiation is without harm, as there are no studies done. Each couple must weigh the risks/benefits for themselves. Please inform the xray people if you are pregnant.

All about MEDICALS – preparation, and what to expect if you are diagnosed with an ailment? – (A comprehensive post on Medical inadmissibility)

As a part of the Permanent Residency (PR) application, an Immigration Medical Exam (IME), is must for the primary applicant and all family members (spouse or common-law partner, dependent children, and their dependent children.) listed in the application, even if they are not accompanying. For express entry applicants an upfront medical examination confirmation is mandatory for the application to be complete for the completeness check. If either the primary applicant or any of the family members, whether accompanying or not, is medically inadmissible into Canada, all members, including the primary applicant will be inadmissible. Therefore, after age, medicals are the most important aspect on which an applicant has virtually no control.

If you are are concerned with your medicals, or have received a fairness letter, and want to obtain a copy of your medical assessment, or a copy of the medical examination submitted to IRCC, GET GCMS will be happy to procure it for you. Send a message to GET GCMS through our Contact US page to know how to go about obtaining medical documents from IRCC

This post covers the following:

1. Who can do your medical exam?

2. What is the Validity of a Medical Examination?

3. Can a previous medical examination be used?

4. How to get your medical exam

4.1 Upfront Medical Exam

5. What to carry with you for the Medical Examination

6. Medical inadmissibility

6.1 Danger to public health

6.2 Public Safety

6.3 Excessive demand on health and social services

6.4 Cost threshold

7. Procedural Fairness Protocol

8. Forms, documents and templates

8.1 Immigration Medical Examination

8.2 Medical surveillance (forms and documents)

8.3 HIV: Automatic partner notifications (documents and template letters)

8.4 Medical refusals and procedural fairness (forms, documents and template letters)

8.4.1 Procedural fairness regarding a danger to public health and public safety

8.4.2 Procedural fairness regarding excessive demand on health (i.e., out-patient medication) and/or social services

1. Who can do your medical exam?

Medical examination for PR application can only be conducted by a physician who is on the list of panel physicians with IRCC. The panel physician only conducts the medical examination and send the report to IRCC. The panel physician does not make a determination about the admissibility. In case of any concerns or issues, IRCC will send a written communication to the applicant. The medical exam can be done by any panel physician anywhere in the globe. There is no requirement of having it done in the country of residence or citizenship. Further, if the application also has spouse and dependent children, they can get the medical examination done at different panel physicians.

2. What is the Validity of a Medical Examination?

The validity of the Medical Examination is 12 months. The applicant and his accompanying dependents have to land in Canada before the medicals expire. Therefore it is advisable to get the medical examination done right before submitting the eAPR for the express entry applicants. For non-express entry applicants, the medicals will be scheduled when requested by IRCC.

3. Can a previous medical examination be used?

Yes, if an applicant has submitted a medical examination certificate for some another program, such as student visa, previous PR application which was rejected etc. the same medical examination can be used for the current PR application. When submitting the application the applicant should upload the upfront medical confirmation certificate which was issued when the medical examination was done.

4. How to get your medical exam

There are two ways for getting the medical examination done.

  1. Wait for the instructions – This is applicable for Refugee asylum, spouse sponsorship and other categories. Here, the applicant will have to wait until IRCC sends in a document to get the medical examination.
  2. Upfront – Upfront Medical Examination (UME) is MANDATORY FOR Express Entry Applications .

4.1 Upfront Medical Exam

To get an upfront medical exam, contact a panel physician directly to schedule an appointment. After the medical examination is done the applicant is given a document confirming the medical exam. The applicant will have to upload the copy of the medical exam confirmation with the eAPR (electronic application). If the panel physician works with eMedical (An online tool that doctors approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to do medical exams use to record and send Immigration Medical Exam (IME) results to CIC. It is mor

e accurate, convenient and faster than paper-based processing) a printout of the confirmation will be provided. This confirmation is also called the information sheet.

Once the applicant has the confirmation, the eAPR can be filed and the medical respite will be transmitted directly to IRCC.

5. What to carry with you for the Medical Examination

When an appointment is scheduled with a panel physician, the panel physician will provide the details of what all documents are required on the day of the medical examination. Usually the following are mandatory:

  • Identification document – Passport;
  • If an applicant wears an eye glass or contact lens, they should carry it along with them;
  • Any medical reports or test results of an existing or cured medical conditions; and
  • Fee.
  • Four Passport photographs if the panel physician does not use eMedical. Most physicians using eMedical will take a digital picture on the day of the medical examination.

It is always better to schedule an appointment and ask for the required documents. Some panel physicians also ask for Invitation to Apply (ITA) Document.

6. Medical inadmissibility

Medical inadmissibility is one of the factors which is beyond the control of an applicant. It is therefore very important to understand what ailments can cause medical admissibility and what will not. Knowing this will also help applicants alleviate any confusion and address unrealistic expectations. The panel physician DOES NOT make any decisions on medical inadmissibility. The Panel Physician merely sends the completed immigration medical examination report to IRCC. The IRCC medical officer reviews the medical examination report. This process is referred to as an immigration medical assessment. Upon completion of this assessment, the assessment results are entered in GCMS, which are then finalized by the visa office where the application is being processed. An applicant may be inadmissible on health grounds under A38(1).

A38(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act states:

• 38(1) A foreign national is inadmissible on health grounds if their health condition

(a) is likely to be a danger to public health;

(b) is likely to be a danger to public safety; or

(c) might reasonably be expected to cause excessive demand on health or social services.

It is important to understand what each of these factors listed in A38(1) pertain to.

6.1 Danger to public health

For inadmissibility under the ‘Public Health’ factor, it is evaluated whether the applicant is affected or carries any communicable disease; and the impact that the disease could have on other persons living in Canada. (R31(b-c)).

The conditions which are likely to be a danger to public health are, active Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB) and untreated Syphilis. If the applicant has either or both of these conditions, they will likely be found inadmissible on the grounds of danger to public safety, unless the applicant is treated according to the standards laid down by Health Canada. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is not considered a danger to public health.

6.2 Public Safety

For inadmissibility under ‘Public Safety,’ the risk of a sudden incapacity or of unpredictable or violent behaviour of the applicant that would create a danger to the health or safety of persons living in Canada is considered. (R33(b))

Conditions that are likely to cause a danger to public safety include serious uncontrolled and/or uncontrollable mental health problems such as:

  • certain impulsive sociopathic behaviour disorders;
  • some aberrant sexual disorders such as pedophilia;
  • certain paranoid states or some organic brain syndromes associated with violence or risk of harm to others;
  • applicants with substance abuse leading to antisocial behaviours such as violence, and impaired driving; and
  • other types of hostile, disruptive behaviour.

For both these factors listed above, ‘Public Health’ and ‘Public Safety’ the wealth of the applicants is irrelevant. The Supreme Court of Canada in Hilewitz v. Canada, 2005 SCC ¶ 88 held that, “[t]he chief responsibility of the medical officer in such cases is to assess the danger to public health or safety. Wealth, regardless of how rich the applicant is, is irrelevant to this assessment.”

6.3 Excessive demand on health and social services

Even in a scenario where the applicant may not have any communicable disease and may not be a threat to public safety, if the applicant suffers from any medical condition, which is likely to place excessive demand on health and social services, will render the applicant medically inadmissible. Section 1 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) defines “excessive demand” as

a demand on health services or social services for which the anticipated costs would likely exceed average Canadian per capita health services and social services costs over a period of five consecutive years immediately following the most recent medical examination required under paragraph 16(2)(b) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA), unless there is evidence that significant costs are likely to be incurred beyond that period, in which case the period is no more than 10 consecutive years; or

a demand on health services or social services that would add to existing waiting lists and would increase the rate of mortality and morbidity in Canada as a result of an inability to provide timely services to Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

6.3.1 Excessive demand on Health services

Section R1 defines “health services” as any health services for which the majority of funds are contributed by governments, including the services of family physicians, medical specialists, nurses, chiropractors and physiotherapists, laboratory services and the supply of pharmaceutical or hospital care. The case law has developed separate requirements for excessive demand on health services and excessive demand on social services. Since most health services are publicly funded, without any cost-recovery mechanism, the courts have held that an applicant’s willingness or ability to pay is not a relevant factor. In Deol v. Canada (M.C.I.), 2002 FCA 271, the Federal Court of Appeal said:

“The Minister has no power to admit a person as a permanent resident on the condition that the person either does not make a claim on the health insurance plans in the provinces or promises to reimburse the costs of any services required.”

However, in Companioni v. Canada (M.C.I.), 2009 FC 1315 and later cases, the Federal Court allowed some flexibility in assessing the applicant’s ability to defray the costs of outpatient medication, such as HIV antiretroviral therapy. Therefore, medical officers have to make an individualized assessment of the medical file, the required outpatient medication, the availability of private insurance and the ability to opt out of publicly funded drug plans in the province or territory where the applicant intends to reside.

6.3.2 Excessive demand on Health services

Section R1 defines “social services” as any social services, such as home care, specialized residence and residential services, special education services, social and vocational rehabilitation services, personal support services and the provision of devices related to those services,

  1. that are intended to assist a person in functioning physically, emotionally, socially, psychologically or vocationally; and
  2. for which the majority of the funding, including funding that provides direct or indirect financial support to an assisted person, is contributed by governments, either directly or through publicly-funded agencies.

In light of the Supreme Court decision in Hilewitz v. Canada (M.C.I.), De Jong v. Canada (M.C.I.) 2005 SCC 57, and subsequently the Federal Court of Appeal decision in Colaco v. Canada (M.C.I.), 2007 FCA 282, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) officers must consider all evidence presented by an applicant before making a decision of inadmissibility due to excessive demand on social services. The judgments apply to all categories of immigrants.

In Hilewitz and De Jong, the Supreme Court determined that all applicants are entitled to an assessment of the probable demand their disability or impairment might place on social services. The applicant is required to provide the officer with information of sufficient quality and detail to permit an assessment of the probable need for social services. In addition, the applicant may provide evidence of ability and intent to reduce the cost and impact on Canadian social services, and this would have to be considered in making a decision.

6.4 Cost threshold

The cost threshold is determined by multiplying the per capita cost of Canadian health and social services by the number of years used in the medical assessment for the individual applicant. This cost threshold is updated every year. Effective January 1, 2020, the updated cost threshold is $6,655 per year. This figure is usually multiplied by five (unless the anticipated length of stay is shorter than five years or there is evidence that significant costs are likely to be incurred beyond that period, in which case the period is no more than 10 consecutive years). This results in the legislated threshold of $33,275.

7. Procedural Fairness Protocol

  1. The medical officer withdraws the opinion of inadmissibility and requests additional information when the applicant’s submissions are insufficient to reach a medical opinion.
    • The applicant has prov >The applicant responds within 60 days
  • The applicant challenges the medical opinion.
  • The applicant challenges the excessive demand.
  • The applicant provides a mitigation plan.
  • The immigration or visa officer and/or medical officer reviews all submitted material.
    • Not successful
      • The medical officer maintains original assessment.
      • Inadmissible [A38(1)(c)]
      • Refusal letter
      • The medical officer issues new medical opinion of inadmissibility.
      • New medical inadmissibility
      • New procedural fairness letter
    • Successful
      • The medical officer determines that the applicant may no longer be inadmissible.
      • Process toward finalization
      • The medical officer determines that the applicant may no longer represent an excessive demand.
      • Process toward finalization

The applicant does not respond within 60 days

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